Greatest SCOOP players of all time: Mike “SirWatts” Watson

March 31, 2021inPoker

Mike Watson has been around since the early days, and his best days look to still be ahead of him. The Canadian pro, known on PokerStars as “SirWatts” has over $7.9 million in online winnings and, with six titles to his name, is one of the greatest SCOOP players of all time.

Here’s everything you need to know about Mike “SirWatts” Watson; the person, the player and his achievements:

Who is Mike Watson?

Name: Mike Watson
D.O.B: April 19, 1984
Playing online since: July 2006
Number of tournament cashes: 1,026 (Mar. 2021)
Online poker tournament earnings: $7,533,038 (Mar. 2021)

Mike Watson has over $7.5 million in online winnings to his name, with over $5 million of this coming from PokerStars games.

Watson recorded his first online tourney back in August 2006 and, in just his second ever game bagged a win for $19k. The next year he was scoring big in MTTs, including a first place victory in the Super Tuesday for $75k.

It’s not until more recently that Watson started to pick up titles in major series, earning his first ever COOP in 2015. Since then, he’s more than caught up with the pack. His SCOOP record ranks him among the top players in the competition’s history.

Poker accolades and achievements

Watson’s has earned two WCOOP titles, along with a total of six SCOOP titles, all in recent years.

As of March 2021, Watson ranked number one in Canada, and is frequenting the top ten of the PocketFives worldwide rankings. In 2021, he reached an all-time high of third in the world.

Here’s a list of poker accolades and achievements:

SCOOP titles: 6
Blowout Series: 1

One of the greatest SCOOP players of all time

If his 2020 success is anything to go by, Mike Watson is serious competition for another title or two in SCOOP 2021

Mike Watson had something of a late start when it comes to his major titles. His SCOOP success began in 2015 with an PL Omaha double that earned him a total of over $100k. He then picked up another title in 2019 in a 6+ Hold em event.

In SCOOP 2020, Watson earned three titles, all in different formats of poker. His first of the series was in a NL 2-7 Single Draw game, the second a few days later in NLHE and the third was, once again, in the unusual and exciting 6+ Hold em.

Here’s a full list of Watson’s SCOOP titles:

  • 2015 – 29M: $215 PL Omaha (6-Max) – $58,368
  • 2015 – 37H: $2,100 PL Omaha Hi/Lo – $65,320
  • 2019 – 73H: $5,200 6+ Hold’em – $94,915
  • 2020 – 51H: $1,050 NL 2-7 Single Draw – $22,050
  • 2020 – 66H: $2,100 NLHE – $80,642
  • 2020 – 113H: $1,050 6+ Hold’em (6-Max) – $29,997

Along with his title wins, Watson’s other significant SCOOP scores include second place in a 6-max event in 2012 worth $220k, sixth place in the $25k High Roller in 2018 for $153k, and third place in the 2019 PLO Main Event for $176k.

With so much of his tournament success coming in recent years, and his current ranking reflecting this, we know that Watson will be dangerous opposition in SCOOP 2021 events. Could he slip ahead and gain yet more trophies this time around?

WCOOP and other series

Over in the WCOOP, Mike Watson has two titles to his name. The first of these, in 2018, represents one of his biggest ever online scores. Watson took down the $10k 8-Game Championship for $280k. In 2018, Watson won his second WCOOP title in the $215 FL Draw event, earning $15k for first.

Although Watson didn’t manage to earn a WCOOP title in 2020, he did come close with a second place finish in the special edition Sunday Slam for $152k plus bounties.

Watson also earned a Blowout Series title in 2020, winning the special edition Sunday Warm-up for $75k.

Mike Watson live results

According to HendonMob, Mike Watson has made over $12.1 million in live winnings (Mar. 2021) spanning across an incredible 15 years of play.

Watson’s biggest ever live cash is his win in the 2008 Bellagio Cup, a ridiculous $1.6 million for first. He’s also had a win in the 2012 WSOP Europe in Cannes for $1.3 million, first place in the 2016 PCA Main Event for $728k, and second in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final for $752k.

Here are Watson’s top five live results:

Mike Watson’s top five live results (screenshot from HendonMob, Mar. 2021)

More about Mike “SirWatts” Watson…

It’s time to take a look back over Mike Watson’s career, paying particular attention to his more recent achievements, including his triple title win in SCOOP 2020. Enjoy:

Fourth SCOOP of career, first of 2020 – MikeWatson grabs his first SCOOP title of 2020, making it four over the course of his career. Watson had to battle through a very tough final table of pros to take down the 2-7 Single Draw event.

Second of 2020 (and also a second place) – Watson came back just a few days later and took down his second SCOOP event of 2020, a $2k NLHE event which he won for $80k. In the same day, Watson also came second in another event to earn a serious double score.

Third title of 2020! – Watson makes it three in one year with this victory in the 6+ event. This is also his sixth career SCOOP title, the one that pulled him up to the top five SCOOP players of all time. The article details Day 30 of the SCOOP.

Watson wins PCA Main Event – This is a little further back in Watson’s career than most of the articles here, but it had to be included. Watson won the PCA Main Event, and the PokerStars Blog were there to capture the moment.

Detailed interview with Mike Watson – It’s always nice to get an insight into the person behind the results. This interview goes into detail about Watson, the person, and both his online and live poker careers. (May 2019)

High Roller Series title for Watson – Not yet mentioned in his profile, the High Roller Series is not technically counted in the same way as a SCOOP, but it’s still just as impressive and valuable for these top rank players who compete in the events. This article details Watson’s late 2019 win in the HRS.

Excellent WCOOP 2020 performance – It may not have been Watson’s year to win a WCOOP title, but he did manage to make several significant cashes, one of them worth nearly $200k. This article is an interview with Watson about his performance and results.

Watson gets his Blowout Series title – This article details Day 8 of the Blowout Series. Watson wins a title, pushing his lifetime earnings over the $6.5 million mark.


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