MicroMillions II: Gold medal for Olympia25 in Event #95 ($2.22 NL Hold’em, Heads-Up, Hyper-Turbo)

July 22, 2012


MicroMillions II was 95% complete before the lone heads-up event finally came up on the calendar. Event #95 was spread as a $2.22 HU Hyper-Turbo, and it attracted a whopping 16,384 players. The prize pool swelled past $35,000, and a player needed to win their first three matches to squeak into the money. The mini-cash was worth about three times the buy-in, and more than $2,600 up top made for some particularly good value.

For each round, the blinds began at 20/40 with 5,000-chip starting stacks. The hyper-turbo attached to the event’s name meant the blinds increased briskly every 120 seconds. Let’s pick up the action in-the-money in the Round of 2,048.

All right… that’s a bit ambitious. We’ll jump forward a little deeper than that for the sake of brevity.

The Round of 32 saw the payouts pip into three figures, so we’ll begin there. In the first match finished, Denmark’s Dokkedal took just nine hands to take care of artemfraer. The latter flopped two pair with 7♦ 8♦, but the Q♠ 7♠ 8♠ hit the Dane harder. His A♠ K♠ had flopped the flush, and he faded a full house to advance quickly to the Round of 16. On the other side of the bracket, Portugal’s UliMartinez matched that feat with a nine-hand victory over 1timba1. The U.K.’s winanace99 was perhaps the most fortunate to get through after cracking pocket aces with the mighty king-axe — K♥ 7♣. Trip sevens moved winanace99 through to the next round. It took just less than 20 minutes for the matches to finish up.

An exit in the Round of 16 was worth nearly $250.00. We’ll call it €206 instead, as each of the remaining players was European. Denmark, the U.K, and Holland still had two contenders left apiece. Portugal’s UliMartinez was the first to drop out after running J♣ J♥ into easlehc’s A♣ A♦ to no avail. Bulgaria’s bestboy1986 used the ol’ king-axe to advance, and his K♠ 7♠ ended up better than SHOODZ’s A♠ 10♣ after a K♦ 2♦ 7♣ 5♠ 2♣ board. When Dokkedal fell a moment later, Denmark was eliminated from the tournament. It looked like the other two pairs of countrymen would all advance, but things went south in a hurry for Holland’s Wousz in the last match to finish. A big chip lead was erased by a double-up from DreamsCmTrue, and this big coin flip ended up deciding the match, for all intents and purposes:

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The Netherlands were reduced to just one warrior, and the United Kingdom was suddenly the favorite to take home the gold. Here’s how the Quarterfinal draw looked:

Table 1: olympia25 (Netherlands) vs. RDaNNy7 (Czech Republic)
Table 2: DreamsCmTrue (Hungary) vs. Siton11 (Ukraine)
Table 3: bestboy1986 (Bulgaria) vs. winanace99 (United Kingdom)
Table 4: easlehc (Belarus) vs. nottnum (United Kingdom)

The first match ended during the second level with the blinds at 40/80. This one’s worth watching, too:

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Over on Table 1, RDaNNy7 got his last 2,800 chips into the middle with J♥ 4♥ on a very decent 2♥ 9♥ 3♥ flop. Olympia25 quickly called with A♥ K♦, though, and the 8♥ turn gave the Dutch the bigger flush and the victory.

The U.K. lost nottum during the 60/120 level, as well. The lead changed hands several times over the course of this roller-coaster pot:

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Queens up are better than jacks up in this game, and the Belarusian was the through to the Semifinals. A few minutes later, winanace99 bested Bestboy1986 to earn the last spot in the Round of Four.

Semifinal Draw
Table 1: olympia25 (Netherlands) vs. Siton11 (Ukraine)
Table 2: easlehc (Belarus) vs. winanace99 (United Kingdom)

The two matches were swingy right from the start, but the stacks managed to stay relatively even as the players traded big blows for two levels. We saw some three-barreling, some four-betting, and even an occasional showdown as the blinds moved up to 100/200.

Winanace99 was the clear aggressor in the match on Table 2 and opened up a 2:1 chip lead over easlehc as the break arrived. Over on Table 1, olympia25 had been doing some chipping away, as well, and Siton11 was facing his own significant chip deficit.

Both of the short stacks quickly turned up the heat as they returned to the tables, but it was to no avail. In the 100/200 level, winanace99 limped with A♣ 2♥, then called a shove from easlehc’s K♠ Q♦. The 7♣ 2♠ Q♥ 3♠ 9♦ board gave winanace99 the pot and the knockout, and half of the final was quickly set.

On the other table, Siton11 actually managed to pip back into a tiny chip lead before things came unraveled again. This hand below was the one that did the most damage

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The match was over a short while later, and it was the U.K. versus Holland for all the marbles.


Event #95 Heads-Up Final
winanace99 (United Kingdom) vs. olympia25 (Netherlands)

A few hands into the final, the two men paused the clock to talk numbers. They quickly agreed to lock up $1,935.48 apiece and leave the minimum $400 on the table for the champion. Easy enough.

The two played on through another few levels with not much movement in the stacks at all. The general trend was that olympia25 would open up a small chip lead over the course of a few hands, then winanace99 would erase the whole deficit with one hand of aggression.

That trend continued for many orbits before the final series of hands played out in the 80/160 level. Winanace99 had maneuvered into a tiny chip lead when the match’s monster pot finally played out post-flop.

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Two hands later, olympia25’s Q♠ 6♣ held against his opponent’s 7♣ 9♠ to end the match. The final board of the day ran out A♥ A♣ A♦ 2♦ 4♠, and winanace99 could not get over the hump.

The day and the event belonged to olympia25 as Holland claims the lone heads-up crown of MicroMillions II. The extra $400 from the chop means a total payout of $2,335.48 and some of the last bragging rights of the weekend. Olympia25 is the MicroMillions II Heads-Up Champion!

Event #95 Results
1: olympia25 (Netherlands) – $2,335.48
2: winanace99 (United Kingdom) – $1,935.48
3: Siton11 (Ukraine) – $837.56
4: easlehc (Belarus) – $837.56
5: bestboy1986 (Bulgaria) – $461.46
6: nottum (United Kingdom) – $461.46
7: RDaNNy7 (Czech Republic) – $461.46
8: DreamsCmTrue (Hungary) – $461.46


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