LAPT6 Peru: No second title for Menendez, out in eighth

August 04, 2013

The rest of Level 27 provided some thrills, including the first elimination of the final table, one guaranteeing that Team PokerStars Pro Jose “Nacho” Barbero would continue as the only player ever to win two LAPT Main Events.

There were four big all-ins as the level played out. Three survived.

First it was short stack Carlos Noriega providing some excitement after four-bet shoving over a Patricio Rojas open and Ricardo Chauriye reraise. Rojas folded, Chauriye called, then Noriega showed 8♣7♣ and was in rough shape against Chauriye’s A♣Q♣.

The flop came 9♣4♣6♠, those clubs and Noriega’s straight draw adding intrigue. Then the 5♥ happily fell for Noriega on the turn to make his straight, and after the K♠ river he’d doubled up to nearly 850,000. Chauriye still had about 1.2 million after that hand.

A little after that one came another interesting hand that saw Andrey Spitsyn and the table’s other short stack Rafael Pardo battle to the river with the board eventually coming 5♦8♣3♠10♦Q♥.

That’s when Pardo checked, Spitsyn bet, Pardo shoved, and after tanking some time Spitsyn called.

Pardo had A♠Q♦ for top pair, and Spitsyn had made a big call with the same hand — A♦Q♠. Pardo was sitting with about 940,000 after that one while Spitsyn had 1.67 million.

But the hand of the level — and indeed of the day thus far — came as Level 27 was nearing its close.

It began with Chauriye opening for 125,000, then Julian Menendez three-betting to 285,000. It folded back to Chauriye who reraised all in for 1,190,000 million, and Menedez called for 1,115,000 total.

Chauriye: A♠A♥
Menendez: Q♦Q♥

Tough times for the Argentinian, and after the board ran out 9♣2♣K♥7♥J♠ even tougher as his LAPT Peru Main Event run had ended in eighth place for a $17,660 payday. Still, the finish marks a nice accomplishment to add to his previous LAPT Colombia Main Event title.


Julian Menendez – 8th place

Finally, before the level ended, Rafael Pardo doubled his short stack in a blind battle with Spitsyn that saw Pardo’s 6♥3♥ outdraw Spitsyn’s K♦J♣ when the board brought three hearts. Pardo chipped up over 1 million on that one, with Spitsyn now sitting with 1.3 million.

All are chasing the new leader Chauriye, however, who has more than 2.3 million.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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