Here’s Challenge number 9, Arlie

November 28, 2018

So Arlie, to your next challenge…

If you remember from the original stories, Hercules had to find the Belt of Hippolyta.

It’s worth looking up the story Arlie. A careful reading of it will help in the challenge coming up next.

Hercules was sent to retrieve the belt for Admete, the daughter of King Eurystheus.

But the belt belonged to Hippolyta. She was Queen of the Amazons, and the belt signified her authority. She wasn’t going to give it up easily.

Hercules wasn’t stupid, Arlie. He knew that he could land himself in some serious trouble by picking a fight with teams of Amazonian women.

So, he had to use his brains. Which he did, but, well, things still went south very quickly.

I’m sure things will be fine for you though.

But the fact remains, it was not brute force, but brains that won him the belt, and the challenge.

You’ll be glad to hear you will not be asked to fight Amazonian women, Arlie. But you will be required to think about this one.

(We’re assuming you don’t find the thought of that even more scary, Arlie.)

Because your challenge is this:

Retrieve the GRND Force from the German

We know that right now you’ll be staring at your screen with a blank expression, thinking “wha..?”

But we have every faith in you Arlie. Just think about it.

First think of who it involves. Then what it involves. What object might you have to retrieve?

Then use your brains (there’s that word again, Arlie) to solve it.

Good luck.


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