Manila Megastack 5: Final Day Updates

May 08, 2016

10:05PM: Chinese Taipei’s Tzu Chieh Lo wins the Main Event!

Tze Lo FT MM5.jpg
Tzu Chieh Lo eliminated fellow countryman Shih Chieh Su to capture the first place cash prize of P2,393,350 and the championship trophy of the biggest Manila Megastack Main Event. Congratulations to Lo for his victory!

10:05PM: Shih Chieh Su ends in 2nd place

Su FT MM5.jpg
After Shih Chieh Su was crippled down to around six big blinds, he called Lo’s all in while holding 9♥6♥ and was up against Lo with K♦8♦. The board ran 2♦10♠2♥A♦J♣ and with less chips, it was all over, he was eliminated in second place and Lo took down the Main Event. Su earned P1,526,000 for his deep run at the Main Event.

10:00PM: Lo doubles up, sends Su’s stack way down

It was the first big hand of the heads up round. Shih Chieh Lo raised to 650k, Tzu Chieh Lo responded with a re-raise to 1.7M and Su called. On the flop of 5♥7♣8♣, Lo moved all in and Su snap-called. Lo had A♠9♦ and Su with A♥6♣. The turn of J♠ kept Lo ahead, and with the river of 5♠, he shipped in a double up to 12.2M chips. Su fell to 1.8M chips.

9:50PM: Players exchange winning pots

After ten hands, both players have won their fair share of the blinds and antes but Shih Chieh Su has won a few larger pots that saw a flops. Su has taken the lead.
9:35PM: Heads up between Su and Lo

Heads Up MM5 FT.jpgWe are now heads up between Shih Chieh Su and Tzu Chieh Lo. Lo leads with 8,835,000 chips and Su with 5,330,000 chips.

9:35PM: Keiji Ye falls short in 3rd place

Keiji Ye MM5.jpg
Action began with Shih Chieh Su raising to 1M and Keiji Ye moving all in. Su called and it was a showdown. Su had K♥Q♠ and Ye with A♥3♥. The board ran a dramatic J♦5♥A♦3♣10♥ giving Su a straight on the river and Ye settled for 3rd place. Ye earned P966,000 for his finish.

9:30PM: Julian Hasse eliminated in 4th place

Julian Hasse FT MM5.jpg
Julian Hasse moved all in on the button and chip leader Tzu Chieh Lo on the big blind called. Hasse had A♦3♣ and Lo with A♠9♥. The board didn’t help Hasse and he was eliminated in 4th place. Hasse earned P773,000 for his finish.

9:30PM: Level 33

Blinds up 150,000-300,000 ante 50,000. There are four players remaining.

9:15PM: Henrik Tollefsen bows out in 5th place

Henrik Tollefsen FT MM5.jpg
Henrik Tollefsen was all in and Julian Hasse called. Tollefsen had Q♠5♣ and Hasse with K♦Q♥. The board ran J♣5♦10♦J♦10♠ and Hasse won with his higher kicker. Tollefsen earned P585,000 for his finish.

9:10PM: Ye doubles up through Tollefsen

In a battle of the blinds, Keiji Ye shoved his 1.2M stack and Henrik Tollefsen called. Ye had A♥6♣ and Tollefsen with K♠9♣. The board rand 8♠2♦6♦2♣6♥ and Ye doubled up to 2.5M with a full house.

9:00PM: Angelo Peter Scicchitano exits in 6th place

Scicchitano MM5.jpgAngelo Peter Scicchitano went all in with 410k and Tzu Chieh Lo raised to 600k. Shih Chieh Su called from the big blind and the dealer spread the flop of 10♥10♦8♦. Su checked, Lo bet 800k, and Su folded. At the showdown, Scicchitano had Q♦9♦ for a gut shot straight flush draw while Lo had 6♥6♦. The turn of 3♠ and river of K♣ were not the outs he needed and Scicchitano exited in 6th place. He earned P433,000 for his finish.

8:50PM: Level 32

Blinds up 120,000-240,000 ante 40,000. There are six players remaining.

8:40PM: Tollefsen doubles up twice, back up to 1.3M chips

Henrik Tollefsen was down to just over one big blind but managed to chip up with two double ups. In the first one, he doubled up with A♦Q♦ with an ace on the board, then on the next one, he was doubled up by Su. Tollefsen had A♠10♣ and Su had 3♦3♣. The board ran 9♠J♠2♦2♠A♥ and Tollefsen doubled up to over 1.3M chips.

