MPC26 Red Dragon: Final table coverage archive

February 17, 2017

Congratulations to MPC26 Red Dragon Champion Alan Lau
MPC26 Red Dragon Champion Alan Lau and fiance Amy Li Man Ying

Hong Kong poker professional Alan Lau wins record-breaking 1,216-strong MPC26 Red Dragon Main Event for HK$3,265,000.

10:50pm: Chien Fa Chou eliminated in 2nd (HK$1,954,000)
Level 31 – Blinds 100,000/200,000 (30,000 Ante)


Taiwan’s Chien Fa Chou finishes in 2nd place

Heads-up took a grand total of 10-hands and while Chou won the first one after calling Lau’s 360,000 button bet and jamming the 8♠J♦7♣ flop to fold out Lau, the Hong Kong player slowly tightened the screws by raising every button.

The first hand back after the dinner break and it was all over. Chien Fa Chou moved all-in from the button for 4.082 million and Lau asked for a count before hitting the think tank long and hard. With a HK$1,311,000 difference between first and second this was a pretty significant decision. 

Lai sat back in his chair and mulled it over before abruptly making his mind up and announcing the call.

Chien Fa Chou: K♥8♦
Alan Lau: K♠J♠

Chou found himself dominated and would need to get extremely lucky to survive. The poker gods were not in a forgiving mood however, and the flop came down Q♠2♦7♣ to keep Lau in the lead.

The tension in the air was palpable with Lau’s watching rail screaming for their hero’s hand to hold while Chou’s Taiwanese contingent were screaming themselves hoarse for an eight. The dealer burned and turned the 9♠ turn card to further improve Lau’s hand and give him backdoor spade outs as well as any non-spade ten for the straight.

The river was the K♦ and a clearly emotional Lau looked almost ready to cry in happiness. And just like that it was all over. Hong Kong’s Alan Lau became Macau’s latest dragon-slayer, taking down the largest Red Dragon Main Event in history and wins the HK$3,265,000 lions share of the prize pool.

Taiwan’s Chien Fa Chou stopped to congratulate the new champion before heading to the cash desk to collect the HK$1,954,000 on offer for second place leaving Alan Lau to bask in the glory of his largest ever career score and he takes the title, trophy and an ACOP seat worth HK$100,000 in addition to the massive first prize.–BW  

10:45pm: And we’re back
Level 31 – Blinds 100,000/200,000 (20,000 Ante)

Cards are in the air again after the dinner break. Alan Lau currently has a 4:1 chip advantage over Chien Fa Chou.

Alan Lau – 19.865 million
Chien Fa Chou – 4.465 million

Let’s see how it plays out! — BK

9:55pm: Dinner break

The final two players have commenced a 50-minute dinner break. Be sure to join us when we return to see who takes out the title! — BK

9:45pm: Heads up begins
Level 30 – Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 Ante)

The heads up battle has now begun with only Alan Lau and Chien Fa Chou left to fight for the Red Dragon and a top prize of HK$3,265,000.

At this stage Lau is the overwhelming chip leader. Here’s how the two players stack up.

Alan Lau – 20.045million
Chien Fa Chou – 4.285 million

— BK

mpc26 heads up.jpg

Chien Fa Chou (left) and Alan Lau (right) are ready for battle

9:40pm: Apoorva Goel eliminated in 3rd place (HK$1,163,000)
Level 30 – Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 Ante)

It took half an hour for the next elimination with India’s Apoorva Goel falling to Alan Lau.

Lau raised to 500,000 in the small blind before Goel three-bet jammed in the big blind for 2.9 million. Lau made a quick call and the cards went on their backs.

Goel: A♦2♥
Lau: A♠Q♠

Goel was dominated and he couldn’t find a deuce or further help when the cards fell 9♦6♠J♣5♣Q♥.

He departs in third place and collects HK$1,163,000 for his impressive run here this week. — BK

MPC26 third place Apoorva Goel.jpg

Apoorva Goel (right) shakes the hand of his assassin

9:25pm: Chop, chop
Level 30 – Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 Ante)

Alan Lau is upping the aggression now play has restarted and has just won four of the last five hands with some offensive moves. The fifth hand resulted in a rather anti-climatic chop after Chien Fa Chou moved al-in from the button with A♣9♠ and was quickly called by Apoorva Goel with A♥3♠ in the big blind.

