ESPT7 Barcelona: Main Event final table coverage

August 22, 2016

• Mohamed Samri wins ESPT7 Barcelona Main Event for €353,220

6:10pm: It’s all over! Mohamed Samri wins! (€353,220); Teunis Kooij runner-up (€372,060)
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

Mohamed Samri has just taken down the ESPT7 Barcelona Main Event for €353,220. The final hand went a little something like this.

Samri made it 2.4 million to go and Teunis Kooij called, to see a 5♠3♦K♥ flop. Kooij then led out for 2 million, but Samri came along, and the dealer burned and turned the 10♠. This was the action card.

Kooij slowed down and checked it, allowing Samri in for a 2 million bet. But Kooij had plans of his own, raising all in. Samri snapped it off.

Samri: J♥K♣
Kooij: Q♠7♠

Samri had the lead with top pair but any spade would give the win to the Dutchman. The railbirds were on their feet, and everyone awaited the river with baited breath.

…the 6♦.

Samri and his rail whooped with delight while the two players hugged it out. For his second place finish, Teunis Kooij wins €372,060 – still the biggest payout in the tournament.

We’ll be back with a full final table recap shortly. –JS

6pm: Samri doubles to take commanding lead
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

Once the deal was locked up we didn’t have much action until this one. Mohamed Samri made it 2.4 million, Teunis Kooij three-bet to 9 million, and Samri jammed. Kooij called.

Samri: 2♦2♠
Kooij: A♦Q♥

The Dutch player was going to need hit something – anything – and he’d win this one. His rail was cheering, but he was calming them down, as if to say “Guys, I’m going to lose this around half the time.”

This was one of those times. The board ran out 10♦8♦5♥10♣9♣ and the deuces were good. Samri was now on around 65 million to Kooij’s 20 million. –JS

5:49pm: Deal done; Kooij and Samri begin heads-up play
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

Mohamed Samri couldn’t have been more ecstatic about the recent turn of events. Short-stacked and caught between Chris Moorman and Teunis Kooij, the Frenchman has now survived to heads-up play and a prize money chop with his Dutch counterpart.

The chip counts to start heads-up play are as follows:

Teunis Kooij — 55,000,000
Mohamed Samri — 30,900,000 

Once the counting was confirmed, the tournament director showed the pair “chip chop” and “ICM”-based numbers (identical for heads-up), with €12,000 being suggested to leave aside for the winner.

EPT13_Barcelona-823_Teunis Kooij_Mohamed Samri.jpg

Deal talk between Kooij (left) and Samri (right)

The pair didn’t take too long before agreeing to the terms, with Kooij guaranteed €372,060 and Samri €341,220.

Now they’re settling back in to start heads-up play, with that €12K and, of course, the silver spade trophy, now resting on one end of the table. Stay tuned! –MH

5:35pm: Chris Moorman eliminated in third place (€241,300)
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

Well, that was dramatic. Chris Moorman has gone from chip leader to third-place finisher in two swift hands, both against Teunis Kooij.

The first began with a Moorman open for 1.7 million from the button. Next to act in the small blind, Kooij made it 4.8 million to go, and Mohamed Samri quickly sent his cards dealerward.

Moorman thought for about a half-minute, then announced he was putting the rest of his stack in the middle as an all-in raise — around 25-26 million. Kooij called in an instant, and the players showed their cards:

Kooij: Q♦Q♥
Moorman: 6♦6♥

Moorman’s pair was dominated, and after the community cards came K♥2♠J♦7♣7♠ he stood as if to leave, thinking perhaps Kooij had him covered. A count showed Moorman still had 2.5 million left (just over three big blinds), while Kooij’s stack had ballooned up around 52 million.

The very next hand saw Kooij open from the button, Samri fold again, and Moorman call off after having posted the big blind. Moorman had 8♠3♠ and Kooij Q♦9♣, and five cards later — 10♦A♦7♣K♦2♠ — Moorman was heading to the rail.

EPT13_Barcelona-734_Chris Moorman.jpg

Chris Moorman – 3rd place

Heads-up play comes next, but first Kooij and Samri are going to talk about a possible deal to lessen the different between first- and second-place prize money. Back in a few with what they decide. –MH

5:28pm: Big shift as Moorman doubles up Samri
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

It was all going Chris Moorman’s way, but sooner or later he had to call one of those Samri shoves. This time, after Samri jammed the small blind for 16.8 million, he took a stand.

