IPT Malta: Level 16 updates (2,000/4,000/500)

March 20, 2015

7.00pm: Last three hands
Mike Neuens, Hugo Lemaire, Guy Bachar, JC Alvarado and Balazs Botond are all vying for the chip lead as the players play the final three hands of the day. To find out who finished the day as chip leader, please check out the recap.

6.40pm: Last 30 minutes
With the elimination of Tadas Gromas, the tournament will play out the remainder of this level before finishing for the night.

6.30pm: Tadas Gromas bubbles IPT Malta
Three eliminations left the tournament on the bubble fairly quickly. Hand-for-hand was implemented but it took about 10 minutes before the bubble hand was allowed to be played.

A previous hand saw Glenn Cymbaluk all in on the turn of a 5♦9♣2♥3♥ board with J♦J♣ against Joni Jouhkimainen’s 5♥4♠. The 3♠ on the river doubled up the Canadian to over 200,000.

After this Tadas Gromas was all in preflop with A♦A♠ against Igor D`Ursel’s J♥J♣, the Lithuanian player was seemingly heading for a double up but the board ran out 2♣3♠J♠9♥10♠ and D’Ursel spiked a jack to send Gromas to the rail and guarantee everyone else a payout of at least €1,740.

6.11pm: Lemaire leads
There are just 195 players remaining, Hugo Lemaire is the chip leader with 700,000.

6.05pm: Botond knocks out Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez is the latest player out, he lost a coinflip with 7♦7♠ to Balazs Botond’s A♦J♦ when the board came K♦8♦Q♥10♣A♥. Botond is up to 500,000.

5.57pm: Level 16 – 2,000/4,000/500
Level 16 has begun with an announcement that they if the bubble has not burst by the end of this level then they will continue to play until it does.


JC Alvarado, one of the chip leaders


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