IPT Malta: Panka in the hunt

March 18, 2015

Level 3 has just begin with over 340 players having now entered the tournament including PokerStars sponsored player (and PCA champion) Dominik Panka. Also in their seats are EPT champions David Vamplew and Arnaud Mattern plus EPT regulars Jonathan Little, Yann Dion,Yury Gulyy, Jonas Lauck, Konstantin Puchkov as well as Steven Van Zadelhoff, Sofia Lovgren, Luca Moschitta – the last three all being based here in Malta. “Lots of Italians here,” said van Zadelhoff, almost licking his lips.


PokerStars sponsored player Dominik Panka is lost in deep thought

Malta is incredibly popular location for many poker players, Team PokerStars Pro Online Ike Haxton as well as Ronan Montefort and Chris Kiefert are among many players who have chosen to make this island their poker base. The cheap accommodation plus Malta’s reputation as one of the sunniest places in Europe make it a winning combination for anyone who wishes to spend a lot of time inside on a computer clicking buttons.


Even with a full house for IPT Malta, Steven van Zadelhoff’s beard is still easy to spot

There’s been several casualties so far including Dimitriy Medevev, Bo Daniel Nilsson, Jaxi Kiernan, Haresh Thaker, Marton Czuczor, Alessandro Lauri, Scott Ball, Mounir Habib, Malte Monnig and Gabor Csaba.

IPT Malta Update:

– Level 3 (100/200) is currently in progress
– 310 players remain from the 340 who have entered so far
– Registration is open until the end of level 4
– There is a 75-minute dinner break after the end of level 6
– Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree has just taken her seat

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