He had the A♠10♦ and it turned he was flipping, as Samri had the 9♣9♦. But an Ace, ten, straight or flush never came. The nines held up and Moorman lost a big chunk. He still has close to 30 million, while Samri is up to 34 million. –JS

5:22pm: Holz says hello
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

Fedor Holz has just stopped by, chatting on the sidelines with Chris Moorman’s wife Katie. Holz is currently at the final table of the €50K Super High Roller – check out how he’s getting on here. –JS

5:20pm: Samri gets shovey
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

Every time Chris Moorman opens, Mohamed Samri shoves. It’s like a habit he just can’t kick.

Moorman hasn’t had anything to call with yet though, telling Samri “It works every time!” –JS

5:15pm: An Ace exposed
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

After an open from Chris Moorman and call from Teunis Kooij, a 7♠J♥A♣ flop fell. The Brit continued for 1.5 million which was called, and the dealer when to burn and turn the turn. In doing so, he accidentally exposed the burn card – the A♥, particularly interesting as there was an Ace on the board.

“Does that get put back into the deck?” Moorman asked, but the answer was no.

The turn turned out to be the 9♦ and Moorman continued for 3.5 million, which Kooij called once more. Finally the 5♥ hit the river and now the bet was 7 million. After a minute Kooij chucked in a chip to call but would muck when Moorman showed the A♠Q♦ for top pair.

Moorman extends his lead with a 46 million stack after that one. –JS

5:11pm: Pace slows three-handed
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

The pace has slowed somewhat this level, with most hands ending without a flop. Chris Moorman three-bet Mohamed Samri out of one hand preflop, and the latter’s stack is starting to slide a little. –MH

4:54pm: Kooij collects from Moorman
Level 38: Blinds 400,000/800,000, Ante 100,000

On the second hand of the new level, Teunis Kooij opened for 1.7 million from the button, then Chris Moorman three-bet to 4.8 million from the big blind. Kooij thought it over and called, and the pair watched the dealer spread the 4♣2♦J♦ flop.

Both checked, then Moorman checked again after the 3♥ turn. Kooij fired 3.2 million into that opening, and after about 20 seconds of study Moorman called. Both players then quickly checked the 4♠ river.

Kooij tabled his hand — 8♠8♦ — and Moorman mucked. That edges Kooij back in front slightly with about 36 million to Moorman’s 35 million. –MH

EPT13_Barcelona-797_Teunis Kooij.jpg

The Kooij

38 400000 800000 100000

4:30pm: Break time chip counts

The final three are on another 20-minute break. Here’s how they stack up:

Chris Moorman – 38,125,000
Teunis Kooij – 31,525,000
Mohamed Samri – 16,000,000

EPT13_Barcelona-732_Chris Moorman.jpg

Moorman back on top

4:20pm: Moorman wins a big one right before the break
Level 37: Blinds 300,000/600,000, Ante 100,000

There had been a lot of passing blinds and antes around. I think we saw one flop in about 15 minutes. Then this hand took place, just as the clock was ticking down towards a 20-minute break.

Chris Moorman limped in from the small blind, before Teunis Kooij raised it to 1.8 million. That was called and it was heads-up to the flop.

It came the 9♦4♣3♠ and both checked leading to the J♦ turn. Now Moorman took the betting lead, for 2.3 million, which Kooij called.

The river card was the 6♣ and Moorman didn’t slow down, lining up 6.2 million of his troops. He slid them out and Kooij didn’t take long to call, but we’d never see his hand. Moorman showed the J♣9♥ for two pair and that was clearly good, judging by the tap on the table and muck from Kooij. –JS

4:03pm: Nicholas Newport eliminated in fourth place (€202,420)
Level 37: Blinds 300,000/600,000, Ante 100,000

Alas for the Irishman Nicholas Newport, his luck has finally run out with a fourth-place finish in the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event.

Newport’s final hand saw him open-shove from the cutoff for his last 5 million or so and get called by leader Teunis Kooij. Newport had Q♥J♠ and two live cards versus Kooij’s 4♦4♣, but the 3♠7♣2♥5♥10♥ runout didn’t bring anything good for Newport and he’s on the rail.