The board ran out 4♦4♣8♥Q♠K♠ and a relived Goel breathed a huge sigh of relief as the two chopped the blinds and antes.–BW

9:15pm: No deal
Level 30 – Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 Ante)

The tournament clock was paused at the players’ request as the remaining three negotiated potentially making a deal.

Ultimately they couldn’t agree on anything so now cards are back in the air. — BK

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mpc26 spin n go promotion.jpg

9pm: Yang Zhang eliminated in 4th place (HK$840,000)
Level 30 – Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 Ante)

Yang Zhang was the table chip leader not that long ago but he now finds himself on the rail only three spots off hoisting the Red Dragon trophy.

Zhang moved all in under the gun for 2.4 million and Chien Fa Chou called it off with just enough to cover Zhang in the big blind.

Zhang: K♥Q♠
Chou: 9♠9♥

Zhang was racing to stay alive but he couldn’t find any help on the 2♥2♦5♥6♥8♠ run out. He pockets HK$840,000 as Chou moves up to 5.15 million in chips. — BK

MPC26 fourth place Yang Zhang.jpg

Yang Zhang (right) awaits his fate with clenched fists

8:40pm: Edwin Gerard eliminated in 5th place (HK$570,000)
Level 30 – Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 Ante)


Alan Lau (l) shakes Edwin Gerard’s (r) hand as the US player departs in 5th

The final table is quickly becoming the Lau show and the Hong Kong poker professional is putting the hammer down and mercilessly hoovering up any chips not nailed down.

Edwin Gerard tired to halt the A-train but could not even get it to stop at the station and instead was run down. Pre-flop action folded around to Lau in the small blind and he juiced it up to 500,000.

Gerard was deeply suspicious of the bet sizing and decided to push back, moving all-in for just under 3 million and was snap called by Lau, bringing a wince from the US player and he was right to be worried, his 6♠6♥ trailing to Lau’s 10♦10♥.

The J♥9♥5♠ saw the Lau express gather more steam and the turn and river ran out 2♠ and 10♠ to further improve Lau’s position. Lau got up to shake Gerard’s hand and the US player departed in 5th place. 

Lau now has over 14 million in chips for an almost overwhelming lead with the next closest stack belonging to India’s Apoorva Goel who has 3.6 million.

8:35pm: Zhang hangs on
Level 30 – Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 Ante)

Yang Zhang’s tournament hopes are still alive after he doubled through chip leader Alan Lau. Zhang defended his big blind to Lau’s under the gun raise for 360,000 before the flop landed 3♥9♦10♦.

Zhang then open-jammed for 1.075 million and, after asking for a count, Lau called it off to put Zhang at risk.

Zhang: 8♣7♥
Lau: A♦Q♣

Zhang was behind but open-ended and with live cards. He clapped enthusiastically as the J♠ turn card completed his straight, and he faded a king on the 2♠ river to secure the double up. — BK

8:25pm: Liang Xu eliminated in 6th place (HK$411,500)
Level 30 – Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 Ante)


Liang Xu busts in 6th

The Red Dragon final table is now down to five with the unfortunate Liang Xu busting at the hands of Edwin Gerard. Pre-flop it was Xu who opened the action with an under-the-gun raise to 375,000 and action folded around to Gerard in the small blind.

The US player looked down at his cards and instantly announced he was all-in and while Xu did not look happy about it he called off the rest of his chips.

Liang Xu: A♦10♣
Edwin Gerard: J♠J♦

The 6♣Q♥6♦ flop kept Gerard firmly in the driver’s seat and the K♣ turn left Xu one last chance to hit the deck’s three remaining aces. The 8♥ river was not one of them however and Xu departed in 6th place while Gerard stacked up to 3.9 million.

8:15pm: Post break stacks
Level 30 – Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 Ante)

Play has just resumed on the Red Dragon Main Event final table, here’s how the remaining 6 players are stacking up.

Alan Lau – 10,910,000
Edwin Gerard – 3,190,000
Apoorva Goel – 3,650,000
Liang Xu – 1,150,000
Chien Fa Chou – 3,655,000
Yang Zhang – 1,775,000

8:05pm: Scheduled break

The remaining six players have stepped away for a 10-minute break. — BK

8pm: Lau leaps ahead
Level 29 – Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 Ante)

Alan Lau is now the overwhelming chip leader after he and Yang Zhang went to war again. Zhang raised to 300,000 from the cutoff before Lau repopped it to 800,000 on the button.

