LAPT Viña del Mar: A little slow, a little quick

March 25, 2012


The day started off fairly tight, but before the end of the level, we’d have our first two eliminations.

Some players folded some big hands early on. We started the day off in Level 25, with 20,000/40,000 blinds and a 5,000 ante.

In one of the first hands of the day, our start-of-day chip leader, Sergio Escobar, raised to 100,000.

Aliro Diaz re-raised to 240,000 and action was folded back to Escobar. Escobar acted fairly quickly and open-folded ace-king.

We didn’t see a flop for a while, as all hands were settled preflop.

Then there were a few all ins and no calls. Javier Venegas raised to 90,000 one hand and was faced with an all-in re-raise from João Lopes. Venegas look conflicted for a bit but eventually folded.

“I’d call anybody else,” Venegas said. “But not him.”

The next hand Venegas moved all in but got no callers.

But the third hand would bring more action.

Nicholas Batt raised to 100,000 and was faced by a 250,000 re-raise from Venegas. Batt moved all in and Venegas called, flipping over A♠A♦.

Batt sighed and showed A♥Q♦.

The flop, 10♥A♣10♦, gave Venegas a full house and the double up, putting him at 1,600,000. Batt, meanwhile, was left with 700,000.

“I’m back,” Venegas said.


Nicholas Batt

Batt moved his short stack all in the next hand and got one caller, Felipe Velasquez.

Batt held a pair of jacks and was up against Velasquez’s ace-king.

Velasquez won the flip and Batt became our first elimination of the day. For his eighth place finish, Batt will take home $13,040.

While Batt would go home, Velasquez would get the chip lead with 2.8 million.

The next elimination would come a few minutes later. Aliro Diaz raised to 95,000 and Halysson Sala made his move.


Halysson Sala

Sala started the table as the short stack, and was chipped down even more. When he moved all in, it was worth 505,000 and he showed A♦J♣.

Diaz called and showed a pair of eights. In the previous race, the overcards hit, but here, the pocket pair would be prevail.

Sala was eliminated in seventh place for $17,470 and Diaz saw his stack grow to just over 1.5 million.


Halysson Sala says goodbye to his tablemates

João Lopes is now our last Brazilian standing while Chileans represent 50 percent of the final table.

We’re entering Level 26 with 25,000/50,000 blinds and a 5,000 ante. Follow all the action with our live updates and take a peek at our final table intro:


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