Kooij carries the chip lead to three-handed play with about 41 million, Chris Moorman is next with 28.5 million, and Mohamed Samri third with 17 million. –MH

EPT13_Barcelona-735_Nicholas Newport.jpg

Nicholas Newport – 4th place

4pm: Newport survives all-in versus Kooij
Level 37: Blinds 300,000/600,000, Ante 100,000

Another all-in for the short stack Nicholas Newport to report. He survived again, although this time with a chop.

After Teunis Kooij pushed from the button with A♦6♣, Newport thought about 10 seconds before calling from the big blind with A♥6♥. Newport was the suited one, but the A♣4♣8♥ flop and 8♣ turn gave Kooij the flush draw. The river was the 9♦, though, and Newport keeps his seat. –MH

EPT13_Barcelona-805_Nicholas Newport_Teunis Kooij.jpg

Newport sweats his all-in versus Kooij

3:55pm: Samri three-bets Moorman
Level 37: Blinds 300,000/600,000, Ante 100,000

Following a Chris Moorman open to 1.25 million from the cutoff/under the gun, Mohamed Samri three-bet to 3.9 million and after a bit of thought Moorman stepped aside.
Moorman is in second position still with about 26 million, while Samri has 15.4 million. –MH

3:43pm: Newport doubles through Samri
Level 37: Blinds 300,000/600,000, Ante 100,000

Nicholas Newport is on the short stack now, and he just shoved all-in for his last 3.4 million from the button and saw Mohamed Samri call from the big blind.

Newport had A♥J♠ and was in good shape to double versus Samri’s A♠3♠, although the flush draw-producing Q♠6♥2♠ flop made him sweat a bit. 

The 10♦ turn and 8♦ river were okay for him, though, and Newport now has 7.5 million while Samri has 13.2 million. –MH

37 300000 600000 100000

3:30pm: Marius Enebakk eliminated in 5th place (€163,800)
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

The bust outs keep on coming, and this was particularly ugly. A rare but almost unavoidable misstep from Chris Moorman left Marius Enebakk one card away from a big double up. But it didn’t turn out that way.

Enebakk opened the hand to 1.15 million under the gun and Moorman popped it to 2.65 million from under the gun plus one. Everyone else folded and Enebakk called to see the 6♠4♣Q♠ flop. What in hindsight was quite interesting is that both players checked this flop.

The turn card came the 7♦ and without missing a beat Enebakk jammed. Moorman went to grab chips but wasn’t ready to rush into anything. You could almost here the cogs in his brain turning as he eventually decided he had to call with the Q♦10♠ for top pair. Problem was Enebakk had a Queen too, but outkicked him with the Q♥J♥.

Moorman was a little upset with himself and he threw his hand on the felt with some force. There was one card to come before he’d have to ship most of his stack to Enebakk, but first there was the river card.

The 10♣.

The railbirds went crazy and Moorman couldn’t believe it. Enebakk showed great class, never getting angry and going round to shake everyone’s hand. After that pot, Moorman has 29.6 million – neck and neck with Teunis Kooij who also has around 29 million. –JS

EPT13_Barcelona-747_Marius Enebakk.jpg

Marius Enebakk – 5th place

3:25pm: Newport crippled, then gets lucky to double
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

It’s been a whirlwind couple of hands for Ireland’s Nick Newport. The first one bad, the second one good.

Mohamed Samri moved all-in from under the gun plus one for 8.45 million, and it folded to Newport in the big blind. He asked for a count, and decided his A♦10♠ might be good. “Call.”

Samri had a little something though with his A♣Q♥ and the board ran out J♦8♣K♣2♣3♦. The Queen kicker played, crippling Newport down to 2.175 million and shooting Samri up to 17.25 million.

The very next hand it folded to Newport in the small blind and he moved all-in with the Q♠2♣. Teunis Kooij called from the big blind with the A♥4♣, and a Queen on the river gave Newport the double up. Once the dust settled, he was left with 4.5 million. –JS

3:23pm: Ennebak doubles through Kooij
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

Teunis Kooij open-shoved all-in from the button and Marius Enebakk called with his last 4.5 million or so from the big blind.

Enebakk had K♦Q♥ and Kooij A♥8♦. Th 9♥K♣8♠ flop gave Enebakk the advantage, and his hand held through the 2♣ turn and 4♣ river.

Enebakk is up around 9.75 million now, while Kooij is still comfortably well in front with 35.5 million. –MH

3:10pm: Samri doubles through Newport
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

Just after those two all-in hands, it was Nicholas Newport opening for 1.05 million from under the gun, Mohamad Samri shoving for 4.5 million from the button, and Newport calling.

