EPT9 Deauville Day 1B: The numbers show what it’s all about

February 04, 2013

The dealer’s shirt is white. Live Boeree’s face is whiter. Boeree, playing through an acute case of food poisoning, plays on, with about as much life left in her as earlier today, when every move took extraordinary effort. Kevin MacPhee, whose idea it was to eat mussels the night before, just took ownership of another beer.


Liv Boeree, just about going to make it

Another pale face in the crowd (and pale haired) is Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. ElkY, striving to become the hero the poker world needs, just doubled up, moments after doubling up. It takes his stack up towards 120,000 which come the close in less than an hour should be close to the leaders, particularly when you consider he’s unlikely to have finished for the day.

He’s certainly a fearsome characer at the poker table. Each player is issued with a coloured bracelet when they register to play, a single band that gives them access to the tournament room. ElkY has four of them – one for access to the FPS main event, one for the FPS high roller, another for the EPT Main event and a thick balck leather one which I like to think gives him access to his spaceship.

ElkY looks pumped for this one and in good shape to pursue that illusive second title which, should it come this week, will be worth €770,000.

With the final figure now 782 players it means a prize pool of €3,753,600, which, once we reach the money (sometime on Day 3), while be divided among the top 120 players as follows:

1st. € 770,000
2nd. € 475,000
3rd. € 275,000
4th. € 215,000
5th. € 165,000
6th. € 125,000
7th. € 87,800
8th. € 60,000

9th to 10th. € 48,000
11th to 12th. € 39,000
13th to 14th. € 32,000
15th to 16th. € 27,000

17th to 24th. € 23,000
25th to 32nd. € 19,000
33rd to 40th. € 16,000

41st to 48th. € 13,500
49th to 56th. € 13,500

57th to 64th. € 11,500
65th to 72nd. € 11,500

73rd to 80th. € 9,700
81st to 88th. € 9,700
89th to 96th. € 9,700

97th to 104th. € 8,000
105th to 112th. € 8,000
113th to 120th. € 8,000

The players most likely to reach that stage of the tournament are out there somewhere, with hand for hand action from the tournament floor available to follow on our live coverage page.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter


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