Eureka5 Prague: Bubble is imminent

December 08, 2015


Ari Engel: Still a big stack

We are getting to the point in this tournament where matters are getting serious. Only about 300 players remain, which is about 20 from the money, and there’s a level of anxiety about most of the players that hasn’t been present in the devil-may-care previous levels.

Marc Convey is a good example. The Conv wagon still trundles on, but his latest tweet revealed that he was down to about 30 big blinds and wasn’t finding it particularly easy going.

It’s notable that many of the most easily recognised players are now also sitting behind some of the biggest stacks, the cream having risen to the top. Ari Engel has more than 400,000; Jean Montury is in the mid 300s; and Alexander Ivarsson has about 520,000.

Last year’s EPT Prague champion Stephen Graner has 470,000. He likes this town.

On a recent scoot around the tournament floor, I noticed eight stacks larger than 400,000, which likely means there are about 12 in total. Here are the stand-out performers at the moment:

Vladas Tamasauskas – 700,000
Bartosz Piesiewicz – 495,000
Alexander Ivarsson – 480,000
Stephen Graner – 470,000
Miltiadis Kyriakides – 460,000
Jonathan Dimmig – 440,000
Timo Pfutzenreuter – 420,000
Ari Engel – 420,000

Tournament info:

– Contrary to what you read at the top of this page, we’re now down to 283 players.
– Vladas Tamasauskas had 440,000 when I looked at his stack before writing this, but Robin Scherr saw him hit nut straight against Volodymyr Hancharyk’s second nut straight and that sent him beyond 700,000, the clear leader.
– The bubble is imminent.
– Marc Convey is still in.

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