Linh Tran triumphs at APPT10 Manila

August 08, 2016

What a great day of poker that was. The final table of the APPT10 Manila Main Event didn’t disappoint here in the PokerStars LIVE room Manila inside the City of Dreams. After fewer than six hours of play, the trophy and ₱6,135,000 went to Linh Tran from Canada. He defeated Sam Razavi after a short heads up battle.

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The final hand of the tournament saw the short-stacked Razavi move all-in from the button with ace-deuce only to run smack bang into pocket aces. The Brit flopped a deuce but couldn’t find a third to crack them aces. Razavi wasn’t disappointed at all as he came into the day eighth of nine and managed to nurse a short stack all the way to finish second for ₱3,466,000.

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All eyes had been on Jessie Leonarez at the start of the day as he had an overwhelming chip lead over his competitors but, for the second year in a row, he finished in third place. Two hands defined his day and they both went the way of the eventual champion. One was a standard flip, where his ace-king couldn’t overcome Tran’s pocket jacks, the other one was anything but standard. He three-bet with ten-nine, then three-bet all-in on the turn of a nine high board only for Tran to call with a set of sixes and send him to the rail.


Leonarez’s good friend Mike Takayama was the fourth place finisher. He admirably hung on for a long time with a sub ten big blind stack but eventually fell in a battle of the blinds to Tran. If a prize was given out for hand of the day though, he would’ve walked it. It looked as if he’d raised his 4.5 big blind stack all-in from the button, but he’s actually held an ante back. Leonarez had aces in the big blind and called and opened his hand thinking he was calling an all-in. Takayama held back his 10,000 until he saw a 5♣6♥2♣ flop appear, the whooped so the whole room could hear and opened 3♥4♥ for a flopped straight!

Four handed play actually lasted a fairly long time as Bruno Tzu Chieh Lo, Seongsu Kong, Joven Huer, Alan Lau and Sanyong Lee all departed in a frantic opening level and three-quarters before a three level period where no one hit the rail. Lo made a move with 10♦9♦ but ran into Lee’s K♦K♥; Kong also ran into kings (with A♣2♣) to bust; Huer made a move with 7♠5♠ but Tran was waiting with pocket nines; 2015 Asia Player of the year Lau was bad beaten by Leonarez when his dominating king was flushed away; and Lee couldn’t come from behind with A♣10♣ to beat Razavi’s jacks, despite flopping a flush draw.


To re-live all those exits in more detail read back through the live coverage archive from the final day. That’s all from Manila but those of you waiting for your next Asian poker fix will be happy to know that the Macau Poker Cup 25 will be taking place at PokerStars LIVE Macau from August 26 to September 11. The 17-day poker festival features the legendary Red Dragon event, which comes with a HK$6 million prize pool guarantee.

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PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Brad Kain and Marc Convey. Photos by Kenneth Lim Photography.


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