LAPT6 Colombia: Friends on the rail

June 09, 2013

Alejandro Arrubarrena was the tightest player at the final table today, according to the statisticians of TVPokerPro, who are streaming the final table. That style might have served him well at a wild and crazy final table, but with most of the table playing that way, it meant that Arrubarrena would need cards to avoid a long, slow bleed.

He finally found cards when he was down to about a million in chips. He opened from first position to 165,000. Action passed to Miguel Moscoso in the small blind, who re-raised to 600,000. Arrubarrena went all in and Moscoso quickly called. It was our first flip of the day.

Arrubarrena: A♣K♠
Moscoso: 8♦8♣

Moscoso was out of his chair with a nervous energy before the flop came down. It was clean for his hand, as it came all small, 6♠4♣2♦. When the Q♣ turn didn’t improve Arrubarrena’s hand, he too stood up, ready to exit the final table area if the river blanked.

It did. The river 6♣ sent Moscoso into a frenzy, as he shouted “Vamos!” twice then walked into a back corner of the feature table set and lightly fist-bumped the wall. Team PokerStars Pro Cristian de Leon stood up and hugged his friend Arrubarrena before Moscoso returned to shake the man’s hand.

Not ten minutes after Arrubarrena collected Grillo’s hug and his own COP 55,790,000, Grillo himself moved his own short stack into the middle with Q♠10♥. Miguel Velasco woke up with the black 9s and quickly called. An all-small board, 4♦6♦4♣8♣4♥, sent Grillo off to join Arrubarrena at the payout table (and perhaps for a celebratory / consolation drink).

Grillo will collect COP 74,460,000. He never seemed to find much traction today and spent most of the final table as the short stack, inching upwards with each elimination but never managing to build a stack for himself that he could use to threaten the rest of the table.

While Grillo fills out the appropriate forms to be paid, the remaining three players have taken an unscheduled break, presumably to talk about some sort of deal. Their chip counts at present:

Miguel Velasco – 3,515,000 (43 BBs)
Miguel Moscoso – 2,945,000 (37 BBs)
Weider Gutierrez – 2,785,000 (35 BBs)

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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