EPT9 Deauville Day 1B: Skip the mussels – Liv Boeree returns to the tournament room

February 04, 2013

It’s a subject that’s been raised on Twitter, as well as getting mentions on EPT Live, but the plight of Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree right now is about more than just cards and chips.

“It’s the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had”, she wrote on Twitter, presumably having suffered from food poisoning enough times to make a comparison.

Boeree arrived to play Day 1B this morning, only to unregister when symptoms of food poisoning became too much. Boeree made a wise withdrawal back to her hotel room to recuperate, with the wishes of a speedy recovery echoing across Twitter.

The cause, if Kevin MacPhee’s confession is anything to go by, was a plate of mussels at dinner last night. No steak and chips, no simple plate of pasta, instead she picked seafood. We can only be grateful she doesn’t fly planes for a living.


Liv Boeree (right) in happier times yesterday, with Vanessa Rousso

But Boeree is nothing if not a fighter, and she managed to crawl back to the tournament room an hour or so later, registering for a second time before the door was finally closed. She’s now back at the table, a seemingly untouched pile of chips in front of her. It gives us no pleasure to report it’s a pitiful sight.

Dressed in a green t-shirt and a purple woollen hat, Boeree moves at a quarter of her usual speed. Required to pay her ante, she slowly lifted a chip off the top of her stack and pushed it forward, her right hand, with only two of the four finger nails polished, resting there for a minute, before returning to its original position, next to her left hand, covering the right half of her face. At this point a cameraman unsympathetically snapped a picture.

She looked up and gave the thumbs up a few moments ago, able to grin at least. But Boeree will do well to hold the line between now and the close. We assume she’ll also be skipping dinner.

Follow Liv Boeree’s tweets at @Liv_Boeree. For live coverage from the floor go to our live coverage page.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter


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