LAPT Uruguay Grand Final Day 4: Complete 180

November 24, 2013

If you can believe it, Mr. Carter Gill is down to his last 2,300,000. It has been an amazing, steady turnaround for Ivan Raich, double-up after double-up.

Gill had his chance to end things (again). The two saw an A♥ K♥ 4♥ flop with Raich’s three-bet inflating the pot before it.

How did you get so many chips?

Raich continuation bet to 500,000 and Gill made it 1,100,000 before taking a swig from his water bottle.

After a bit of a stew Raich folded.

“I should have just called,” Gill said.

“You call, I go all-in on the turn,” Raich agreed.

“Jack-high flush, you were probably drawing dead right? Am I right?” Gill peppered.

That raise that may come to haunt the thoughts of what once seemed like an invincible chip-leader.

Gill doubled Raich again shortly thereafter, calling a river shove holding the 9♠ against the Q♠ on a four spade board. That brought them to even.

Then, the hand of the tournament thus far.

After a standard opening raise to 225,000 at 50,000-100,000-10,000, Carter Gill three-bet to 460,000. This was not enough for Raich who made it 740,000. Gill took the price and called.

The flop came 10♠ 9♣ 7♠ and action went check-check. On the 2♠ turn Gill fired 450,000 into the pot. It was Raich taking the price this time, calling in position.

Perseverance paying dividends for the Argentinian

The 6♠ presented some intriguing possibilities, both players’ ranges uncapped in this situation, on this board. Would this tournament end, here, now, flush over flush?

Gill bet 850,000, about one-third of the 2,400,000 chip pot. After not too much consternation Raich called, with fourth pair.

And he was good. Gill showed K♥ Q♦ for busted over-cards. Raich had four-bet light preflop with A♦ 6♥ and riverred a pure bluff-catcher.

A miraculous turnaround has transpired.

The blinds move to 60,000-120,000 soon, with Carter Gill in possession of merely 2,300,000. His girlfriend is railing him patiently, but she is outnumbered by those in the room with an Argentinian rooting interest.

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