Samri had A♥Q♦ and the edge against Newport’s A♠9♥. The A♣5♦8♥ flop gave both a pair, then the Q♠ turn gave Samri a second one to make the river no matter. Samri is up to 9.5 million now while Newport has about 9.7 million. –MH

3:07pm: Big stacks vs. short stacks
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

Just now leader Teunis Kooij open-raised all-in from the small blind, then Mohamed Samri folded from the big, showing jack-trey as he did.

On the next hand Chris Moorman opened for 1.05 million from under the gun, and it folded around to Marius Enebakk who reraised all-in for 4.55 million. Moorman thought a short while, then folded. –MH

3:01pm: Jean-Marc Bellini eliminated in 6th place (€125,450)
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

I don’t want to jinx it, but this final table is running at a pretty good pace right now. We’re already down to five players. The latest to be eliminated? Jean-Marc Bellini from Switzerland.

Moorman opened to 1.025 million on the button and Bellini jammed from the big blind for 4.5 million total. Moorman then snapped it off with the K♥K♦ and Bellini needed to hit with his A♣J♦.

The flop was very similar to the one in the hand previously, when these two chopped it. It came the 4♥4♦7♥, but it wouldn’t be a complete repeat. The turn was the 8♣ and the river the Q♥, and no Ace meant Bellini was out. Still, €125,450 isn’t bad at all for a few days work.

Moorman is up to 17.8 million now. –JS

EPT13_Barcelona-737_Jean-Marc Bellini.jpg

Jean-Marc Bellini – 6th place

2:50pm: Kooij semi-bluffs Samri
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

Mohamed Samri started off this hand opening to 1.02 million under the gun. That was for a big chunk of his stack, leaving himself 5.5 million behind – something Teunis Kooij was pretty interested when it folded to him in the big blind. When he found out he made the call and the flop came down 7♣A♦6♥. Kooij then jammed to really put the pressure on, and Samri felt it. He ended up folding pocket Jacks, only for Kooij to show him 4♠5♠ for an up and down straight draw. –JS

2:48pm: Moorman and Bellini share one
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

Chris Moorman opened to 1.025 million on the button and Jean-Marc Bellini peaked down at something he liked in the big blind. He moved all-in for 5 million and Moorman quickly called, but it turned out they had the same hand – Queen-Jack suited.

Moorman had diamonds and Bellini had hearts, but that was insignificant after no flush draw came. In the end both chopped it with a fours full of sevens as the board ran out showing a full house. –JS

2:42pm: Jerome Brion eliminated in seventh place (€87,350)
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

After open-raising all-in once from middle position and getting no callers, Jerome Brion did it again on the next hand, and it folded around to chip leader Teunis Kooij.

Kooij asked Brion how much he had, and when Brion said “seven” (for 7 million), Kooij said he was calling. He had K♠Q♠ while Brion had A♦10♦.

The 8♣4♦6♣ flop was okay for Brion, but the Q♥ turn wasn’t, pairing Kooij. The river was the 9♥ and the Frenchman bid everyone adieu.

Kooij — a.k.a. “The Kooij”* — is way up to 36.3 million now, nearly three times what nearest challengers Nicholas Newport and Chris Moorman have.

EPT13_Barcelona-746_Jerome Brion.jpg

Jerome Brion – 7th place

*We might have made up “The Kooij” as a nickname. But if it catches on, we think it will be hooij.

2:38pm: Newport moves ahead of Moorman
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

Chris Moorman raised to 1.2 million from the small blind and his neighbor Nicholas Newport called from the big blind. Both checked the Q♠5♦J♥ flop, then after the 2♦ fell Moorman bet 1.225 million and Newport called.

The river brought the 9♦ and a 2.15 million bet from Moorman, and after hesitating just a bit Newport said he was raising all-in. Moorman folded instantly before Newport’s chips could even be counted.

