LAPT6 Peru: Chauriye cut down in fourth

August 04, 2013

When play began today there were two Chileans among the final eight, start-of-day leader Patricio Rojas and Ricardo Chauriye. The pair happened to be seated next to each other to start the day, and in fact both had indicated on their bio sheets how they’d like to make it to heads-up against one another.

The heads-up clash did occur between the two, but a little sooner than both had desired.

It wasn’t long after Scott Diver had fallen in fifth when the hand arose, starting with an all-in push by Chauriye from the cutoff seat/UTG for 1,465,000 — a little under 15 big blinds — then Victor Jesus Lay called the raise from the button.

The action then folded to Rojas in the big blind who contemplated a moment then reraise-shoved over the top with his chip-leading stack of about 3.6 million. The Chileans looked across to Lay to see how he was going to respond to the development, as calling would put him all in as well.

Finally after a bit of a think Lay stepped aside. And so heads-up it was.

Rojas had J♣J♠ while Chauriye needed to improve upon his A♥10♥. But only low cards appeared on the board — 7♣2♦6♠3♣3♠ — and Chauriye shared hugs and handshakes all around before departing in fourth for a $60,000 cash.


Ricardo Chauriye – 4th place

Rojas has opened some space now with a stack of 6.625 million, well ahead of Rafael Pardo’s 2.41 million and Lay’s 1.575 million.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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