EPT9 Sanremo: Jason Tompkins leads Inge Forsmo into last 24

October 09, 2012


At some point today Jason Tompkins may just have felt he was beginning to own this main event. The Irishman was among the first to break the million mark, then wasted little time turning that into 1.5 million before his stack peaked tonight at 2,423,000.

That puts Tompkins, who talked to us earlier, in a commanding position heading into the penultimate day. Could Ireland be on course for their first EPT win? Those tweeting in support of the man from Kildare seem to think that their hopes are in good hands.


Jason Tompkins

Tompkins replaced Inge Forsmo at the top, but Forsmo could hardly be said to have had a bad day. The Norwegian knocked out Mauro Mancin before the break, flopping an ace to beat Mancin’s jacks before the dinner break, then broke the 2 million mark with chips taken from Francesco Lorenzini who he would later knock out. If you want to predict how many he’ll finish with tomorrow try around four million, for he has just about doubled his stack every day since Day 2.


Inge Forsmo

Frenchman Ludovic Lacay also staked his claim to a position among the leaders, falling short of 2 million tonight by a whisker after long day, much of it spent next to the unpredictable Artem Litvinov.


Ludovic Lacay

A word though about Micah Raskin who managed to overcome a usually tournament-ending drop to 42,000 late in the day. By the time he bagged up his chips tonight he’d added exactly a million. As his brothers watching from the rail said: “This must be the comeback of the century.”


Micah Raskin

He’ll be among the contenders tomorrow, but it’s Tompkins who leads, closely chased by Forsmo and Lacay. Three great players – it should be a belter.

Elsewhere there is hope for the Italian contingent, with eight of their number remaining. At the start of the day the Italian media picked out four. Carmelo Vasta, a former five card draw player, will return tomorrow, but it was curtains for Team Online’s Luca Moschitta as well as Marco Fantini and Michele Di Lauro. But of all the local players it will be Angelo Recchia best placed going into Day 5.

Here’s how the stacks will line up:

Jason Tompkins – 2,423,000
Inge Forsmo – 2,025,000
Ludovic Lacay – 1,731,000
Negjdet Avdylaj – 1,702,000
Angelo Recchia – 1,700,000
Jonas Mackoff – 1,691,000
Iulian Ruxandescu – 1,218,000
Jason Lavallee – 1,066,000
Micah Raskin – 1,042,000
Adrian Piasecki – 1,000,000
Amerigo Santoro – 1,000,000
Matt Salsberg – 783,000
Alberto Musini – 768,000
Michael Benvenuti – 760,000
Giuseppe Cefali – 715,000
Carmelo Vasta – 632,000
Ismael Bojang – 619,000
Yevgeniy Timoshenko – 533,000
Imed Mahmoud – 510,000
Michele Di Lauro – 467,000
Artem Litvinov – 458,000
Thomas Gabriel – 342,000
Andrea Furlanetto – 293,000
Charly Maracchione – 260,000

There were some notable absentees. Former champions Roberto Romanello and David Vamplew were among the first fallers today, Vamplew seen off by Tompkins. Mike Watson followed them shortly after as did Shaun Deeb and Justin Bonomo. Isaac Haxton departed late in the day. A full list of the payouts can be found on the coverage page.


Isaac Haxton

After introductions today, we discussed the minute matter of stallers and four Italian title contenders. We also looked back at the EPT Concierge trip to the karting tracks of Sanremo yesterday.

Switching to the High Roller there were the silent ones and the reloading ones. And did you know this was Isaac Haxton’s first EPT main event cash? In the meantime here’s a load of side event news, and reports from the high roller.

Play continues at 2pm tomorrow.


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