That pot pushes Newport ahead of Moorman into second position behind Teunis Kooij. Newport has about 14.1 million now while Moorman is on 13.3 million. –MH

2:31pm: Back to business
Level 36: Blinds 250,000/500,000, Ante 50,000

The clock has restarted after the break as we continue the journey to find a winner. –JS

36 250000 500000 50000

2:20pm: Counts at the break

Here’s how the players stack up seven-handed. –JS

Teunis Kooij – 27,500,000
Chris Moorman – 19,025,000
Mohamed Samri – 8,800,000
Nick Newport – 7,750,000
Marius Enebakk – 7,700,000
Jerome Brion – 6,250,000
Jean-Marc Bellini – 5,800,000

2:10pm: Break time

The magnificent seven have gone on a 20-minute break. –JS

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2pm: Lars Farstad eliminated in 8th place (€62,300)
Level 35: Blinds 200,000/400,000, Ante 50,000

The hand started in quite unusual fashion. As the dealer was doing her job, Chris Moorman pointed out after she dealt a card to Nick Newport that he thought he had seen it. The floor was called, and Moorman was honest; “I’m 95% sure it’s black,” is all he said. The hand continued and both Moorman and Newport folded anyway, so it was back to normal.

Teunis Kooij then kicked off the betting with an opened to 875,000. When it got to Lars Farstad who jammed over the top for 6.6 million, and it folded back to Kooij who called.

Farstad: A♠Q♦
Kooij: 9♦9♥

Farstad would need to hit to survive, but at the end of the K♠6♣6♥8♠7♣ board the nines were still good. Farstad went to collect his €62,300, and Kooij moved up to 27.5 million. –JS

EPT13_Barcelona-745_Lars Farstad.jpg

Lars Farstad – 8th place

1:51pm: Enebakk raises, collects
Level 35: Blinds 200,000/400,000, Ante 50,000

Marius Enebakk opened for 925,000 from early position and got two callers in Teunis Kooij playing from the button and Lars Farstad in the big blind. 

The flop came Q♥Q♣2♥, and it checked around to Kooij who fired 1.2 million. Farstad folded, then Enebakk twirled a chip for a few seconds before replacing it on his stack and pushing everything forward.

The all-in raise was for 4.125 million, and after taking about 15 seconds to consider things Kooij released his cards. 

Ennebak is up to 8.9 million now, while Kooij still leads with 21.6 million. –MH

1:43pm: So Farstad, so good
Level 35: Blinds 200,000/400,000, Ante 50,000

Lars Farstad has been getting active of late, including open-raising the last three straight hands.

On the first he won the blinds and antes, but on the second he had to fold after Jean-Marc Bellini shoved all-in over his raise. Bellini now has about 6.8 million after claiming that pot.

The third raise got through for Farstad, though, and so now he’s on 7.8 million. –MH

1:36pm: Enebakk doubles through Farstad
Level 35: Blinds 200,000/400,000, Ante 50,000

Marius Enebakk was by far the shortest stack, so when Lars Farstad opened to 800,000 on the button Enebakk looked down at his 2.4 million stack – just six big blinds – and got it in. It wasn’t much more for Farstad to call so he did with the Q♠4♠, up against Enebakk’s K♥10♠.

The 10♥4♣A♥ flop paired both but kept the at-risk player in front. The turn and river were bricks and Enebakk doubled to 5 million while Farstad falls to 7.5 million. –JS

1:32pm: Stop and go for Samri
Level 35: Blinds 200,000/400,000, Ante 50,000

Chris Moorman opened to 850,000 once again and it folded to Mohamed Samri in the big blind who called to see a flop. As soon as the 9♥J♣9♠ flop hit the felt Samri shoved for 4,125,000 and Moorman had to let his hand go with a sigh. –JS

1:23pm: Samri — doing things his own way
Level 35: Blinds 200,000/400,000, Ante 50,000

At this stage of the tournament, and at this level of play when there’s so much up for grabs, France’s Mohamed Samri is doing something a little unusual. Whereas every other player at this table – and most poker tables out there – tend to use the same open raise amount regardless of their table position or even hand strength, Samri is mixing his up.

First he made it 1.2 million to play, the first time we’ve seen a 3x raise so far. In that hand he was in mid-position. A couple of hands later he was under the gun and decided to make it 1 million instead. This time it folded to Nick Newport in the big blind and he moved all-in for 8 million, which got Samri to give it up. It’ll be interesting to see if Samri continues to mix up his bet sizing moving forward. –JS

1:17pm: Moorman’s got a pep in his step
Level 35: Blinds 200,000/400,000, Ante 50,000

Three hands, three opens by Chris Moorman to 850,000, and three times he’s failed to get any action. Pass those blinds and antes over Moorman’s way. –JS

1:13pm: Daniel Wilson eliminated in 9th place (€45,980)
Level 35: Blinds 200,000/400,000, Ante 50,000

On the second hand of the new level, Daniel Wilson open-raised all-in from under the gun for about 3.8 million, and it folded around to his fellow Irishman Nicholas Newport who called the raise from the cutoff. Everyone else folded, and the players turned over their cards:

Wilson: A♠Q♠
Newport: A♦K♣

Wilson needed help from the board, but the 2♠A♣9♦3♠9♣ runout didn’t provide any and he is out in ninth. Wilson came around the table to share a hug with Newport, then shook hands with the others to wish them well.

