LAPT Uruguay Grand Final Day 4: Gill KOs Bauer, Sanguinetti

November 24, 2013

Juan Perez Solari has doubled. The short-stack went through he blinds, whittling down to a mere 140,000, before shoving over an Andres Korn raise with 10♦ 9♦. Korn had A♣ 7♣ and called for a fraction more.

The flop was 10♥ 6♥ 8♠, problematic for Korn, but not without re-suck potential. The turn K♦ did not change matters and the 10♠ sealed a life-preservation for Solari.

In the following orbit he would open shove twice more, climbing out of the danger zone.

That would set up a premature exit for Joao Bauer.

It began with an under the gun open (recall play is seven-handed) from Carter Gill to 100,000. In the cutoff seat Bauer moved all-in for ten big blinds, 510,000, with A♥ 9♦. Gill had it though, A♠ K♠ and the last Brazilian standing was in deep. Over a million chips were in the pot.

The 3♠ 2♥ 8♦ flop provided no drama. Then again Bauer was thoroughly dominated, making it difficult to flop a sweat.

The turn was the 4♦. Some chop outs in the four remaining fives gave the faintest sliver of hope.


“He knew you were raising a lot of hands,” Korn explained about Bauer’s play.

“Yeah but at the same time the ICM….” Gill trailed off.

A disappointing finish to a dream run

With that the most skilled rival to Gill is out. Bauer had practically lead the entire tournament until his downturn began late yesterday. Those are the vagaries of tournament poker, it can all be over in a heartbeat. For Bauer it was a steady reversal that leaves him with seventh place and $33,780.

But the carnage wasn’t done there. Just a few hands later Cesar Sanguinetti, the last Uruguayan, moved all-in for 290,000, the blinds having eaten away from him as well.

The flop was K♠ Q♠ 7♥, pairing neither player. Sanguinetti was not out of the woods yet by a long stretch, Gill still had 24% equity.

Sometimes the sobering percentages seem unfair

The turn was the K♦. And the river?

The J♠. A sigh from the crowd and a sign of the times, Gill’s reign of terror continues.

Sanguinetti received an embrace from local regulars and headed to the payout desk with a big smile on his face. $45,100 will do that to you.

The last Uruguayan standing, genial and satisfied

Gill now has a horde of chips, over six and a half million. He has won 13 of the 17 pots he has entered at this final table. Anything less than a win here will be a considerable disappointment.

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