How to satellite your way into the SCOOP 2022 Main Events

May 17, 2022inPoker

The SCOOP 2022 Main Events are right around the corner and, with at least $11.5 million in combined prizes up for grabs, they’re not events you want to miss.

There are three NLHE Main Events on the schedule, one for each buy-in level. It’s also possible to gain lower cost entry via satellites, fast tracks, and Spin & Gos.

Here we show you how.

Regular satellites for Main Events

For many players, it might look like the Main Events are out of reach, especially when it comes to the medium and high stakes tourneys. But that’s not the case, because satellites provide the chance to win entry for a much lower cost.

Each Main Event has satellites running regularly from now right up until when the tournament starts. And they all start at a fraction of the direct buy-in.

Below you’ll find the cost of regular satellites for each of the Main Events:

SCOOP 95-L: $109 Main Event, $2.5M gtd
Satellites: $5.50, $11

SCOOP 95-M: $1,050 Main Event, $4M gtd
Satellites: $55, $109

SCOOP 95-H: $10,300 Main Event, $5M gtd
Satellites: $1,050

Head to the PokerStars lobby and click the “SCOOP 2022” tab to find MTT and SNG satellites.

Fast Track satellites

Fast Track satellites start from just $1.50 and, if you can make it through they’ll award entry to the 95-H: $10,300 Main Event.

You can buy in to any round and the plan is simple: Win the Round to progress to the next. Survive the Final Round and you’ll gain entry to the $10k!

Here’s how the journey breaks down:

Fast Track Round 1: $1.50
Fast Track Round 2: $20
Fast Track Round 3: $109
Fast Track Round 4: $1,050
= $10,300 Main Event entry

Click on the “SCOOP 2022” tab in the PokerStars lobby, followed by “Fast Track” to get started.

Spin & Gos

This is the most ‘random’ method of gaining entry to the Main Event, because you never know what prizes you’ll be playing for. It is, however, perfect if you don’t mind which SCOOP events you take part in. You can simply play the events that come your way.

You’ll find SCOOP Spin & Go’s at three levels. Here’s the break down of possible prizes:

  • $0.50 Spin & Go – $1 cash, $1.50 ticket, $2.20 ticket, $5 ticket, $20 ticket, $109 ticket, $1,050 Main Event ticket
  • $4 Spin & Go – $8, $11 ticket, $22 ticket, $55 ticket, $1,050 Main Event ticket, $10,300 Main Event ticket
  • $20 Spin & Go – $40, $55 ticket, $109 ticket, $1,050 Main Event ticket, $10,300 Main Event ticket

You can find the full list of probabilities for SCOOP Spin & Gos here. Click the “Spin & Go” tab to get started.



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