Newport now has about 8.6 million as the official eight-handed final table is now underway. –MH

EPT13_Barcelona-744_Daniel Wilson.jpg

Daniel Wilson – 9th place

35 200000 400000 50000

1:08pm: More for Kooij
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

The first level of the day has come to a close, with Teunis Kooij picking up the last two pots to add a little more to his leading stack. He has about 24.5 million now. –MH

EPT13_Barcelona-741_Teunis Kooij.jpg

Kooij in a groove

1:02pm: Another hit to Moorman, as Farstad doubles
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

On the very next hand after Nicholas Newport doubled through Chris Moorman, the latter again opened for 650,000 (this time from under the gun), and Teunis Kooij called from middle position. It folded to Lars Farstad on the button who reraise-pushed for 4.525 million, and after the blinds got out Moorman called and Kooij folded.

Farstad showed 8♠8♦ while Moorman had A♥Q♥, and the board came scary but clean for Farstad — 9♦K♣J♥7♣5♠ — enabling him to bounce back up to 9.95 million.

Moorman is down to 18.2 million now, which means Kooij is the new chip leader as he’s on about 21 million. –MH

12:58pm: Newport scores a double through Moorman
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

Chris Moorman opened to 650,000 from early position, then Nicholas Newport jammed all-in for 2.325 from the next seat over. It folded back to Moorman who paused just a beat before calling.

Newport turned over A♦Q♦, and Moorman grinned as he said he’d hoped to have seen ace-king while tabling his Q♥3♥.  

The board came 8♥8♠6♦6♣10♣, with both players nodding at the turn card in recognition that the worst that could happen to Newport was to chop.

But Newport doubled (and then some), and now sits with 5.55 million. Moorman still has 22.8 million. –MH

EPT13_Barcelona-758_Nicholas Newport.jpg

Some good Newport news

12:52pm: Biggest pot so far
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

Finally, another nugget of action to tell you about.

It started with Teunis Kooij’s 650,000 standard open, but got interesting when Jerome Brion popped it up to 1.45 million in the cutoff. Back to Kooij, he didn’t waste much time counting out a four-bet and raised the price to see a flop to 3.35 million. Brion made the call.

To the flop: 6♥9♦J♣. Kooij was first to act, and as the last aggressor he continued for 3.6 million. Had Brion called this pot would have been a crucial one, but the action train stopped here. The Frenchman let it go and Kooij took it down.

Kooij has 21.45 million, while Brion slips to 9 million. –JS

12:49pm: Farstad jams
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

It folded to Lars Folstad in mid-position and he jammed all-in for around 16 big blinds. Nobody was interested though, so he just added another couple of bets to his stack. –JS

12:47pm: Slow and steady
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

After that double up and three-bet, we seem to have reverted back to: a player opens to 650,000, everyone folds, and the raiser takes the blinds and antes. That’s been the most common occurrence so far on the final table, and it’s still going I’m afraid. –JS

12:42pm: Teunis tells Moorman to Kooij it
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

On the next hand after that Mohamed Samri double-up, Teunis Kooij was back at it. This time when Chris Moorman raised to 650,000 from early position, Kooij three-bet to 1.5 million from the hijack seat, and everyone folded including Moorman.

Moorman has around 22 million right now and Kooij about 19.3 million. –MH

12:38pm: Samri doubles through Kooij
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

Following those relatively docile nine hands reported on below, the next one saw Teunis Kooij open for 650,000 from the cutoff, then Mohamed Samri reraised all-in for his last 3.175 million from the button. The blinds stepped aside, and Kooij didn’t think very long before calling.

