Eureka5 Prague: Counting them in, counting them out

December 06, 2015


We are now into Level 5 of Day 1A of the Eureka Main Event and any moment now will have a definitive number of players for the day. It’s so imminent that I expect a tap on my shoulder from the indefatigable Jan Kores, media coordinator, telling me precisely how many.

But before he manages that, I’ll tell you how many are listed on the tournament board: 435. If it’s wrong, it won’t be significantly wrong.

The equivalent day last season attracted 475 players, so we’re a little down on that number, but it’s nothing so significant that it can’t be remedied in a near-certain bumper field tomorrow.

You’ll no doubt notice that there hasn’t been an enormous number of hand reports so far in this year’s coverage. There are a number of reasons for that, but none so persuasive as the fact that it’s still just so early and very little of what goes on right now has any lasting bearing on the tournament.

The biggest stack in the room right now is barely a big blind at the final.

That said, action so far has already accounted for 45 players and it will no doubt be considered significant to those unfortunate fellows.

In approximate order, they fell in the following order:

Franz Muller, Petr Jelinek, Marco Burri, Laurentiu Dumitru, Illia Kainov, Kuglis Ervin, Nier Tuvia, Ruben Avanesov, Milos Zerzevski, Anton Asenov, Ioannis Vavanos, Emmanouil Chalkiotis, Stefan Vogt, Seref Anar, Albert Mykhaylyuta, Damir Vasiljevic, Cemil Incegul, Charilaos Oustampasidis, Jakub Mroczek, Christophe Larquemin, Marcin Chmielewski, Kiryl Radzivonau, Artem Metalidi, Martino Fiodor, Tuukka Meklin, Eric Thiessen, Marcin Iskrowicz, Didier Jean-Loup, Peter Avereest, Recep Dursen, Daniil Kiselev, Gor Arutyunyan, Artur Kuta, Kohei Nakai, Konstantinos Asgoudakis, Timofey Vekshin, Georgios Gourzoulidis, Stanislav Koleno, Mateusz Moolhuizen, Semen Ochkalasov, Ami Barer, Lukasz Ratajczyk, Marko Suhovec, Thomas Popov and Mark Reilly.

Oh, and then these folk: Petr Subik, Andrei Nikitinskii, Aleksei Ivanov, Halil Tasyurek, Michel Mommens, Ondrej Mar, Zevola Marco, Ilan Boujenah, Abbas Moradi, Denis Sapozhnikov, Mathias Christensen, Anders Rasmussen, Jon Christensen, Diego Benitez, Valentyn Myziuk, Filip Bryndahl, Danylo Yermolaiev, Nikita Trigubov, Vladimir Glukhikh, Terence Stevens, Yung Hwang, Tomas Cibak, Oleg Poliakov, Roman Foret, Vitaly Koryakin, Georgios Charmpilas, Julien Chaleyssin, Voctech Koutsky, Csaba Adorjan, Daniel Rose, Giuseppe Simeone, Hannes Hartung, Dennis Magro, Jurg Aeschlimann, Wissam Turkie.

Nobody more will be entering today, but there’s always tomorrow’s Day 1B.

You too can get involved. All you need is to sign up to PokerStars Click here to get an account.

You can find German language coverage with Robin Scherr on All the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS. The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.


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