Eureka5 Prague: Twelve levels, 25,000 chips, play

December 06, 2015


I caught only one short snippet of a conversation taking place between three members of the tournament staff. “It will fit,” the man in the suit said.

He was standing just outside the main tournament room, in the lobby that abuts the cavernous main conference facility. There are 19 poker tables in that section of the lobby and it sounds like one more might be on its way.

In the main room, there are close to 100 other tables. There are ten rows of nine tables each on the main floor, while the stage, once home to the press room, is now an overspill area too. There are another six tables up there.

That’s a total, in three areas, of 115 tables. “It will fit,” the man in the suit said, and he may have been talking more broadly about this ever-increasing poker festival and the challenges of hosting it–all of which have consistently been met.

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Another man in a suit–this one named Thomas Lamatsch and whose suits are often so shiny it appears they can survive on the moon–quickly became the focus of attention. He picked up a microphone, introduced himself, and welcomed players to the Eureka Poker Tour. Faff is kept to a minimum on these regional events: He quickly instructed dealers to shuffle up and deal, provided there were at least three players on the table. That was just about that.

Lamatsch did add a quick run-through of the schedule for the day, the gist of which is as follows:

– Players begin with a stack of 25,000 chips.
– Levels are 45 minutes long.
– Blinds start at 50-100.
– They will play 12 levels today.
– There’s a 20-minute break after every other level…
– …with the exception of after Level 6. They will actually play levels 6-9 and then take a 75-minute dinner break.

The earliest list of players contains 270 names. It will grow very, very quickly.

You can find German language coverage with Robin Scherr on All the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS. The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.


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