Kooij: K♣10♠
Samri: A♣A♠

It’s the second time we’ve seen pocket aces so far, but this time the big pair held as the board fell 5♠10♣7♦8♠2♠. Samri has 4.15 million now while Kooij still has a very healthy 18.1 million. –MH

EPT13_Barcelona-766_Mohamed Samri.jpg

Rockets help Samri

12:35pm: A quiet orbit
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

We’ve watched a full nine-handed orbit, with only a single flop occurring and most hands ending as raise-and-takes.

Chris Moorman claimed four of those sets of blinds and antes, raising to 650,000 each time (from middle position, then under the gun, then the button, and also the cutoff). 

Teunis Kooij won a couple of them as well, though on a third one in between he was called. After raising to 650,000 from early position, Kooij watched Nicholas Newport call from the button, then the flop came 8♥3♥K♦. Newport checked, Kooij bet 775,000, and Newport folded. –MH

12:24pm: Bellini draws first blood
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

In the first hand where we actually saw a flop, Jean-Marc Bellini made it 650,000 out of the cutoff and got one caller, Daniel Wilson, who defended his big blind. The two saw a 7♥8♠10♥ flop fall, bringing both flush and straight draws. However, both decided to check.

The dealer put down the 8♥ on the turn, now pairing the board on top of those other draws. Wilson took the betting lead, putting out 600,000, which Bellini called comfortably. The river came the 5♠ and now Wilson put together another bet. He slid out 1.45 million and Bellini called instantly.

Both players turned their hands over quickly, and it was A♦A♥ for Wilson trailing the A♣8♣ for Bellini, who had turned trips and taken the lead. He’s up to 7.7 million, while Wilson drops to 5.975 million. –JS

12:16pm: No action yet…
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

We’re seven minutes in and we’ve yet to see a flop! Jerome Brion, Chris Moorman, and Teunis Kooij have all taken down the blinds and antes with 650,000 opens.

If play continues like this, we’re in for a long day! –JS

EPT13_Barcelona-749_Final Table.jpg

The final table is underway

12:10pm: Shuffle up and deal!
Level 34: Blinds 150,000/300,000, Ante 50,000

Following a slight delay to take care of a few preliminaries, the final nine are now in their seats and the first hand of the last day of the ESPT Barcelona Main Event is being dealt.

Here’s how they are seated (see the start-of-day counts just below):

Seat 1: Chris Moorman 
Seat 2: Nicholas Newport 
Seat 3: Jean-Marc Bellini 
Seat 4: Teunis Kooij 
Seat 5: Mohamed Samri 
Seat 6: Daniel Wilson 
Seat 7: Lars Farstad 
Seat 8: Jerome Brion
Seat 9: Marius Enebakk

EPT13_Barcelona-731_Final Table.jpg

The final nine


34 150000 300000 50000

11:35am: Who will be the next Estrellas Main Event champion?

From 3,447 runners — with no re-entries, mind you — they are down to just nine in the Estrellas Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event, and before the day is done just one player will have all 86 million-plus chips and become the next ESPT champion.

Online legend Chris Moorman is in pole position to begin today, having surged the last few hours late last night to end with more than 20 million of those chips. 

EPT13_Barcelona-445_Chris Moorman.jpg

Chris Moorman

His nearest challenger to begin today will be Teunis Kooij of the Netherlands with 17.9 million, with no one else in eight figures as yet. Meanwhile a couple of Norwegians, two Irishmen, two Frenchmen, and a Swiss player are also among the group still vying for the trophy and €423,600.

Here’s a look at how the stacks will be to begin the not-quite-final final table of nine:










Name Country Status Chips
Chris Moorman UK   20,550,000
Teunis Kooij Netherlands   17,900,000
Jerome Brion France   9,990,000
Daniel Wilson Ireland PokerStars qualifier 8,675,000
Marius Enebakk Norway   6,300,000
Jean-Marc Bellini Switzerland   6,225,000
Lars Farstad Norway PokerStars player 6,175,000
Nicholas Newport Ireland PokerStars qualifier 5,300,000
Mohamed Samri France   4,825,000

With the day’s first elimination they’ll be at the official eight-handed final table, and from there will play it out to see who among this group ends up on top. Play starts in a little under a half-hour at noon — stick close for hand reports, chip counts, photos, and more from the ESPT Barcelona final table! –MH

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PokerStars Blog reporting team on the ESPT7 Barcelona Main Event: Jack Stanton and Martin Harris. Photography by René Velli and Carlos Monti. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter @PokerStarsBlog.


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