IPT Malta: Level 17-20 updates (5,000/10,000/1,000)

March 21, 2015

4.24pm: Break time
Players are now on their second break of the day. The remaining two levels of the day will be in anew update here.

4.20pm: Bad beat for Jeschke
Jonas Jeschke just suffered a nasty exit. He was all-in with A♣K♦ against Jaroslaw Sikora’s A♥J♣ but the board came 8♥7♠9♣Q♠J♠.

“Ouch,” said the German.

Sikora is up to 820,000

4.06pm: De Meulder out
The last Team PokerStars Pro in the IPT, Matthias De Meulder, is out. He pushed with king-queen for his last 160,000 but ran into Nandor Solyom’s ace-jack. The Romanian is up to 480,000.

3.59pm: Mclean eliminated
EPT10 London finalist Leo Mclean has just been knocked out. He called all-in on the river of a 7♥8♣3♣4♣7♦ board against Julian Track. Track showed J♣9♣ for a turned flush and Mclean’s J♥J♠ was no longer good.


Jamila Von Perger, still in the hunt with less than 70 players left

3.53pm: Guy doing well
Guy Bachar, who finished both Day 1 and Day 2 third in chips, is doing even better today. The Israeli player has 1,460,000 at this point and is the chip leader.

3.42pm: O’Dwyer bluff fails
On the turn of a 3♣5♠K♠Q♠ board, Giuseppe Comitini checked and Steve O’Dwyer bet 75,000. The Italian called before checking the 6♥ river, O’Dwyer bet 150,000 this time, most of his stack and Comitini called again.

O’Dwyer sighed and showed 4♠4♦, Comitini won the pot with Q♣10♣.

3.30pm: Zsemlye doubles up
Viktor Zsemlye just got a crucial double up, he pushed for 180,000 with A♣K♣, Pavlos Benakis making the call with 10♣10♠. The board came 6♠A♦3♦9♠2♦ and Benakis was knocked back to 560,000.

3.21pm: Level 20 – 5,000/10,000 (1,000)
The players have moved onto the fourth level of the day.

3.20pm: €2k IPT High Roller draws big field
There are already more than 250 players seated in the IPT Malta €2k High Roller. After a record-breaking IPT Main Event, and giant fields for all the other local tour high rollers this season, the Malta edition is expected to attract huge numbers. Among those already playing are Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree, PokerStars-sponsored PCA 2014 winner Dominik Panka, PCA 2013 champ Dimitar Danchev, WSOP runner-ups Jorryt van Hoof and Jesse Sylvia plus EPT9 Player of the Year Jan Bendik, Chidwick, Dermot Blain, Patrick Leonard, Kitty Kuo, Fabio Sperling, Michel Abecassis, Steven van Zadelhoff, Ruben Visser, Frederik Jensen, Sam Greenwood and Simon Ravnsbaek. 15 players have won their seat via yesterday’s live satellite here in the Portomaso Casino

3.12pm: Alvarado wins big
JC Alvarado just added a substantial number of chips to his stack, eliminating Rain Heeringas in the process. All the money went in on a 6♠5♦10♠ flop, Alvarado having flopped two pair with 6♥5♥ against Heeringas’ nut flush draw A♠4♠. The 8♦ on the turn gave the Estonian a gutshot as well but the Q♦ on river was a blank. Alvarado is up to 800,000

3.04pm: Chip leaders
At this point there are 86 players remaining, the five biggest stacks at this point appear to be the following:

Hendrik Koops – 1,000,000
Mike Neuens – 980,000
Hugo Lemaire – 950,000
Georgi Abuladze – 850,000
Glenn Cymbaluk – 840,000

2.52pm: Lin done
Xia Lin is out, he ran J♦J♠ into Klevis Pali’s K♠K♦ with the board coming 8♥10♠7♥3♠2h]. Pali is now up to 320,000.

2.42pm: ’bout tree fiddy
Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder moved all in over the top of an initial 17,000 raise, Luca Fiorini then reshoved behind him and the original raiser folded.

De Meulder: A♥Q♠
Fiorini: J♣J♥

The board came 8♦6♥Q♦2♦Q♣ and De Meulder increased his stack to over 350,000.

2.34pm: Lemaire still in charge
Hugo Lemaire has increased his stack further, he’s the first player to reach seven figures, the Frenchman has 1.1 million.

2.30pm: Koops doubles through Biz
A huge double up for Hendrik Koops, all in with J♥J♦ against Mustafa Biz’ A♣Q♠. The board ran out J♠3♦5♦A♠7♣ and Koops moved up over 600,000 while Biz was left crippled.


Martin Jacobson busted after about two hours of play

2.20pm: Level 19 – 4,000/8,000 (1,000)
Players are back from break and cards are in the air.