The action folded back around to Zhang and he announced a huge all in with enough to cover Lau’s 5.36 million. Lau snapped it off and the hands were revealed.

Lau: A♠A♥
Zhang: 4♥4♣

Lau needed to fade a four and he did as the board ran out 3♦3♣Q♣Q♦Q♠. He roared with excitement at the fall of the river card as he locked up 10.95 million in chips and a commanding lead over the remaining five players. — BK

MPC26 Alan Lau cheer.jpg

7:55pm: Xu doubles through Goel
Level 29 – Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 Ante)

Liang Xu had become quite short and after Apoorva Goel opened from the cutoff with a 250,000 raise, Xu moved all-in over the top for his last 455,000. Being as this is less than a min-raise Goel felt priced in to call and did so.

Liang Xu: A♥3♣
Apoorva Goel: 8♣6♣

Xu had the lead and improved still further when the dealer spread the 5♥A♠6♥ flop, though Goel also paired his six. However, the 3♠ turn further improved Xu’s position and the 7♠ granted the Chinese player a double to just over 1 million while Goel drops slightly to 3.8 million.–BW

7:45pm: Zhang takes a pot and the lead from Lau
Level 29 – Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 Ante)

There’s a new sheriff in town after Yang Zhang took both a pot and the chip lead from Alan Lau.

Yang made a preflop raise to 300,000 from the cutoff before Lau called on the button and the flop was spread J♥9♠A♥. Lau check-called for 400,000 and the 7♥ arrived on the turn.

Lau checked again and Zhang cut out 700,000. He slid the tower of chips into the middle and elicited a snap-fold from Lau.

With that Zhang moves up to 6.4 million while Lau dips to 5.8 million. — BK

7:25pm: Chou falls further
Level 29 – Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 Ante)

A wounded Chien Fa Chou is bleeding chips at the moment and the rest of the table are circling like sharks that can smell the blood in the water.

India’s Apoorva Goel is the most recent player to take a bite out of Chou’s stack, opening the action with a raise to 250,000 from the cutoff. Chou attempted to stem the bleeding with some aggressive play of his own and re-raised to 750,000 in total from the small blind and action folded back around to Goel.

Goes thought long and hard before he made his move, pulling the trigger and moving all in for around 3 million in total. Chou did not look too pleased and counted down his stack, should he call and lose he will be left with just over 900,000, which is around 8 big blinds.

Chou eventually did give it up and dropped to 3.8 million, slumping to fourth place while Goel stacked up to 4.5 million and climbed into third.–BW

7:10pm: Lau snatches lead, Zhang wins from Chou
Level 29 – Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 Ante)

Hong Kong’s Alan Lau has just edged into the chip lead after taking down two consecutive pots, the first from Yang Zhang and the second from from former front runner Chien Fa Chou. 

In the second pot Lau made it 280,000 to go from middle position and Chou made the call from the big blind to take play heads-up to a 6♦Q♦7♥ flop. Chou checked it over to Lau who c-bet 410,000 and that was enough to get it done and Lau chipped up to around 6.6 million to edge into the lead.

Chou lost some more the following hand in a blind on blind battle after making it 260,000 to go in the small blind with Yang Zhang coming along from the ride in the big blind.

Chou led out for 325,000 on the 7♦Q♠9♥ flop and Zhang called swiftly to bring both players to the 10♠ turn, which was checked by both players.

The Q♥ river saw Chou check it over to Zhang who fired out a hefty 875,000 bet, which Chou called extremely quickly. Zhang rolled over Q♣6♣ and an unhappy looking Chou threw his cards into the muck to drop to 4.7 million while Zhang climbed to second in chips with 5.5 million.–BW

6:55pm: Bobby Zhang eliminated in 7th place (HK$348,000)
Level 29 – Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 Ante)

Bobby Zhang was the next to go after running into the pocket tens of Yang Zhang. Bobby Zhang moved all in preflop from the cutoff for 1.1 million before Yang Zhang moved all in over the top from the small blind. With the rest of the table out of the way the cards went on their backs.

Bobby Zhang: A♥9♥
Yang Zhang: 10♠10♥

Bobby Zhang paired his nine on the river but it was too little too late as the board ran out 3♠Q♣6♦2♠9♣ to see him eliminated.

