EPT9 Deauville Day 2: Kristian Kofoed, the only Dane in Deauville

February 05, 2013

Kristian Kofoed fits the mould of thousands of regular EPT players. He is young, he is Danish, he is a PokerStars qualifier. We see hundreds at every single event.

Except, that is, in Deauville this week, where Kofoed is unique.

Originally we thought it must be a typo, or an error on the part of the registrations desk. But after further investigation, it appears to be true: Kofoed is the only Dane in the EPT9 Deauville field; the lone representative of what is usually one of the most populous nations.

What has become of all the princes of Denmark?

“The reason is probably the same as why I still have a hangover Monday night,” said Jonas Huttel, a Danish journalist and long-time friend of PokerStars Blog, reached via email in Copenhagen. “Thursday through Sunday there was an event at Casino Munkebjerg, outside Vejle in Jutland. It was only like €500 buy in, but 300+ players and a lot of partying and drunken cash-games.”

Aha. A drunken cash game. You don’t see so many of them in Deauville.

“A lot of the guys who usually play EPTs were there,” Huttel added. “And so was I–playing actually until I had too many beers and five-bet bluffed my stack away.”

Scandis. How we miss them.

According to Huttel, Kofoed is a solid recreational player, who belied that amateur status when he won the Danish Championships last May, earning the equivalent of about $140,000.


Kristian Kofoed, the only Dane in Deauville

He had to out-last not only a star-studded line up, but a star-studded Scandinavian line-up, which is about six time worse. Thor Drexel, for instance, finished second and Simon Ravnsbaek was fourth. The tournament attracted 180 players and I suspect was one of the most difficult to navigate of all global events.

Victory there will have stood Kofoed in good stead for his starting table today, where he found himself sharing the baize with Nicolas Levi, Zimnan Ziyard and Vladimir Geshkenbein, among others. That’s two EPT champions and one of the best French players around.

Kofoed only managed to bring 39,700 from Day 1, so it meant his options were limited. It trickled down to about 25,000 by the time level nine (the second level of today) began, but that was more than Geshenkbein had. The former EPT Snowfest champion ran ace-queen into kings and was one of the early casualties.

At time of writing, Kofoed is still clinging on, although his starting table has now broken and he has been scattered into the milieu. He qualified on the cheap for the event, via a PokerStars satellite, and even if things do go south, he can head back home and into another big tournament. The casino in Jutland is hosting another event on Saturday–a WPT National Series affair–which was won last year by Steve O’Dwyer, who dared to enter the hornets’ nest.

“The numbers should be normal again for London and especially Berlin,” said Huttel, explaining that some of the big names had additional good reasons to be missing Deauville. “Theo (Jorgensen) got shot, Frederik Brink Jensen went to the Aussie Millions and Jannick Wrang is taking a break at the moment. Mickey (Petersen) also decided to skip this one. Also guys like Simon Ravnsbæk and Allan Bække have small kids so they can’t go to every event.”

We look forward to renewing our acquaintance with the Danes whenever they feel like coming back.

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