LAPT7 Peru: The deal with the four red spades

October 17, 2014

The last break of Day 1B has concluded, and of the 404 total entries for Day 1B just over 200 players have returned for Level 9.

Among those still with chips are all three of the Team PokerStars Pros playing the LAPT Peru Grand Final.

Brazil’s Andre Akkari has been steadily nursing his stack over the last couple of levels, winning a pot just before the break to bring his total up to 35,000 heading into the evening’s final stretch.


Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari

At present Christian de Leon of Mexico is doing the best of the Team Pros, returning to a stack of 54,000. He and his tablemates have been moved to the feature table, which you can watch via the live stream at

Just leaving that feature table is de Leon’s teammate, Leo Fernandez, who after battling there for the last couple of hours now finds himself at one of the outer tables with just over 40,000 chips — about the average at the moment.

Finally one other red spade sits amid the throng as well, the one worn by Jorge “Baalim” Limon of Team PokerStars Pro Online.

After welcoming Celeste Orona as his newest Team Pro Online teammate, Limon steadily went to work all afternoon and early evening, and now sits comfortably with about 75,000.


Jorge “Baalim” Limon, Team PokerStars Pro Online

After two more one-hour levels are complete the bagging and tagging will commence with the conclusion of Day 1B.

Photography from LAPT7 Peru by Carlos Monti. Check out the start-to-finish live streaming coverage (in both Spanish and Portuguese) at Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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