LAPT Panama: Fast Five

September 22, 2013

“Final table’s going a bit slow,” said Tournament Director Mike Ward. “By this time we usually have six or five.”

The seven remaining players were on break and they were coming back to Level 27 with 30,000/60,000 blinds with a 10,000 ante. The level seemed like it was going to be another elimination-free one until the last five minutes.

The start of the level didn’t see any bust outs though, just double ups.

The first one was a major clash that ended in one large chip lead and one micro stack.

Joel Oliveira raised to 135,000 from the button and Joseph Stefan moved all-in for just over 2 million. Action folded back to Oliveira who called instantly.

Stefan turned over 10♦10♣ while Oliveira showed Q♥Q♠. Pocket queens held up and the floor came to count the stacks.

Players were almost even in chips, but it turned out Stefan had 150,000 — under three big blinds — more than Oliveira. The Brazilian took the lead with 3.86 million while Stefan was crippled.

Joel Oliveira_ Joseph Stefan.jpg

Joel Oliveira consoling Joseph Stefan after the hand

The next hand,Galal Dahrouj raised to 130,000 and Stefan — with just 140,000 left after the ante — moved all-in from the button. Raul Pino called from the big blind and Dahrouj threw in the extra 10,000.

Dahrouj and Stefan checked down until the river of a 7♦5♠9♣A♥A♠ board. Galal then bet a bit on the river and Pino folded.

Dahrouj confidently turned over the A♣ but froze when Stefan showed 7♠7♣ for a full house. Stefan tripled up to about 550,000 and bought himself some time.

Sometimes, all you need to do is ask and you shall receive. Especially if you’re Jesus.


Jesus Kafati

Earlier today, Jesus Kafati went all-in with 9s and got called by K♣10♣. He asked for a nine and got one on the flop.

He didn’t play many hands after that, getting a few walks and a few uncalled all-ins. Then he moved all-in again for 860,000 from early position and action folded to Paulo Carrillo in the big blind.

Carrillo thought for some time and eventually called with A♣K♦. Kafati tabled A♦A♥ and started to cheer with his rail.

The flop came J♣Q♠3♥ and Kafati started asking for a seven.

Turn: 7♣

Emboldened by a seemingly-imminent double up and possible prophetic powers, Kafati started asking for a four.

“Cuatro!” Kafati screamed. “Bajita! Bajita!”

The river did bring a low card, the 3♠.

Kafati cheered and celebrated with his rail.

“Chuzo doesn’t die,” he screamed. “I ask for a seven, a seven comes. I ask for a four, I get a three.”

If Kafati was hoping to make a payjump, he was about to get a few.

Galal Dahrouj was down to about 500,000 and moved all-in. Joseph Stefan had even less and put those all-in as well. Action folded to Kafati who thought for a few minutes. Kafati eventually folded and we had a short-stack showdown.

Dahrouj turned over A♦K♦ while Stefan showed 3♠3♦.

“I had the parking lot hand,” Kafati told Gill. “That’s why I was thinking so much. Ace-jack.”

Kafati looked relieved that he folded but that changed quickly after the dealer fanned out a J♠J♦2♦ flop.

Kafati kept telling the table and his rail that he had ace-jack and should’ve called. But maybe it was a good fold. But he should’ve called.

A K♠ and a 9♣ completed the board and Joseph Stefan was eliminated in 7th place, earning $23,880.


7th place finisher, Joseph Stefan

“I would’ve knocked them both out,” Kafati said. “If I would’ve known those jacks were coming I would’ve called all of you.”

Kafati then got his chance to knock out a player three hands later.

Raul Pino bet 240,000 from the hijack and Kafati moved all-in for 1.7 million from the cutoff. Pino called and turned over Q♠Q♦.

Kafati showed K♦K♣.

“King!” Kafati shouted. “A K for Kafati.”

The J♣6♥8♥A♣9♦ board didn’t acquiesce but it still gave Kafati the victory.

PANA 2013-7194.jpg

Kafati, celebrating with kings

Pino stood up, kissed his girlfriend and then gave his Panamanian flag to Galal Dahrouj. Raul Pino finished in 6th place and earned $32,180 for his second LAPT final table appearnce.


6th place finisher Raul Pino and Galal Dahrouj after Pino’s elimination

Five remain.

To catch all the action live in Portuguese, check out the LAPT live stream.

Para la transmisión en vivo de LAPT6 Panama, haz click aquí.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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