LAPT6 Colombia: Cracked aces are the end for Velasco

June 09, 2013

The final three players – Miguel Velasco, Miguel Moscoso and Weider Gutierrez – agreed to a deal that guaranteed each man COP 145,243,000. The runner-up will receive an extra COP 10,000,000; the winner an extra COP 20,001,000.

We expected to see play loosen up a bit with a deal in place, and we weren’t disappointed. After about ten or fifteen minutes of three-handed play, a big pot developed. Gutierrez folded his button. Moscoso, in the small blind, made a raise that drew a three-bet to 605,000 from Velasco, who had been exceptionally tight through the final table. Moscoso called.

Each man had more than 2.5 million chips behind as they took a flop of 2♥6♣3♣, roughly 30 big blinds each. All of those chips quickly found themselves in the middle of the table. Velasco turned up the black aces; Moscoso showed down an incredibly dangerous combination draw, K♣5♣. He bricked the turn when the 7♠ hit, but the 8♣ on the river had him bouncing around the final-table set for the second time today.

It took the tournament staff a few minutes to count down the stacks. Moscoso counted down at 2.77 million. He had Velasco covered by about 200,000.

Velasco started the day as the big stack, but even so he can’t be disappointed with a 3rd-place finish. Yesterday, during the 6k-12k level, he was crippled to just 32k. From there he soared all the way to chip lead by the end of the day. It was the classic story of “a chip, a chair and a prayer”. After the three-handed deal, he’s turned that prayer into COP 145,243,000.

The final two players, Gutierrez and Moscoso, are now heads-up. Moscoso starts with a 2.5-to-1 chip lead, an abundance of energy, more aggression and all of the momentum. Gutierrez has his work cut out for him.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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