We’re now down to only six remaining, with Yang Zhang building to 5.2 million in chips. — BK

MPC26 seventh place bobby zhang.jpg

Seventh place – Bobby Zhang (left)

6:35pm: Gerard re-raises Zhang
Level 28 – Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 Ante)

Action on the Red Dragon final table has tightened up once more and while there have been a few pots played the positions remain unchanged with Chien Fa Chou still the current chip leader with close to 6 million, closely followed by Alan Lau who is on just under 5 million.

Yang Zhang tried to get something going with a raise to 250,000 from the hijack, but was quickly shut down by Edwin Gerard who re-raised to 725,000 from the button.

“Why so big?” queried Zhang who went into the tank for a good couple of minutes before  deciding to give it up.

6:15pm: Zhen Wen eliminated in 8th place (HK$300,500)
Level 28 – Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 Ante)


Zhen Wen eliminated in 8th place

Liu’s elimination seems to have opened the floodgates and we have just had the second casualty of the final table. India’s Apoorva Goel had just taken down a hand after moving all-in from the button to take down the blinds and antes so when he opened again for 220,000 from the cutoff China’s Zhen Wen decided to play back at him and moved all-in for just shy of 1.5 million from the big blind.

This sent Goel deep into the tank but he looked to be in a mood to roll the dice and made the call to leave himself just 200,000 behind.

Zhen Wen:A♣J♣
Apoorva Goel: K♠10♣

Wen hit the J♠A♠3♣ flop hard but Goel’s rail (Raghav Bansal) called in the queen-ball and the Q♦ hit the turn to crush Wen’s hopes and dreams and shoot Goel into the lead. The 7♥ river brought a fist pump from Goel who climbed to just over 3.6 million while Wen hit the rail in 8th place. –BW

6:05pm: Jun Liu eliminated in 9th place (HK$253,720)
Level 28 – Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 Ante)

Well it took close to three hours but we’ve finally seen a player fall. Jun Liu was the first casualty after a coinflip versus Yang Zhang.

Liu opened to 250,000 preflop before it folded around to Zhang in the big blind. He decided to move all in and had enough to cover Liu’s 1 million behind. Liu snapped it off and they opened their cards.

Liu: 5♠5♥
Zhang: A♥10♦

It was a fair fight and Liu looked good for a double up having faded danger by the turn, however, Zhang looked like he knew something that everybody else didn’t, seemingly already loading up on a celebratory fist pump.

The A♣ rolled off on the end and Zhang did take the lead to signal the end of Liu’s tournament run. Zhang moved up to a new total of 3.7 million while Liu headed to the payout desk to collect HK$252,720. — BK

MPC26 ninth place Jun Liu.jpg

Ninth place – Jun Liu

5:55pm: Chou pushes off Xu
Level 28 – Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 Ante)

Chien Fa Chou leveraged his big stack to push Liang Xu off a recent hand. Pre-flop action folded around to Xu on the button and he made it 220,000 to go and Chou elected to defend from the big blind.

Chou checked the rather wet 10♣Q♠J♠ flop over to Xu, who continuation bet 300,000, which Chou called pretty quickly.

The Q♥ turn brought another check from Chou and after a brief visit to the think tank Xu fired a second barrel, this time for 350,000. This sent Chou deep into the think tank before the Taiwanese player cut out a sizeable stack of orange 25k chips for a 800,000 check raise and Xu mucked instantly. Chou now has 5.7 million and Xu falls to 1.8 million. –BW

5:35pm: Liu doubles through Goel
Level 28 – Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 Ante)

Play has not long restarted and we have had our first all-in of the new level with a short-stacked Jun Liu shoving for 605,000 from under-the-gun and India’s Apoorva Goel making the call from the big blind.

Jun Liu: A♠J♠
Apoorva Goel: Q♦8♦

As the at risk player it was Liu who needed to keep his slender lead and did so when flop came down  2♣10♠7♠ to give him additional flush outs as well as his two over cards. The 4♣ turn and 9♣ river kept the Chinese player in front and he doubled to 1.3 million while Goel dropped to 2.3 million. –BW  5:30pm: Chip counts
Level 28 – Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 Ante)

Cards are back in the air. Here’s how the nine players stack up.