8:35PM: Lo picking up the blinds and antes

Tzu Chieh Lo has won three hands in a row, two with raises preflop and no callers. On the third pick up, Angelo Scicchitano raised to 400k on the small blind and Lo shoved on the big blind. Lo won with Scicchitano folding up.
Lo up to 6.2M chips.
8:30PM: Su hits Tollefsen down to 325k

Shih Chieh Su went all in with 3♦3♣ and Henrik Tollefsen called with A♠K♥. The board ran 8♣9♦A♣3♥2♥ and with Su improving to a set, he held on to win a double up to nearly 3M chips. Tollefsen fell to 325k chips.

8:25PM: Battle of the blinds, Hasse doubles up through Su

With action folding around the table, Julian Hasse shoved on the small blind and Shih Chieh Su on the big blind called. Hasse had Q♥2♥ and Su with 5♥5♦. The board ran 10♠8♥2♣3♥K♥ and Hasse won a double up with a flush. Hasse now has 3.4M chips.

8:20PM: Level 31

Blinds up 100,000-200,000 ante 30,000. There are six players remaining.

8:20PM: Scicchitano doubles up to over 1.7M chips

Angelo Peter Scicchitano picked his spot to go all in and Henrik Tollefsen made the call. Scicchitano had A♣K♣ and Tollefsen with K♠J♥. The board bricked and Scicchitano doubled up to 1.7M chips.

8:15PM: Eichi Mizuno out in 7th place

Eichi Mizuno MM5.jpgAfter Henrik Tollefsen raised on the button, Eichi Mizuno went all in with his short stack on the big blind. Tollefsen called. Tollefsen had J♠9♠ and Mizuno with seven-nine off suit. The board gave Tollefsen a flush and Mizuno was eliminated in 7th place. He earned P331,000 for his finish.

8:10PM: Ye doubled up by Hasse

Keiji Ye moved all in with 860k and Julian Hasse called from the big blind. Ye had Q♥Q♣ and Hasse with A♥2♠. The board ran Q♦5♣9♣A♦6♦ and Ye celebrated his double up to 2M chips.

8:05PM: Karl Thorson railed by Lo in 8th place

Karl Thorson MM5.jpgKarl Thorson went all in with his short stack and was called by Tze Chieh Lo on the big blind. Thorson had A♥Q♥ and Lo had 3♣4♣. The board ran 10♠3♥K♥7♥2♥ and Thorson landed a nut flush for a double up to 880k. However, his double up was short-lived because on the next hand, he was all in again and Lo called. Lo had 10♥10♣ and Thorson with Q♥J♥. The board ran 8♥10♣8♣A♣5♠ and with Lo landing a full house, Thorson was eliminated in 8th place. He earned P280,000 for his finish.

8:00PM: Lo and Su battle

Both aggressors at the final table go at it in this hand. Tzu Chieh Lo raised to 350k from the utg+1 seat and big blind Shih Chieh Su called. On the flop of K♥6♥10♣, Su checked to Lo who bet 400k. Action went back to Su who check-raised to 1,050,000. Lo folded. Su now has 3.4M chips.

7:50PM: Level 30

Blinds up 80000-160000 ante 20000. There are 8 players remaining.

7:40PM: Lo picks up a double up and a follow up pot

Just like Shih Chieh Su, Tzu Chieh Lo scored two sizable pots. His first one was a double up against Henrik Tollefsen. Action began with Tollefsen raising to 240k, Lo moving all in for another 820k, and Tollefsen called. Lo had 4♠4♦ and Tollefsen with A♣9♠. The board bricked and Lo’s small pair prevailed.

