IPT Malta: It’s good to be king

March 18, 2015

Perhaps being a chip leader has its perks? I was checking up on the chip leader Berardino Palmieri on table 1, the Italian player now has 320,000 and looks almost a lock to be the chip leader at the end of the day.

Palmieri is desperate to converse with someone in Italian as his English isn’t too great, “Italian is very beautiful,” he attempted to tell a dealer as she left. As the new dealer came in, he excitedly asked, “Italiano?” His question was met with a negative reply and Palmieri’s face became mournful once more.


While the field is getting smaller, it looks as though Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is out

Not only that, but he’s managed to bluff someone and then make them pay for his beer afterwards. Manfred Sierke had seemingly lost some sort of pot to Palmieri and it appeared to be that Palmieri was offering to buy Sierke a pint of beer as some sort of compensation. Sierke already had a pint and Palmieri simply ordered one himself.

When the waitress came back to get money from the Italian, Palmieri pointed her to Sierke because, he said, in broken English, “I bluff you with the queen and five!” Sierke seemed bemused, “You bluffed me so I have to pay for your beer?” He shrugged and ended up paying for Palmieri’s beer anyway.

“I love Italians,” said Sierke.

This worked out as karma for Sierke as he won a crucial 50,000 chip flip seconds later, knocking out Jeroen Soons with A♦K♣ against Q♠Q♦.

IPT Malta update:

– 180 players are left out of 378
– The tournament will stop for the day at the end of level 10 (in about 20 minutes)
– Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is among the latest casualties

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