EPT9 Deauville: Alexander Dovzhenko gets the trophy and €5,600 in the €330 turbo

February 09, 2013

lexander Dovzhenko turbo’d his way through the €330 to win €5,600, a lovely return on investment for a very quick event and a nice top up to the €19,000 he won for his 26th place finish in the Main Event. Well done, Dovzhenko.

EPT9 Deauville, event #34
Date: 8 February 2013
Buy-in: €330
Game: NLHE Turbo
Players: 54
Prize pool: €15,552


Alexander Dovzhenko

1. Alexander Dovzhenko, Russia, €5,600
2. Tomas Pleticha, Czech Republic, €3,580
3. Peter Toth, France, €2,170
4. Jerome Orain, France, €1,560
5. Saiah Bouaili, France, €1,090
6. Shahin Baharan, France, €850
7. Luca Marotta, Italy, €702

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