MicroMillions II: Germany goes one-two; egoner1 claims Event #85 ($2.22+R, 3x-Turbo)

July 21, 2012


Germany has been doing some good work in the last 10 days. The MicroMillions II has had its fair share of winners from the land of Albert Einsten and knackwurst — among other things, of course. We’re too pressed for time to click back through 85 event lobbies right now, but it seems to us that at least one German has occupied the majority of final tables so far. Saturday’s $2 rebuy event was more of the same as Germany’s flag flew over a full third of the final table. Two of those countrymen ended up waging the final heads-up battle… but we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?

Event #85 was the $2.22+R NL Hold’em Saturday Splash Special Edition. It was spread as a 3x-Turbo, meaning the blinds increased every five minutes. A crowd of 17,411 showed up at the tables before the registration window closed, and the “Rebuy” button got some good use. Between them, the players rebuy-ed nearly 70,000 times, and almost 8,000 of them were still around to add-on when the appointed time came. That brought the prize pool up to $191,708.10 — one of the largest so far in MicroMillions II.

Team PokerStars Online put on a fine performance in this one. Andre “acoimbra” Coimbra is almost done with his quest to play all 100 events, and he notched another MicroMillions cash today. His run was cut short with about 1,400 players left, earning him a small paycheck of about $30.00. We haven’t seen Shane “Shaniac” Schleger’s name too often during this series, but he was still in the hunt as the field ticked down under 250 players remaining. Things went sour, though, and Shaniac was run out in 233rd place, good for $84.35.

With just a couple tables left, lentilha007 went on a massive rush to take over the chip lead. He was still the owner of the big stack when the field shrunk to nine players, but a couple of those challengers were hot on his heels by that point.


Event #85 Final Table
Seat 1: 1besi1 (Switzerland) – 16,669,584
Seat 2: tomy110 (Germany) – 35,063,400
Seat 3: lentilha007 (Brazil) – 95,650,852
Seat 4: sharky-bissi (Germany) – 45,324,949
Seat 5: egoner1 (Germany) – 93,663,979
Seat 6: Harrpyie – (Russia) 46,950,432
Seat 7: EwardoHoekie (Netherlands) – 16,240,180
Seat 8: chouni – (Switzerland) 67,703,158
Seat 9: CairyHunts (Netherlands) – 82,611,466
Level 61, blinds 1.8M/3.6M, ante 360K

Each of the final nine players were guaranteed at least a four-figure payout. Two of those finalists were dangerously short on chips, and they were the first two to leave the table. Switzerland’s 1besi1 let the blinds pass through him once before shoving preflop for his last ~9 million chips. He was working with K♠ 8♣, and he could not catch up to sharky-bissi’s A♠ 3♣. The board ran out 6♥ 7♣ Q♦ Q♥ 9♥, and the table was reduced to eight.

Like the other shorty before him, EwardoHoekie could not manage a short-stacked comeback. He was on a coin flip with K♠ J♦ against the 9♣ 9♠ of lentilha007. The king-jack never had a chance as the board came 6♣ 2♣ 10♣ A♣ 3♥. Eighth place was good for $1,725.37 for EwardoHoekie, and Holland’s two-man team was reduced to one.

Lentilha007 had opened up a bit of a cushion for his chip lead, and he had no intentions of slowing down. Just moments later, he claimed the tournament life of tomy110. The latter got his money in preflop on an open-shove with A♦ 5♥. The chip leader reraised all in to isolate with A♣ J♦, and another jack on the turn left tomy110 drawing dead. The seventh-place consolation prize was $3,529.03, and the pay jumps were beginning to get serious with six players left.

Sixth place was worth just shy of $5,000, and chouni was the next one paid out. The Swiss native three-bet shoved with A♠ Q♠ and about 9bb, and egoner1 raise/called with K♥ 10♣. The flop was a blank 9♥ 3♠ 6♣, but the K♠ the turn was a disaster for the at-risk player. The raggy 7♥ rivered to reduce the field to the final five.

Deal or No Deal for lentilha007

On the very next hand, Harrpyie met his demise in another preflop all-in. CairyHunts was in the middle of proposing a deal when he was dealt 8♥ 8♣. Harrpyie had less than 4bb when he shoved with A♥ 8♦, and his ace could not catch up. The dealer ran out a board full of blanks, and the table’s lone Russian was run off with about $6,700 to show for fifth place.

The deal chatter really picked up four-handed, but lentilha007 was in control of a massive chip stack, and he appeared to be unwilling to negotiate. We can’t blame him, but he poker gods must have been angry. Over the next five minutes, they proceeded to punish him for his stubbornness.

