McDonagh accepts Australia Hall of Fame induction

January 31, 2012


Over the course of the past few years, we have come to wonder when Danny McDonagh slept. When we arrived at any tournament venue, he was there and looked like he’d just come in from a week’s rest at a luxury spa. When we left 14 hours later, McDonagh was still running full steam. And if we managed to find a watering hole at the end of the night, McDonagh seemed to always arrive just as we were ready to go to sleep. Again, he looked as fresh as a daisy. What’s more, if we’re to believe the rumors, McDonagh also finds time to get in regular workouts and runs. It’s amazing, but it simply doesn’t seem to leave time for sleep.

Though we’ve not fully solved the mystery, we’re happy to report that the Australia Poker Hall of Fame has finally given McDonagh his due. The current Regional Director for Asia and head of PokerStars Macau recently accepted his induction to the Hall of Fame. It’s the first time an inductee received the honor for efforts outside of normal poker play.


Danny McDonagh (right) accepts Australia Poker Hall of Fame award

McDonagh is synonymous with poker in the region. From the very moment the Crown Casino Poker Room opened, McDonagh was there running events and growing the game. He did it there until 2007 when he started branching out across the region as APPT tournament director, and now in his role with PokerStars.

Congratulations, Danny. The honor is much-deserved. Now, if you’d just be kind enough to let us know when you sleep…


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