EPT9 Deauville: Welcome to Day 1A

February 03, 2013

Let the lovely Sarah Grant ease you into EPT Deauville with the attached moving images and sounds. We’ll be posting up videos and features throughout the week, leading all the way up to that winner’s interview next Saturday – as well as supplying live coverage of the Main Event to sit alongside your EPT Live lite webcast, which starts at 2.45pm local time today.


Jake Cody will not be playing today, however. Breaking Twitter news just hit our stream:

“woke up in Leeds, need to be in Deauville tonight, still not packed and don’t know how I’m getting there #uhoh”
– @JakeCody

No professional studies have yet been made into correlations between inability to pack and rampant success at the poker table, but the scientific community really should commission one. The workings of the human mind could be unravelled.

is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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