How to win big on a small investment this Turbo Series

February 01, 2019inNews

The Turbo Series starts this weekend with more than $75 million guaranteed over two weeks of tournament action.

Whatever level of poker you play, there’s value to be found across the 114-event Turbo Series schedule. That goes for whether you want to satellite in, or buy in directly.


If you’re looking to satellite into a Turbo Series, you have plenty of options.


You can find rebuy satellites, with buy-ins as low as $0.55, already running in the PokerStars lobby. That’s where you’ll also find regular satellites for as little as $0.11, with seats to win throughout the series.

Main Event tickets are being won daily throughout the Turbo Series.

For $7.50 you can play a daily satellite with 20 Main Event tickets (each worth $55) added to the prize pool. And daily $55 satellite for the $1,050 Main Event are also running.

If you win multiple Main Event seats, you’ll instantly have your winnings converted to T$. And any duplicate Turbo Series tickets can be used for other events with the same buy-in after Turbo Series.

Sit & Go’s and Spin & Go

The oldest form of satellite tournament is the Sit & Go. They’re available around the clock during the Turbo Series, and in different formats.

On-demand multi-table Sit & Go satellites for the opening Progressive KO event ($1 million Gtd) are already running. The same goes for the Mini Sunday Supersonic Special Edition (Event 4: $200,000 Gtd). Both cost just $7.50 to play.

You can play Spin & Go satellites for $2.50 and $20. Minimum payouts start at $5 (for the $2.50 Spin & Go’s) and $40 (for the $20’s). Meanwhile tickets for events as high as $1,050 are up for grabs if your spin hits a higher multiplier.

Low cost, high value events

Skipping the satellite line and going straight into the party isn’t just for players with big bankrolls anymore. Low- or micro-stakes players in particular are going to find that this year’s schedule has all sorts of added value aimed squarely at them.

There are 18 events on this year’s Turbo Series schedule with buy-ins between $11 and $22. Each has a guaranteed prize pool between $40,000 and $200,000.

Event # Date Buy-in Format Guaranteed prize pool
12 Feb-4 $11 NLHE, Progressive KO $125,000
38 Feb-8 $11 NLHE $50,000
74 Feb-12 $11 NLHE $40,000
89 Feb-14 $11 NLHE, Progressive KO $40,000
90 Feb-15 $11 NLHE, 6-Max, Progressive KO $50,000

Last year’s schedule offered just a handful of $27 tourneys and two $11 Splash rebuy events. This year’s newer, less expensive events include several Progressive KO events. You can pile up bounty cash even if you end up busting before the money. Or use it to pad your regular winnings if you go on a knockout rampage.

Event # Date Buy-in Format Guaranteed prize pool
6 Feb-4 $22 NLHE $65,000
20 Feb-5 $22 NLHE $60,000
35 Feb-7 $22 NLHE, Progressive KO $60,000
53 Feb-10 $22 NLHE, Double Deuce SE $200,000
59 Feb-10 $22 NLHE $100,000
66 Feb-11 $22 NLHE, Progressive KO $60,000
77 Feb-13 $22 NLHE $150,000
92 Feb-15 $22 NLHE $125,000
97 Feb-16 $22 NLHE $65,000
105 Feb-17 $22 NLHE, 6-Max, Progressive KO $100,000
107 Feb-17 $22 NLHE, 8-Max, Double Deuce SE $200,000

Of special note are the three $11 rebuy tourneys, Events #8, #68, and #99. Two of them feature two of the largest guarantees among the small buy-in tournaments. And if last year’s numbers are anything to go by they should see significant turnout. Last year, both $11 Splash tourneys got more than 19,000 entries, and the winners cashed for more than $20,000.

All three of these tournaments offer unlimited rebuys for the first 90 minutes of play.

Event # Date Buy-in Format Guaranteed prize pool
8 Feb-4 $11+R NLHE $100,000
68 Feb-12 $11+R NLO8, 6-Max, Splash $25,000
99 Feb-16 $11+R NLHE, Splash $150,000

Turbo Series Challenges

There’s more value to be had in special Challenges during the Turbo Series. Play any Turbo Series 2019 event and you’ll be automatically opted-in. Then head to your Challenges Window and complete the task. You’ll earn entry into special All-in Shootouts awarding $10,000 worth of tickets. Or, collect three special keys and get a Chest with tickets worth up to $1,050 inside.

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