Marty “TheLipoFund” Mathis discusses first ever SCOOP title, 12 years in the making

May 01, 2021inPoker

Marty Mathis has been playing poker for over a decade. He’s picked up huge scores online and has a live record of over $1.6 million in cashes. Yet surprisingly, before this this SCOOP series Marty Mathis had never won a title.

Mathis came close in 2020 with a second place SCOOP finish in the 112-H for $65k. He’s also had several big wins in Super Tuesday events, one of which scored him $114,378.

Now, after winning the 68-H for $114,574 and earning his biggest score yet, Mathis can call himself a SCOOP champion.

“This was a really special win. I’ve been playing SCOOP for the last 12 years without any wins”, says Mathis. “I came into the second day with my hopes set high for a SCOOP title, but fully expecting another 11th place finish. The money was obviously significant, but when you’ve been playing as long as I have, the accolades and personal bucketlist items you have for yourself are even more motivating.”

Evenrything finally fell into place for Mathis, who says “final tables don’t get much more smooth sailing than this one.”

“In an event like this you’re going to face a bunch of very experienced players. I was fortunate in that all of my bluffs seemed to work, all of of my value bets got called… I’m pretty sure when people watch the replay of this final table, they won’t believe how lucky I was”, says Mathis.

“As far as what I did different, I really took it easy. My Day 2 fell on April 20th (4/20) this year, so I paid tribute to Bob Marley and listened to the same playlist on repeat from the start of Day2, until I won heads-up singing along to Buffalo Soldier.”

It may sound like Marty Mathis had an over-easy ride to SCOOP success, but he’s been playing poker for a long time. He started out playing penny-ante Dealer’s Choice with his Grandparents and neighbors and then progressed to online Hold’em. Mathis played his first SCOOP event back in 2008 and has been gunning for a title ever since.

“It’s hard to really put into words what I’ve learned about poker from the age of 5 to my current age of 32”, says Mathis. “I’d say it runs very parallel with life. What I’ve found most important in both is: hardwork, patience, improving, compounding gains.”

Having said that, Mathis, like many other poker players around the world, found more time to play and improve during the lockdown. “It’s hard not to get better at something when you give it your time and attention. I feel very fortunate to have had online poker to play and study over the last year to occupy my time and mind.”

Mathis would also like to give a shout out to DTOPoker, which he has been using to study recently.

The 32-year old American, who now lives in Mexico where he originally moved to play online poker, enjoys a quiet life with his soon-to-be-wife and three dogs. He still loves to play online poker, and we can definitely expect to see more from this player this year.

“Don’t count me out for a WCOOP title!” says Mathis.

Congratulations Marty “TheLipoFund” Mathis on your win in the SCOOP 68-H.


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