On the next hand, he raised to 250k on the button and was called by small blind player Keiji Ye. At the flop of 6♠9♣6♥6♣2♦ both players checked. On the turn of 2♠, it was checked again by both players. Then on the river of J♠, Mizuno checked, Su went all in, and Mizuno folded leaving himself 510k behind. Su opened up A♣6♥ for a full house and Hung was eliminated with his Q♥9♥. Hung earned P234,000 for his finish. Su up to 2.4M chips

7:15PM: Final table

Final Table MM5.jpgWe are down to the final table of nine players. Here are their chip counts:

Seat 1: Keiji Ye – 1,350,000

Seat 2: Henrik Tollefsen – 4,335,000

Seat 3: Karl Thorson – 750,000

Seat 4: Fu Lung Hung – 510,000

Seat 5: Julian Hasse – 3,075,000

Seat 6: Eichi Mizuno – 1,020,000

Seat 7: Shih Chieh Su – 1,100,000

Seat 8: Angelo Peter Scicchitano – 895,000

Seat 9: Tzu Chieh Lo – 1,120,000

7:10PM: Jeon railed by Thorson

Seung Soo Jeon may have avoided the bubble to the money but not to the final table. His run ended in 10th place when his all in with Q♦J♣ failed to overcome Karl Thorson’s A♣5♥ with the board running A♠4♣7♥9♠6♣A♦. Thorson now with 750k chips.

7:10PM: Su doubles up through Hasse

Julian Hasse doubled up Shih Chieh Su when his K♥3♥ was bested by Su’s J♦J♣ with the board running A♥9♠Q♥3♣9♣. Su up to 1M chips.

7:00PM: Level 29

Blinds up 60000-120000 ante 20000. There are 10 players left in the field. Bubble to the final table of nine.

6:50PM: Hasse chunks down Su, zooms to 3.5M

Julian Hasse assumed the second in command after shipping in a double up against Shih Chieh Su. The board was already complete to the river when we got to the scene, 9♣10♦J♣A♥5♥. Hasse went all in and Su called. Hasse opened up Q♣8♣ for a winning straight against Su’s 10♥9♠ two pair. Hasse climbed to 3.5M and Su fell to 575k chips.

6:30PM: Tollefsen sends Wee packing, goes up to 5.4M

Henrik MM5.jpgHenrik Tollefsen seems to be the hatchet man. Having recently eliminated two players with his big slick, he called Michael Tse Hua Wee’s all in and it was a showdown. Tollefsen had A♦10♦ and Wee with pocket tens. The board ran 4♠K♦K♥2♦3♦ giving Tollefsen a flush. Wee said he could not believe it as he exited the field.

6:25PM: Tollefsen rails Lau and Pangan, amasses 4.3M

Henrik Tollefsen has taken the chip lead with a massive takedown. After Alan Lau went all in for 895k chips, Luke Pangan quickly joined him with 880k chips, and then Tollefsen moved all in with his massive stack. There were no other players willing to join the all in fest and their hole cards were revealed. Lau with 6♥6♣, Pangan with Q♥Q♣, and Tollefsen with A♣K♠. The board ran 3♣K♦2♦4♦J♣ and with a higher pair, Tollefsen was shipped a massive pot while sending Lau and Pangan to the rail. Tollefsen rose to 4.3M chips.

6:20PM: Level 28

Blinds 40000-80000 ante 10000. There are 13 players remaining.
6:15PM: Massive pot to Su, Bolung eliminated

Both big stacks, Shih Chieh Su and Sammy Bolung, entered a preflop raise war that ended with both of them all in. Bolung had 6♦6♣ and Su with J♥J♣. The board ran 9♦K♠A♦8♦7♠, and Bolung was eliminated. Su climbed to 2.6M chips.

6:05PM: Mizuno cripples Quijano

Eichi Mizuno and Anacleto Quijano were all in with Quijano with 9♣9♦ and Mizuno with A♥Q♦. The board ran 7♥5♠3♥10♥Q♣ and with the river card giving Mizuno a higher pair, he doubled up to around 800k and Quijano fell to 240k.

6:00PM: Su eliminates Luther, goes over 1.5M

Shih Chieh Su called Eric Luther’s all in and it was a showdown. Su had pocket fives and Su with pocket kings. The board bricked and Su railed Luther. He now has 1.5M chips.

5:55PM: Jeon gets hit by Hung

Fu Lung Hung bagged a big double up when his 7♦8♦ found a a pair on the board against Seung Soo Jeon’s ace-queen offsuit. Hung now at 850k chips.

5:50PM: Level 27

Blinds up 30000-60000 ante 5000. There are 18 players left.

5:35PM: Ladies send Tollefsen to 1.7M

Henrik Tollefsen shoved his stack of 880k and Michael Tse Hua Wee called with his big stack. Tollefsen had Q♦Q♥ and Wee with K♦K♠. The board ran Q♠2♦10♣7♣9♣ and with Tollefsen seeing another lady on the felt, he doubled up with a dominating set. He is up to 1.7M chips.

