Knock out that Christmas list with your FPPs

December 16, 2011


The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and if you’re anything like us, the magnetic strip on your credit card is wearing a bit thin. Fortunately, PokerStars makes it easy to cash in your FPPs to knock some of those Secret Santas off your list. Whether you’re shopping for the poker player in your life or looking to pick up a present for yourself, the VIP Store is packed with curious goods for players of all status levels. Here’s a shopping list we’ve put together for you with a stocking stuffer and a big buy for each status level.


Oversized Dealer Button (1,300 FPP) : This is the same dealer button that the EPT uses for its tournaments. And it’s probably the best dealer button you’ll ever own. It’s big, it’s acrylic (or something like it), and it doubles as a coaster in between home games.


Composite Chip Set (10,000 FPP): Have a look inside the handy-dandy aluminum case, and you’ll find 500 heavy-duty plastic chips, cards, a dealer button, blind markers. Don’t use the small and big blind buttons, though, lest you look like a rookie. Apart from those, this set includes everything you’ll need to get your home game off the ground.


Davison’s Hand-Made Chocolates (4,500 FPP): Only the finest milk and chocolate go into these premium Belgium Style chocolates. They’re hand-made in the Isle of Man, and they come packaged in a beautiful gift box. Inside, you’ll find an assortment of flavors from fruit cream to praline to truffle. Perfect chocolates crafted with the highest standards.

iPod Nano 16GB (14,000 FPP): The iPod Nano is the quickest and most convenient way to take your music collection with you, and this 16GB model should hold plenty of tracks to keep your ears buzzing all the way to the final table. The newly redesigned Nano features a multi-touch screen that’s simple and clever all at the sam time. Slide your finger across the 1.5″ screen, and the music world is your oyster. Not to mention, it fits cozily inside your shirt pocket.



Swarovski Bracelet (11,000 FPP): Let’s be honest, fellas. It’s hard to go wrong with crystal jewelry. This Swarovski piece contains circular designs extracted from clear crystal, a rhodium-plated band, and it utilizes a toggle closure — as if that means anything to the men reading this. It’s 18cm long, and it makes a fantastic stocking stuffer.

$1,050 Super Tuesday Tournament Ticket (65,600 FPP): What’s the best way to parlay the points you’ve accrued into cold, hard cash? Snag a ticket to the $1,050 Super Tuesday tournament that takes place every week at 20:00 ET. With $250,000 guaranteed, the first prize regularly exceeds $60,000. That’s free money, and it’ll help you pass a few hours while the fruitcakes finish baking.


Unisex Robe (7,000 FPP): If you live anywhere on the north half of the Earth, it’s probably getting a bit brisk in your neck of the woods. You may not even realize you want a robe, but once you try it on, you won’t be able to figure out how you went without it. It’s made of 100% polyester, it’s got a cozy shawl-style collar, and it’s all warm and snuggly and whatnot. It comes in three sizes, and PokerStars will even monogram it for you and throw in some extra large side pockets at no extra charge.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watch (115,000 FPP): The Aquaracer is one of Tag Heuer’s most recognizable and successful series of watches, and the quality is unmatched. It’s a more aggressive interpretation of the classic diving watch — which includes being water resistant to 300m — and it’s constructed to microscopic tolerances in Switzerland. This watch features a 41mm case made of stainless steel and a black dial that showcases a sleek PokerStars spade logo. It also has a day & date calendar, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face, luminescent markers, and a screw-down crown. It winds itself, too, so you don’t have to worry about any of that nonsense.



Concierge Service (31,000+ FPP): One of the best perks of achieving Supernova status is the access to our PokerStars Concierge. With this service, you can use FPPs to purchase any number of items you can’t find in the VIP Store. Like a big bag of toys, or a Christmas tree, or a pet donkey. There are a few rules, but essentially, if it costs more than $500, PokerStars get it for you.

Porsche Cayman S (3,000,000 FPP): If the pet donkey isn’t getting you in the festive holiday spirit, then this may do the trick. If you’re in the mood to spoil yourself this year, cash in some of those points for a brand new Porsche Cayman S. It will take you from 0 to 60 in about 5 seconds, and on up to a 100 in just a smidgen over 10 seconds. That would be speeding in most places, though, so you shouldn’t do that, clearly. But if you’re ever being chased by a bad guy, it’s nice to know you’ve got 315 horsepower and one of the best handling cars in the world at your disposal. In the few years it’s been in production, the Cayman S has already become a legend, and this is the easiest way to get your hands on one.



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