First, lentilha007 ran 8♥ 8♦ into egoner1’s 9♥ 9♠ in an 80-million-chip pot. It could have been worse if not for a couple overcards on board, if we’re honest. Next, the Brazilian’s K♥ 3♦ fell to CairyHunts’ 7♠ 3♣ to double up the shorty, and the next pot was even worse than those two combined. It was limped preflop, and lentilha007 began with Q♣ 9♦. Sharky-bissi called a bet on the turn of the 7♣ 8♥ 3♣ 4♦ board, then raised all in on the Q♥ river. When the call came from the former chip leader, sharky-bissi rolled over the superior 4♥ 4♠, and lentilha007 was forced to part with another big chunk of chips. One hand later, CairyHunts’ A♥ 4♥ out-flopped lentilha007’s A♣ 7♠, and the latter was suddenly the short stack.

The four men finally paused the clock to make a deal, and it took just a few minutes before they reached an agreement for a near-even chop with $3,000 left on the table.

Sharky-bissi had gone from short-stack to chip leader over the course of a few minutes, and he was soon sitting comfortably above 200 million when another all-in pot broke out. This time, CairyHunts got the chips in preflop with K♠ Q♥ against the 6♥ 6♠ of egoner1. The pot was more than 200 million as well, and we’ll let you watch the drama for yourself:

That was the end of the line for the final Dutchman, taking home in excess of $14,000 thanks to his bargaining abilities. He earned more than $5,000 extra courtesy of the deal.

Lentilha007 had been battered down to the shortest stack by that point, and he could not survive his next all-in. Shoving for about 6bb, the Brazilian found himself as a reasonable favorite with K♥ 7♦ against the 9♦ 10♦ of egoner1. Both players flopped a pair, but the 9♥ 3♥ 7♥ 4♣ 2♣ board gave egoner1 another knockout. Lentilha007 was out in third place with just over $14,000, as well.

The Heads-Up Roller Coaster

The heads-up finale of the event was quite a thing to behold between the two Germans. There were still more than 55bb on the table, and that left plenty of chips for a roller-coaster finish. Sharky-bissi had just about 20% of the total chips when he shoved with Q♠ 5♥ into egoner1’s A♥ J♦. The ace-jack wasn’t as far ahead as its owner would have liked, and the 8♥ 4♥ 10♠ Q♦ 2♠ board allowed sharky-bissi to notch the first double and draw the match closer to even.

The monster pot came just a couple hands later as sharky-bissi doubled into the catbird seat. His chips went in good with A♦ 3♣ on an A♣ 8♦ 7♦ flop this time. Egoner1’s had flopped open-ended with 5♥ 6♦, but the draw could not catch up. The turn 10♣ and river 8♠ sent more than 80% of the chips to sharky-bissi’s corner. But egoner1 was not going to roll over quietly.

A couple hands later, egoner1 flatted with 8♦ 9♣ from the small blind, and he called a shove from sharky-bissi and his A♣ 6♥. This time, egoner1 got the best of it as the dealer ran out 10♣ 9♥ K♠ 8♠ 6♠. He shoved the turn to take down another big pot shortly thereafter, and he was suddenly back in the lead and one hand from victory.

That one hand came quickly as sharks-bissi called off his last 20bb with Q♦ 9♥. Egoner1 had made the shove with the superior A♦ 6♣, and this time the 60/40 went his way. The final board of Event #85 came out A♥ 10♥ J♦ Q♣ 7♠, and that was all she wrote. Germany went one-two in the end, and sharky-bissi took the same payout as the previous two finishers — just over $14,000.

For the other German, it was an impressive — and at times unlikely — victory. Egoner1 earned an extra $500 in the deal, and the $3,000 left on the table was his to claim, as well. The total payout for the win was $17,579.12, and we’d expect him to shoot a condescending glance toward sharky-bissi if the two men should ever run across each other in the neighborhood.

Final Table Results
1: egoner1 (Germany) – $17,579.12
2: sharky-bissi (Germany) – $14,079.11
3: lentilha007 (Brazil) – $14,079.12
4: CairyHunts (Netherlands) – $14,079.11
5: Harrpyie (Russia) – $6,709.78
6: chouni (Switzerland) – $4,792.70
7: tomy110 (Germany) – $3,259.03
8: EwardoHoekie (Netherlands) – $1,725.37
9: 1besi1 (Switzerland) – $1,150.24


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