5:25PM: Hung eliminates Jaeman

Jeong Jaeman was not happy to see the turnout of this hand as it sent him to the rail. He was all in with A♥K♦ and was called by Fu Lung Hung with A♠Q♠. The board ran 10♠2♠6♥4♠4♦ and with a flush, Hung won the pot while railing Jaeman in the process.

5:20PM: Level 26

Blinds up 20000-40000 ante 5000. There are 21 players remaining.

5:10PM: Double ups go to Hung, Kato, Ye, and Lo

Lots of double ups happening around the felt. In one hand, Fu Lung Hung doubled up through Chuang Yi Wu. Hung was all in preflop with A♦A♥ and Wu with K♥Q♠. His aces held on to double up and get back up to 500k chips.

Takuya Kato doubled up through Ying Lin Chua who shoved first and Kato joined him. Kato had Q♦Q♥ and Chua had A♠6♣. No help came for Chua on the board and he doubled up Kato to 450k. Chua fell to 60k. Another double up went to Keiji Ye who was all in on the flop with 4♦4♠ and Anacleto Quijano called with A♦J♥. The board eventually completed to Q♠7♦10♠8♥6♥. Ye was then moved to another table and then doubled up again with A♣9♣ landing a nine on the board to double up through Seung Soo Jeon. Ye now has over 800k chips.

At another table, Tzu Chieh Lo got paid with A♦A♣ through Sammy Bolung. During that hand, Bolung raised to 80k in mid position, Lo three-be to 25k from the big blind seat, and Bolung called. On the flop of A♠8♥8♠, Lo checked to Bolung who bet 100k and Lo smooth-called. On the turn of 7♦, both players checked. Then on the river, Lo announced all in and Bolung called. Lo is now up to 1.2M

4:55PM: Su doubles up Scicchitano and eliminates Chang

Shih Chieh Su called back-to-back all in shoves by two short stacks. The first one was against Angelo Scicchitano who had 3♣3♦ and Su with J♥J♣. The board ran 4♠A♥7♣9♥3♠ and with his set, Scicchitano doubled up but will need much more to catch up to the leaders. He has over 200k chips.

On the next hand, Su called Chia Iin Chang’s all in with K♦K♥ against her Q♥J♣. The board offered her no assistance and she was eliminated.

4:40PM: Level 25

Blinds up 15000-30000 ante 5000. There are 27 players left in the field.

4:25PM: Jeon wins three-way pot

It was a three-way all in preflop with Chuang Yi Wu with 9♥9♠, Seung Soo Jeon with A♦K♠, and Amy Butterfield with A♥5♣. The board ran 5♦8♠2♣K♥4♥, and Jeon claimed the pot while Butterfield bowed out.
Jeon soars past 1.6M.
4:15PM: Bolung shaves the leaders, doubles up to over 1M

Sammy Bolung was all against chip leader Juian Hasse. Bolung had pocket kings and Hasse with ace-jack offsuit. The board ran dry for Hasse while giving Bolung a king on the river for a set. Bolung climbed to over 1M chips.

4:00PM: Level 24

Blinds up 12000-24000 ante 4000

3:45PM: Hasse’s kings get paid, reaches 1.6M

Julian Hasse MM5.jpgJulian Hasse is the massive chip leader right now after eliminating a player and getting his kings well paid. Catching the action on a turn board of 3♠7♠Q♦2♥, Hasse was all in sending Jiang Haibo tanking. After several intense minutes, Haibo called for his tournament life(around 500k behind) and their cards were revealed. Haibo had K♣Q♣ and Hasse with K♥K♦. The river landed 8♥ which was no help to Haibo and he was eliminated. Hasse with 1.6M chips.

3:30PM: Level 23

Blinds up 10000-20000 ante 3000

3:25PM: Bustillo busts in the bubble

Bubble MM5.jpgBenjie Bustillo went all in under the gun and was called by both blinds, Sammy Bolung and Karl Thorson. The board ran 6♣J♠Q♦7♣Q♥, and with Bolung holding A♠6♠ pair, he eliminated Bustillo on the bubble. Bustillo had nine-eight offsuit.