Alan Lau – 4.615 million
Chien Fa Chou – 4.6 million
Edwin Gerard – 3.605 million
Liang Xu – 3.205 million
Apoorva Goel – 2.435 million
Yang Zhang – 2.305 million
Bobby Zhang – 1.31 million
Zhen Wen – 1.225 million
Jun Li – 875,000

5:10pm: Zhang doubles through Xu before break
Level 27 – Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 Ante)


Bobby Zhang

Australia’s Bobby Zhang is showcasing one of the many skills he has utilised to get this far – patience – and has been fairly quiet so far at this final table.

Down to his last 560,000 Zhang moved all-in from the hijack and was quickly called by Liang Xu in the cutoff and the rest of the table got out of the way.

Bobby Zhang: A♦A♥
Liang Xu: K♦Q♦

“I’ve been waiting for this hand all day,” quipped Zhang when the hands were turned over. As the at risk player Zhang needed his hand to hold to keep his Main Event dream alive and duly did so when the board ran out Q♥4♣2♣ 5♣10♦.

Zhang rises to 1.6 million and Xu falls to 3.2 million and all that action brings us to a 10-minute break. –BW

5:10pm: Goel gets a lucky double
Level 27 – Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 Ante)

Apoorva Goel will be counting his blessings after running down Jun Liu to keep his Red Dragon dream alive.

It folded around to Goel in the cutoff and he shoved all in for 1.2 million. Liu made the call on the button and with the blinds folding the two hands were revealed.

Goel: A♣4♥
Liu: K♣K♦

“Ace ball!” cried Goel’s friend Dhaval Mudgal on the rail and he got his wish as the dealer spread the 5♥A♦8♥8♣6♠ runout.

Goel now has 2.6 million at his disposal as Liu drops to 850,000. — BK

4:55pm: Xu getting busy
Level 27 – Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 Ante)


Liang Xu

There have been no huge hands as of yet and the players seem content to get it done quietly at the moment. One player who this is suiting is Liang Xu and the Chinese player has just taken down the last couple of hands.

In the first Xu made it 175,000 to go from the button with Chien Fa Chou defending his big blind to take play heads-up to a 3♣9♣4♦ flop. First to act Chou led out for 180,000 and Xu made the call to bring the action to the 7♣ turn, which both players checked.

The Q♣ river brings four to a flush and there is no more action with Chou turning over 9♥5♥ which is not enough to beat the 10♥10♣ of Xu and he climbed to 2.9 million while Chou dropped back down to 5 million.

In the second hand it was Alan Lau who was the aggressor pre-flop, making it 180,000 to go from middle position and Xu made the call from the cutoff.

That was it for the betting in this particular hand with the 8♣ landing on the turn and the 5♣ hitting the river. Lai turned over A♥J♥ but this was not enough to beat Xu’s 6♠6♥ and the Chinese player stacked up to 3.2 million and Lau dropped a little to 3.9 million. –BW

4:45pm: Lau barrels
Level 27 – Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 Ante)

Alan Lau just claimed a healthy pot after some relentless aggression.

Lau opened to 180,000 preflop and after Jun Liu called on the button and Liang Xu called in the big blind the three of them went to a flop of 3♣A♠K♣.

Xu checked it over to Lau who continued for 280,000. Liu folded but Xu stuck around and the dealer turned the 9♣.

After another check from Xu, Lau loaded up again and fired for a sizable 700,000. That got the job done as Xu folded and dipped to 2.3 million, whereas Lau now sits with 4.2 million at his disposal. — BK

mpc26 alan lau ft.jpg

Alan Lau

4:25pm: Chou extends lead
Level 27 – Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 Ante)

The players are currently playing a cagey game of cat and mouse with no-one willing to stick their neck out too far and there has not been much action past a flop for the last orbit.

A rare hand that went that one extra street saw Jun Liu open the action with a raise to 180,000 from the hijack and Chien Fa Chou chose to defend from the big blind to take play heads-up to a 9♠6♠4♦ flop.

Both players decided to take it slow and checked it to the 4♠ turn. First to act, Chou opted to lead out for 245,000 and Liu did not take long to make the fold. Liu drops slightly to around 2.65 million while Chou extends his lead slightly and is now sitting on just over 5 million. –BW

4:05pm: Zhang takes from Liu
Level 26 – Blinds 30,000/60,000 (5,000 Ante)

Jun Liu brought it in for a raise to 150,000 and both Chien Fa Chou and Yang Zhang called from the small and big blind respectively.

