Eureka5 Rozvadov Final Day: Level 33 & 34 (150,0000/300,000, 50,000)

March 01, 2015

9:40pm: Josef Pavelka eliminated in 2nd place (€50,646); Raphel Wimmer wins Eureka5 Rozvadov (€99,685)
Winner Wimmer chicken dinner for Raphel after he eliminated Josef Pavelka to take the title and €99,685.

Wimmer opened to 600,000 from the button and quickly called all in after Pavelka shoved for 5.35 million from the big blind.

Wimmer: A♦9♣
Pavelka: A♣J♥

Wimmer was in a tough spot but the board ran 5♣A♥K♣9♥10♦ to make him two pair. He ran to celebrate with his friends on the rail who have been a constant support for him all throughout the day.


The final hand

Congratulations to him and to Pavelka who narrowly missed out on this major title. A wrap of the day’s events will be up shortly.

9:28pm: Pavelka’s turn to double up
Josef Pavelka’s stack had whittled down to 2.8million when he made an all in move from the button with K♦Q♣. Wimmer looked down at A♠3♥ in the big blind and made the call.

The board ran Q♦3♠4♦2♠6♠ to hand the Czech player a needed double up.

9:20pm: Wimmer doubles
Raphel Wimmer has evened up the stacks after he doubled up in a coin flip.

He was in the big blind and three-bet all in for 4.275 million after a button raise from Josef Pavelka. Call.

Pavelka: A♦Q♣
Wimmer: 4♦4♠

The board ran 7♥J♦6♠2♣2♦ to see the pocket fours hold.

9:05pm: Play resumes
The heads up match is underway. Here’s how they start:

Josef Pavelka, Czech Republic – 11,175,000
Raphel Wimmer, Germany – 5,325,000

8:55pm: Rastislav Paleta eliminated in 3rd place (€59,962)
Eureka5 Roazvadov is down to heads up after the elimination of Rastislav Paleta in third place.

He lost most of his stack after he moved all in from the button with 10♣10♠. Raphel Wimmer was in the big blind with Q♦8♥ and called all in. The board ran an Austrian flavoured 8♦Q♠8♦4♦7♣.


Paleta (left) – 3rd place

The very next hand Paleta was all in for his last three big blinds with A♣10♦. He was up against Wimmer again who held Q♥6♠. The board ran 3♦Q♦K♠4♣4♦.

The tournament will now be on a short break before heads up play begins.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150,000/300,000, 50,000

8:40pm: Wimmer crippled
Raphel Wimmer dropped down to 1.1million after he lost a huge race to Rastislav Paleta.

He raised to 500,000 with K♦Q♣ and called after Paleta shoved for 5.925 million with 10♥10♦. The board ran blank.

He made a slight recovery over the next couple of hands; more than doubling his stack just by getting a walk and a shove getting through.

8:30pm: Marek Blasko eliminated in 4th place (€59,962)
Marek Blasko’s Main Event has come to an end in fourth place.

He was down to 975,000 and in the big blind when he called all in. Raphel Wimmer had set him in from the small blind.

Wimmer: A♦8♠
Blasko: J♦5♦

The board ran 4♦3♣4♦J♣A♣. It was looking good for Blasko on the turn but the river was a dagger to his heart and he left with €59,962.


Blasko – 4th

8:15pm: Paleta doubles through Pavelka
Rastislav Paleta took his turn at doubling up and he did so in a blind battle versus Josef Pavelka.

Marek Blasko surprisingly folded ace-seven from the button before Paleta shoved for 2.175 million from small blind and Pavelka called from the big blind.

Paleta: Q♥10♥
Pavelka: A♥3♠

The board ran 6♥2♥5♣10♦Q♦ to make Paleta two pair.

8:08pm: Updated counts
Seat, Name, Country, – Chips
1. Marek Blasko, Slovakia – 2,900,000
2. Ruben Pleijster, Netherlands – 5th place
3. Rastislav Paleta, Czech Republic – 2,650,000
4. Josef Gulas, Czech Republic – 6th place
5. Josef Pavelka, Czech Republic – 5,050,000
6. Branislav Ondrus, Slovakia – 7th place
7. Raphel Wimmer, Germany – 5,900,000

8:05pm: Pavelka doubles
Domination nation as Josef Pavelka got his stack in ahead versus Rastislav Paleta and held for a double up.

Paleta raised to 550,000 from the button and called after Pavelka three-bet all in from the small blind.

Paleta: J♠10♠
Pavelka: K♦J♣

The board ran 2♠8♣3♣A♠J♥.

7:55pm: Ruben Pleijster eliminated in 5th place (€32,910)
Start of day chip leader, Ruben Pleijster’s up and down ride has ended in a down he couldn’t recover from.

He moved all in for his last 2.2 million from the cutoff and Rastislav Paleta moved all in as well from the next seat.

Pleijster: J♦8♥
Paleta: A♥A♠

The board ran 2♠7♣A♣2♦6♠ to make Paleta a full house. He moved up to 4.9 million while Pleijster shook everyone’s hand before departing.


Pleijster – 5th place

7:45pm: Deal struck
The players have made a deal. Here’s how the remaining prize pool will be spit:

Marek Blasko, Slovakia – €,59,962
Ruben Pleijster, Netherlands – €53,215
Rastislav Paleta, Czech Republic – €59,962
Josef Pavelka, Czech Republic – €50,646
Raphel Wimmer, Austria – €89,685

That leaves €10,000 left for the winner.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 125,00/250,000, 25,000

7:37pm: Play resumes
The five players are back in their seats for level 33. Here’s how the chip counts stand:

Seat, Name, Country, – Chips
1. Marek Blasko, Slovakia – 2,635,000
2. Ruben Pleijster, Netherlands – 1,875,000
3. Rastislav Paleta, Czech Republic – 2,625,000
4. Josef Gulas, Czech Republic – 6th place
5. Josef Pavelka, Czech Republic – 1,6250,000
6. Branislav Ondrus, Slovakia – 7th place
7. Raphel Wimmer, Germany – 7,750,000


The final 5


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