EPT9 Deauville: Treading the boardwalk

February 03, 2013

You will read a lot written this week about the beauty of Deauville. It is the kind of place that has almost nothing to recommend it for the cliched poker player – the one who likes bright lights, throbbing nightclubs and gutters accommodating to the vomit-dappled night-sleeper – but it is a wonderful place for everyone else.

Its history dates from the days of Napolean III’s extended family, and it still hosts an annual American film festival that pulls in the glitterati, plus regular horse-racing meets to appeal to the paddock heads.

PokerStars.tv’s Sarah Grant went out to explore one of the most prestigious seaside towns in France. Here is what she found.


Vanessa Rousso, currently appearing on EPT Live.


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