LAPT Panama: The Trophy Stays Home

September 22, 2013

There was another lull before a burst of action.

The three players passed small pots between each other and the audience was quiet for quite some time. Jesus Kafati was also considerably less animated than he had been during the final table.


Then he went all-in.

Kafati called from the small blind and Galal Dahrouj raised to 200,000. Kafati called, the flop came 8♦3♣6♠ and Kafati moved all-in for about 2.6 million. Galal asked for a count and then measured out 2.6 million from his stack.

He looked at his newly-divided stack, a call would still leave him with 2.1 million.

Dahrouj decided he liked his chances and called.

Kafati showed 8♠5♠ for top pair and Darhouj flipped over A♣5♦ for ace-high. Kafati started asking for a nine, but the turn brought a 3♠ instead.

Kafati switched his hopes to a flush and started asking for a spade. He was standing and screaming with the same energy he exhibited throughout most of the final table.

While he begged for a spade, all he needed was to dodge an ace.

Kafati’s luck had run out though and his request went unanswered.

River: A♥

Dahrouj eliminated Kafati in 3rd place and Honduran player took home $106,365.


3rd place finisher, Jesus Kafati

With Kafati gone, the tournament was 1v1, Panama vs Brazil.

Dahrouj started the heads-up match with 7,930,000 to Joel Oliveira’s 3,125,000. Oliveira closed the gap a little by moving all-in to Dahrouj’s three-bets a few times but Dahrouj responded with a few all-ins of his own.

The two settled most things preflop and only saw a handful of flops.

Then it ended.


Unlike every other stage of the final table, the heads-up match had zero double-ups.

There was only one called all-in and it happened on the turn. A rarity for a heads-up match when one player has a 3-1 lead.

In the last hand of the tournament, Dahrouj raised to 270,000 from the small blind and Oliveira called.

Oliveira checked the A♣6♦2♣ flop and Dahrouj bet 275,000. Oliveira called and a 5♦ fell on the turn.


2nd place finisher, Joel Oliveira

Dahrouj bet 1 million and Oliveira moved all-in. Dahrouj snap-called and turned over 6♠5♠ for two-pair. Oliveira also had a six but was trailing with 8♣6♥.

Both players stood up as the last card of the tournament was dealt.

A 6♣ came on the river and Dahrouj hit a full house.

Oliveira finished 2nd for $115,540 while Dahrouj earned the title of LAPT champion and $132,535.

Dahrouj and his rail erupted.

The trophy would stay home.

PANA 2013-7269.jpg

Season 6 LAPT Panama champion, Galal Dahrouj

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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