IPT Malta: Questing for a chip leader

March 18, 2015

With their bellies full of food , the remaining players have returned to play out the final four levels of the day and have begun in very much in earnest. With six levels already under their belts (or in their pockets, should the trousers fit perfectly without said belts) players no doubt looking for a healthy six-figure stack to bring back for Friday’s Day 2.


Berardino Palmieri can afford to lose a 50,000 pot and still be chip leader

So far, Berardino Palmieri looks to be the chip leader despite having just paid off a 25,000 bet on the river of a 3♣5♠J♠5♣9♥ board where he was shown aces by his opponent. Even after that, the Italian player had 133,000 which looks to put him in the lead at this point. The only other player into six figures at this point is Kilian Kramer of Germany, who appears to be second with 115,000. Kramer’s best result was winning the €5,000 Turbo Six-Max at EPT9 San Remo for €68,200.


Kilian Kramer – not to be confused with Killian, the bad guy from the 1987 classic ‘The Running Man’

Further back, Richard Toth has 96,000, the Hungarian has a long string of cashes stretching back to 2006 with over $1.5 million in winnings. Rounding off these four is Jean Fabre (93,000), a PokerStars qualifier from France who previously finished 79th in the FPS Main Event for €2,400 at the EPT10 Grand Final last year.

Meanwhile, many more players have fallen since the end of the dinner break including Colin Lovelock, Georgios Karakousis, Francesco Bullo, Gianluca Rullo and Herman Van den Meerendonk.

IPT Malta update:

– Players are just starting level 8 (300/600/75)
– 250 players remain from 378
– Ten levels will be played
– Berardino Palmieri looks to be the current chip leader with just over 130,000

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