Introducing The Rail: Personalise your PokerStars experience from today

May 13, 2020inPoker

UPDATE: In addition to the UK, The Rail is now live in Germany, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Ireland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Malta. 

You’ll find something new when you log into the PokerStars client from today.

The Rail is available on PokerStars from today

It’s a new feature to level up your PokerStars experience, putting all the things which make for a great online poker experience into one place.

It’s called The Rail.

It’s your interactive hub within the PokerStars client. It’s a place where you’ll find insights, useful links and information, videos, social streams, and countless other things to personalise your experience.

Everything you’re looking for when you log into play, in one place.

Here’s what you can look forward to…

What is The Rail all about?

The Rail puts everything you usually look for when you log into PokerStars, in one place.

You get to make the most of the features you want to see, and the widgets you want to use.

You can keep track of all sorts of things. Everything from recent winners, and the latest on social media, to quick links taking you directly to the games you love to play.

As well as social media feeds, you can watch videos, and find quick links to favourite PokerStars Schools guides, or the latest from the PokerStars Blog.

And all from The Rail. No need to dart back and forth between different apps or tabs. It’s all there.

Here’s a look at some of those details…

How The Rail improves your PokerStars experience

You’ll find details of everything you can take advantage of when you log into your PokerStars account. But here’s a glimpse at some of the new features …

Quick launch your favourite games: Hop into the games you love to play immediately, without having to scour the lobby searching for your usual tables. You’ll find links to the games you love and which get you seated with one click, so you can get playing the games you want much faster.

Multiple widgets: Whether it’s the Twitch feed so you never miss your favourite streamers, your social media accounts to keep on top of things on Twitter or YouTube, or the latest promotions and offers from PokerStars. It’s all available in one place.

Find your inspiration: We all need some inspiration from time to time. The winners feed provides that, showing you who’s winning, and what they’re winning. Whether it’s a seat at a bigger event, a share of a guaranteed prize pool, or a SCOOP or Sunday Majors title.

Never stop learning: Get quick links to lessons and tips from PokerStars Schools, tailored to the type of player you are – whether you’re a new player, a tournament specialist, or cash game grinder.

Never miss the latest updates: You also be a click away from the stories and features on the PokerStars Blog. They’ll keep you up to date about results as well as new products and games to take advantage of.

The Rail: Exclusive to PokerStars

The Rail is brand new and only available on PokerStars.

It levels up your playing experience, giving you everything you want in a convenient format. That goes for whether you’re playing poker, watching it, or reading about it.

There’s one more thing you can have some fun with too…

Bonus: Start using new Throwables

There’s something else launching this week, which is designed to put some of the emotion back into the online game.

Start showing some emotion with virtual objects you can throw at rival players…

We’re launching brand new “throwables” – virtual objects you can deploy at the table to express a variety of emotions. From joy, sadness, and a few others not uncommon to the poker table.

You’ll have access to two free throwables when they’re introduced this week: Fireworks to celebrate, and a box of tissues to mop up the occasional bad beat tears.

We’ll let you decide how and when to use them.

They’ll be followed by others you can unlock in various ways in the next few weeks. We’ll also have some exclusive time-limited ones to collect, so keep an eye out for those.

Check out The Rail from today

The Rail launches today on PokerStars, so you can check it out now, or the next time you log into PokerStars.

You can start throwing those virtual fireworks around from tomorrow. So, stay tuned for those.

For now, log in, check it out, then let us know what you think.



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