2.07pm: Urbanovich final tables the midnight Hyperturbo
Not content with taking down the €25k High Roller at EPT Malta yesterday for €572,300, Polish pro Dzmitry Urbanovich took advantage of that event’s early finish and managed to fit in another tourney last night. He joined a 183-strong field in the first midnight Hyperturbo of the EPT Malta Poker Festival – with a slightly smaller €500 buy-in – and finished eighth. The €2,405 prize isn’t even 0.5% of what he won earlier in the day! Swedish player Niclas Adolfsson took the trophy and €19,660; his last cash was at EPT Prague when he made the final of a €1k side event. Joao Vieira, up among the top three in the race to be EPT Player of the Year, got in some early Malta Bronze POY points by finishing third for €9,135.

2.05pm: Break time
Players are on the first break of the day.

1.54pm: Jacobson out
WSOP Main event champion Martin Jacobson spent the better part of two hours grinding a short stack but news has just come in that the Swede has just been eliminated. Other players to be eliminated include Andreas Papadopoulos, Georgy Filippovich, Savvas Omirou, Guillaume Valle and Andreas Vlachos.

1.43pm: Bellanca finished
Giorgio Bellanca is out, he called all in against Benjamin Fourgerouze with 9♥9♦ against A♣Q♣ but the board ran out K♠Q♠K♣A♥5♠ and Fourgerouze knocked out the Italian. Roughly 120 players remain

1.29pm: Triple up for Mclean
Leo Mclean shoved preflop for just over 60,000 before Yordan Petrov also reraised all in. It was passed to Ognyan Dimov and he called all in as well.

Mclean: A♦K♥
Petrov: Q♦Q♥
Dimov: 10♦10♥

The board came K♣5♣9♣K♠4♣ – no-one had a club and so Mclean scooped the main pot to move up to 195,000. Petrov picked up a small side pot, eliminating Dimov.

1.20pm: More people gone
The latest players out include Nihat Karyagdi, Sharon Suissa, Sebastiano Giudice, David Longmate, George Daniel Ghioca, Richard Toth, Enrico Scalabrino, Domenico Gala and Giuseppe Veneziano Broccia.

1.11pm: De Meulder finished
Game over for Team PokerStars Pro hristophe De Meulder, he pushed nines into Michal Maryska’s jacks to bust out in 135th place. He’s immediately gone across to rail his brother Matthias.


Last remaining Team PokerStars Pro Matthias De Meulder

1.01pm: Level 18 – 3,000/6,000 (1,000)
The second level of the day has begun.

12.55pm: More eliminations
Viatcheslav Ortynskiy, Duane Baillet, Dario Sorrenti, Marko Mikovic, Tonny van Eck, Jordi Urlings and Antonio Leotta all failed to survive the first level of Day 3.

12.49pm: Lemaire increases lead
On the turn of an A♦A♠4♣6♦ board Hugo Lemaire raised Michal Maryska’s 32,000 bet to 80,000. The Czech player made the call to see the 9♦ river, Maryska checked and Lemaire moved all in. Maryska tanked for about four minutes before the clock was called on him, the clock ran down and his hand was mucked. Lemaire looks to be over 900,000 now.

12.42pm: Vamplew gone
David Vamplew managed a double up with queen-six against ace-four, but then immediately had queens run into aces a few hands later, spelling the end for the EPT champion. Timothee Colcher got knocked out by A♣A♠, in this case belonging to Julian Track. Colcher had A♦Q♠ and the A♥9♣7♥5♣2♥ board changed nothing

12.38pm: More exits
Claudio Pagano, Jari Mahonen, Remo Marti, Tony Nadau, Paolo Labiance, Christopher Howden, Alexander Ivarsson, Bastien Legret and Cuomo Bartolomeo are the latest players to be eliminated.

12.31pm: Heitmann eliminated
Team PokerStars pro Jan Heitmann has been knocked out, according to Balazs Botond the German player pushed for 90,000 over a raise with pocket nines only to find Giorgio Bellanca behind him with pocket tens.

12.21pm: Exits a-plenty
So far Auke Attema, Leonardo Maria Armino, Adrian Ko, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Gregor Abmayr, Dimitrios Farmakoulis, Paolo Pellegrini, Piotr Zawadzki and Ruben Tack have all been knocked out.

12.09pm: Wrobel doubles through De Meulder
Not a great start for Team PokerStars Pro Christophe De Meulder who just doubled up short stack Tomas Wrobel with 6♣6♠ against K♣K♦. Wrobel moved up to 90,000 while De Meulder dropped to 235,000.

12.00pm: Level 17 – 2,500/5,000 (500)
The first of today’s six levels is under way.

11.53am: Welcome to Day 3 of the IPT Main Event
There are just 168 players returning for Day 3 of the biggest ever IPT event. Hugo Lemaire leads with 689,500 but three Team PokerStars Pros remain with Matthias De Meulder (293,500), Christophe De Meulder (282,000) and Jan Heitmann, (115,900). Today, the tournament will play another six levels with no dinner break meaning play should end around 6.30pm CET.

EPT11MAL_De_Meulder_Heitmann_9470_JulesPochy (1).jpg

Team PokerStars Pros Jan Heitmann and Christophe De Meulder


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