Latest Release Notes: Thursday 8 April 2021

April 08, 2021inPoker

Here you’ll find PokerStars release notes for the latest software update (as of Thursday 8 April).


  • Improved readability of the cards at smaller tables sizes by improving the fonts and adding suits on the top right corner

Improved readability of cards

  • Increased the font size for action and pre-action buttons, player pods, timebank, and other elements in the table to make everything more readable
  • Improved the position of the dealer button in all table layouts and all player positions at the table so that it is clear which player has the button
  • Fixed a bug where the top right ‘info’ feature (showing the user position in the tournament, blinds length, and amount information) disappeared in tournaments

Grand Tour/ La Course

  • Added the display of tickets and their eligible tournaments in the “Tournament Tickets” section on desktop clients in Tools > My Games & Tickets > Tournament Tickets
  • Added a nudge on personal best and recent KOs when a new entry appeared

The nudge icon shown here

  • Added an informative tooltip for the How it Works ‘i’ icon
  • Added information tooltips over the lobby when the Feature Guide functionality is used

  • Added “Win up to” information on each buy-in node
  • Several improvements on various texts displayed across the game


  • Changed increment for +/- betting options from 1bb to 0.5bb to allow better control over the betting amount
  • All tournament lobbies now have filters

Improved filters

  • Improved filter logic for various tournament lobbies
  • Users can now select an avatar on mobile from the available stock avatar images
  • Home Games are now more visible and part of “Featured by PokerStars” for a more prominent location at the table
  • Fixed bug where add-on was not an option during add-on break, during tournaments which have an add-on
  • Fixed bug where, in some instances, cash game tiles would not display correct stakes

UX/UI Improvements

  • Folded cards are no longer displayed in the replayer
  • Notes were previously saved upon closing the table. This would result in loss of notes upon crash or ‘hard-closing’ the client. Notes are now automatically saved once per minute
  • Players can now turn off the Prestige badges and selector in “Settings -> Table Appearance -> Animation -> Prestige”
  • Prestige badge location has been repositioned to better support all games
  • Improved the pot value display on the hand replayer so it takes rake into account on every street


  • Implementation of several new Throwables, with more to come
  • Implementation of a brand new theme for SCOOP
  • Implementation of a theme for Sunday Storm
  • Implementation on a new sound played on log-in. Sound can be changed, lowered or turned off in “Settings -> Global -> Sounds -> Login Sounds”

Players will notice these changes taking effect already. But what would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.



PokerStars staff

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