3:20PM: Ducks for a boat to Hasse

Julian Hasse picked up another pot bringing his stack to over 900k. Catching the action on a turn board of 9♥3♠2♣3♣, Johnson Tan checked to Hasse who bet 36k. Tan called. On the river of 9♠, they both opted to check and Hasse won with his 2♠2♦ full house over Tan’s 10♣10♠.

3:15PM: Mizuno wins the coin flip

Eiichi Mizuno went all in and Manuelito Uy called. Mizuno had 8♥8♠ and Uy had A♠K♥. The board bricked and Mizuno survived being the bubble. He doubled up to 230k.

3:10PM: Wee tanks Ye for a big pot

Michael Tse Hua Wee and Kejie Ye battled for a pot that we caught only on the turn betting. The board was 9♦3♠K♥8♥, Ye bet 53k and Wee answered with a shove. Ye opted to fold and Wee claimed a massive pot. He is now up to 800k chips.

3:10PM: Jeon saved by the river, avoids the bubble

Seung Soo Jeon MM5.jpgSeung Soo Jeon’s emotions were put to a roller coaster ride in this hand during the bubble stage. He raised to 33k on the hijack seat and button player Soojing Hong went all in with his massive stack. This sent Jeon tanking but then put his tournament life on the line. Jeon had K♠K♦ and Hong had A♠10♦. As Jeon prayed for ‘no ace, no ace’, the flop ran A♦2♠4♥ and Hong took the lead. The turn of Q♥ was no help to Jeon, but with the river landing K♣, Jeon exclaimed in joy at his set and avoided being the bubble. He now has 570k chips.

3:00PM: Level 22

Blinds up 8000-16000 ante 2000. We are at the bubble stage with 46 players in the field.

2:50PM: Luo eliminated, Hong up to 865k

Soojing Hong MM5.jpgHao Che Luo came in the final day as second-in-chips but his run for the trophy ended at the hands of Soojing Hong. It was an all in preflop action with Luo holding A♦Q♠ and Hong with A♥K♦. The board ran A♥3♣6♦8♣3♥ and Hong was awarded the massive pile in the middle. Hong now up to 865k chips.

2:45PM: Luther’s kings bests Luo’s jacks

Eric Luther doubled up through Hao Che Luo with his pocket kings holding strong against Luo’s pocket jacks. Luther now up to 280k chips.

2:40PM: Ona triples up

Antonio Ona lost a big pot with his pocket kings getting beaten by a flush but he was able to gain back some of those lost chips. Ona shoved with his remaining 31k and was called by two players, Handong Jo and Sammy Bolung. The board ran 6♥3♠J♦5♣2♠ which was checked all the way down by Jo and Bolung. Ona won with his A♦4♦ straight and is back up to 120k chips.

2:30PM: Level 21

Blinds up 6000-12000 ante 2000. There are 54 players remaining. Nearing the money at 45 players.

2:15PM: Ohta’s big slick no good against Hasse

Tomoe Ohta was all in with A♥K♠ and Julian Hasse called with K♣Q♦. The board ran Q♣10♦3♦2♠2♦ and Ohta was eliminated. Hasse with 660k chips.

2:10PM: Akanuma doubles up Chua

Yoichi Akanuma just won his chips and already he was paying out a player. During the hand, Ying Lin Chua raised to 22k, Akanuma three-bet to 75k, and Chua flat-called. On the flop of Q♣10♣4♦, Chua checked to Akanuma who bet 100k. Chua check-raised all in and Akanuma snap-called. Chua had K♥K♣ and Akanuma with A♣4♣. The turn of 7♥ and river of Q♦ kept Chua ahead and he doubled up to around 550k chips. Akanuma down to 410k chips.

2:05PM: Akanuma rails Lee and Okuma

Yuichi Akanuma had the best hand coming in and still the best hand in the end. After two players shoved, Alex Lee and Koji Okuma, small blind player Akanuma joined the fun and called. Lee had 2♦2♠, Okuma with 9♥9♣, and Akanuma with Q♣Q♠. The board ran J♠6♦J♦7♣Q♦ giving Akanuma a full house for an overkill win. Akanuma climbs to 650k chips.

1:55PM: Demaklian doubles up Yang

Big blind player Ken Demaklian called Pohsiang Yang’s all in of 65k chips. Yang had kh]Q♥ and Demaklian had K♠J♥. The board ran A♥2♠K♥5♦4♥, and Yang doubled up to over 140k chips.

