IPT Malta: An odd number of alternates

March 19, 2015

Gazooks! There’s now over 700 players involved and the alternates board says “85”. That seems like an awful lot, but in fact, there’s only half that number waiting in line to play – the reason being that the PS Live system has become a bit, er, temperamental.

I’ll let tournament director Toby Stone explain, “Basically, the PS Live system isn’t giving out any even numbers on the computer at the moment so the number of alternates is actually twice as big as it should be, so there are in fact only 42.5 people on the list.”


EPT Presenter Gaelle Garcia Diaz

So if you’re turning up at the Portomasofor a crack at the biggest ever IPT event and see a substantial number of players destined to get a seat before you then do not despair, it’s actually only half as bad as you thought.

Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann has joined the throng of players in this event, joining Julian Brecard in this event that has almost completely taken over the building like a thriving zombie horde. Other people getting involved include Shannon Shorr, Gaelle Garcia Diaz, Ronan Monfort, Craig McCorkell, Fraser Macintyre, Leo McClean, Steve Watts, EPT winners Joao Barbosa and Salvatore Bonavena as well as EPT runner-up last month Dany Parlafes.


Team PokerStars Pro Julian Brecard

The exits have also begun, Matteo Mutti, Amir Mozaffarian, Gaetano Preite, Philippe Chaboseau, Simone Zabot and Igor Yaroshevskyy have all been knocked out so far, before the very first break.

IPT Malta update:

– The players are just about to go on their first break of the day
– Biggest ever IPT Malta event
– Over 700 players have registered so far today
– The tournament is now taking alternates
– Team PokerStars Pros Julian Brecard and Jan Heitmann among those playing.

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