The flop landed A♣6♣J♣ and it was checked over to Liu who fired for 360,000. Chou gave the decision considerable thought, taking a sip of water before finally folding. The action then fell on Zhang and he called to see the 6♠ turn pair the board.

Both players checked their options on the turn and the 10♣ rolled off on the river.

Zhang then reached deep and wagered more than half his stack with a bet of 600,000. That was too much for Liu who let it go and dropped to 3.05 million while Zhang climbed to 2.25 million. — BK

3:45pm: Double for Wen, Chou wins some back
Level 26 – Blinds 30,000/60,000 (5,000 Ante)

Left short-stacked after tangling with Edwin Gerard earlier, Zhen Wen moved all-in for 475,000 and former front runner Chien Fa Chou looked him up from the small blind.

Zhen Wen: 7♠6♠
Chien Fa Chou: A♠3♥

As the at risk player Wen would need to hit to survive but it was Chou who maintained the lead when the flop fell 9♣4♣3♠. The 8♠ turn gave Wen some more outs with backdoor spades in addition to any six or seven needed to keep his Main Event hopes alive. 

The 6♦ river was just the card Wen was looking for and he doubled to just over 1.1 million while Chou dropped to a little over 3.5 million.

Chou made this back with a little interest the very next hand after opening to 125,000 from the button and picking up two callers in Yang Zhang (small blind) and Alan Lau (big blind). 

The three players all checked the 5♥9♣4♠ flop and action again checked around to Chou on the button when the A♣ hit the turn. Chou reached for chips and fired out a bet of 225,000 only to get quickly check-raised to 500,000 by Zhang.

Alan Lau folded pretty quickly and Chou shot Zhang a suspicious stare and made the call to take play heads-up to the 9♠ to pair the board.

This brought checks from both players and Zhang rolled over A♥4♥ for a turned two pair but had just been counterfeited by Chou’s A♠Q♠ with that river pair up. Zhang drops down to 1.45 million and Chou is back up to a little over 4 million.–BW

3:30pm: Gerard jams on Wen to take the lead
Level 26 – Blinds 30,000/60,000 (5,000 Ante)

Edwin Gerard is the new table captain after taking a pot from Zhen Wen and moving up to 4.5 million in chips.

Wen raised to 125,000 from early position preflop and Gerard flat-called from the cutoff. The flop landed 7♣10♣4♠ and Wen continued for 300,000.

Gerard moved all in over the top with enough to cover Wen’s 580,000 behind, and after tanking for around a minute, Wen decided to let it go. — BK

3:15pm: Shuffle up and deal time
Level 26 – Blinds 30,000/60,000 (5,000 Ante)

Tournament director Rex Cheong has just finished announcing the final nine players and cards are now in the air. The blinds have been rolled back to Level 26 so are coming in at 30,000/60,000 with a 5,000 running ante and players now get 75-minute levels. Keep your browser locked to the PokerStars blog and we’ll bring you all the action as it happens. –BW

Final table set to commence

The final day of this MPC26 Red Dragon is upon us!

A record field of 1,216 has been whittled down to just nine over three days of action here in Macau and today a champion will be crowned. That lucky individual looks to take home the HK$3,265,000 top prize and the prestigious Red Dragon trophy.

Of the nine survivors it will be Chien Fa Chou who begins the day as the table commander. He bagged up 4,070,000 by the conclusion of play to establish himself ahead of current second place and 2015 Asia Player of the Year Alan Lau with 3,790,000.

The ultimate day will be underway from 3pm local time. In the meantime you can see where the players are sitting and how they stack up below. We hope you can join us for what will undoubtedly be an exciting conclusion to another Red Dragon event! — BK

Seat Last Name First Name Country PokerStars Status Chip Count
1 Lau Alan King Lun Hong Kong   3,790,000
2 Gerard Edwin USA   3,515,000
3 Goel Apoorva India   2,030,000
4 Liu Jun China   3,055,000
5 Zhang Bobby Australia   1,540,000
6 Xu Liang China   3,310,000
7 Wen Zhen China   1,020,000
8 Chou Chien Fa Taiwan   4,070,000
9 Zhang Yang China PokerStars Player 2,000,000

MPC26 trophy_003.jpg

Reporting in Macau brought to you by Ben Wilson and Brad Kain. Photography by Kenneth Lim Photography courtesy of Poktars LIVE Macau.


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