1:50PM: Level 20

Blinds up 5000-10000 ante 1000

1:45PM: Double up for Uy

Manuelito Uy shipped in a big double up pile when his gamble on 8♠7♠ landed a straight on the river against a player with pocket threes that hit a set on the flop. Uy climbed to 480k chips.

1:40PM: McDonald moving up

Harold McDonald scooped a player’s chips who apparently kept on shoving. McDonald had A♥Q♥ and was ahead of Q♦10♣. The board ran low and McDonald shipped it and eliminated one in the process.

1:30PM: Lucky river, Pangan cracks aces

And yet again, another pocket aces on the felt but this time, it didn’t go its way. During the hand, a player raised from the utg seat, and Luke Pangan to his immediate left three-bet to make it 28k. When action folded around the table back to the utg, he shoved his 60k stack and Pangan called. Pangan had ace-queen and was up against pocket aces. The board ran K-J-4-5-10 giving Pangan a straight on the river and sending the aces to the rail. Pangan up to 325k chips.

1:20PM: Level 19

Blinds up 4000-8000 ante 1000

1:20PM: Chua doubles up with rockets

There seems to be lots of pocket aces so far today. Ying Lin Chua was all in with A♥A♣ and was doubled up by a Yuichi Akanuma who had ace-king offsuit when the board bricked. Chua now close to 300k chips.

1:15PM: Gaw eliminates Yao

Andrew Gaw picked up a nice pile of chips after eliminating Hui Yao. Gaw raised to 15k preflop and Yao moved all in with his short stack. Gaw had pocket aces and Yao with queen-ten offsuit. The board offered no help to Yao and the chips were shipped to Gaw.

1:10PM: Fernandes’s rockets scalp two

Jayde Fernandes MM5.jpgIt was a three-way all in party with Jayde Fernandes all in with A♣A♠, Stephen Nathan with A♥J♥ and Thomas Larsen with 10♥10♣. Larsen announced that he’s busted out many players with his tens but this time it was not to be as the board ran J♣9♣5♣7♠9♥. Fernandes scooped up all the chips and eliminated two players. He is now sitting with around 175k chips.

1:10PM: Chuang Yi Wu increases

Although we missed the hand, Chuang Yi Wu seems to have won a big pot and is now up to 495k chips.

1:00PM: Alex Lee sends one packing

Alex Lee has just picked up another pot after eliminating a short stack who was all in with pocket sixes and Lee with ace-three offsuit. The board ran two threes that eventually turned into a full house for Lee. Lee up to around 380K chips.

12:50PM: A set for Hasse rails two

The words “all in” were music to Julian Hasse’s ears with two players shoving while he held pocket eights on a board of J♥J♣8♠. Having them both covered in chips, Hasse called. One player had pocket nines and the other with pocket tens. The turn of 3♠ and river of Q♥ kept Hasse ahead and he rail two players immediately. Hasse now with around 440k chips.

12:50PM: Level 18

Blinds up 3000-6000 ante 1000

12:40PM: Lau defends his big blind

Alan Lau three-bet Thanh Duong’s button raise of 11k to make it 31k to continue. Duong called and the flop ran 2♣J♥K♠. Lau continued and sent out 30k. Duong folded.

12:30PM: Bust outs

Several players have already been sent to the rail. William Te was eliminated by Luke Pangan and William Ysmael fell to chip leader Shih Chieh Su. Su now had around 600k chips.

12:15PM: Fast and furious action

Alex Lee MM5.jpgAs soon as the cards were dealt, it was high time to start raking in the chips. A big pot was just claimed by Alex Lee in a hand against Ying Lin Chua. It started with Lee raising to 11k on the button, re-raised to 28.5k by Chua on the small blind, and then called by Lee. At the flop of 2♦7♠4♣, Chua led out for 31.5k, Lee raised to 89k, and Chua was already tanking this early in the day. He eventually folded, giving Lee the first big pot at the table. Lee is now up to around 340k chips.

12:15PM: Level 17

Blinds at 2500-5000 ante 500

12:15PM: Final Day begins!
MM5 Final Day Room.jpg
Welcome to the Final Day of the Main Event with 108 players returning to the felt. They will all be gunning for the massive first place purse of P2,392,350. Good luck to all the players!


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