PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 3, levels 18 and 19 (6,000-12,000, 1,000 ante)

March 24, 2010

5.03pm: BREAK TIME
Back in ten minutes.

5pm: New poker term coined
Bin Nguyen and Terrence Chan have coined a new poker term between them. Nguyen noticed that Chan had a 5,000 chip mixed in with a stack of 1,000 chips and informed him of his dirty stack. “It’s a good kind of dirty though” he added.

“Oh, like how you want a girl to be dirty. Like sort of naughty!” replied Chan.

Then they decided between them that if a stack is dirty in that sort of way it should be known from now on as a “Naughty Stack” as to differentiate between the good and bad types of dirty stacks. They coined it and you read it here first.

4.55pm: Felton felted
Another player eliminated, this time Englishman David Felton. Yong-suk Chang opened for 34,000 under the gun then called Felton when he shoved with A♠K♣. Chang showed 9♠9♥ for a race and a board of 3♥6♠6♥5♣J♣. No good for Felton who departs in 19th place.

4.45pm: Sia, Eric
Eric Sia is out to the hands of Jae Sin. He ran pocket nines into pocket tens and failed to find a third nine.

4.35pm:Flopping the nuts
Jeffrey Rapaport has been eliminated by the Swede Roger Spets. Spets raised from under-the-gun and then called Rapaport’s all in push from the small blind. Spets found himself dominated with his A♥Q♥ to Rapaport’s A♦K♦ but he fear not as he flopped the nuts on the 10♠J♦K♥ flop. The board ran out blank and we’re down to 20.

4.25pm: Silk cut
Kirby Te moved all-in with aces, was called by Roger Spetz with kings and the rockets held up. Te now has close to 700,000 while Spetz slips to 170,000.

On the table alongside, and on a flop of 7♣4♥3♥ Terrence Chan bet, Danny Silk shoved and Chan called, showing A♥A♦ to Silk’s 8♦8♥. The turn 7♦ and river 5♥ were no help to Silk, who departs. Chan now has 1,250,000.

4.15pm: Smooth as Silk
Danny Silk has been very fortunate to stay alive. Action folded around to Jae Sim in the small blind who raised to see Silk move all in for 177,000 with A♠10♦. Sim called with A♥K♦ and the board ran K♥8♣Q♣9♦J♦. Silk was getting ready to leave but spiked a jack on the river to hit a straight to keep his hopes alive.

23 players remain. Blinds are 6,000/12,000 with a 1,000 running ante.

3.55pm:Time on Tegnelia
Steven Tegnelia is out. He shoved with queen-ten, only to be out done by a pair of nines. The American leaves in 24th place.

3.50pm: ‘Thank you, thank you. Yes, yes’
Hirohide Oka has eliminated Jose Garcia and last remaining female player Percy Yung in one fell swoop. He raised from under-the-gun before Garcia moved all in from the next seat and Percy from the button. Oka didn’t realise immediately that Percy had moved in but when he did he stood up, called, and shouted “Thank you, thank you. Yes, yes” and tabled the inevitable A♥A♠.

Garcia tabled A♣K♥ and Yung opened J♥J♠. The board ran 2♥6♠9♥5♦10♣ to the delight of Oka and his Japanese support on the rail. The only consolation for Yung is that she had a bigger stack than Garcia so will finish one place higher in 25th.

3.45pm: Ups and downs
An elimination and a double up. The elimination was bestowed upon Harold Trinidad, who moved all-in, getting called by Jeffrey Rapaport. Trinidad showed J♠7♦ to Rapaport’s 9♥9♣ and on a board of 4♠4♥5♥8♥8♠ could only be saved by a rule change.

The double up went to Danny Silk, who moved in for 129,000 with 10♥10♣ and was called by Steven Tegnelia with A♦Q♠. The board dodged aces and queens, coming 8♣3♥2♥3♠6♠.

3.37pm: Mel can’t Mangaser to stay alive
Mel Mangaser open shoved his short stack in from under-the-gun and was called by Choon Kwang Lim on the button. The two players in the blinds folded to leave it at heads-up show-down:

Mangaser: A♣5♣
Lim: A♥J♥

The board ran A♠K♥4♥Q♦7♠. Mangaser could wriggle out of his dominated situation and is eliminated.

3.27pm: Kim Kong
Mike Kim has taken care of one more player. He raised from the highjack to see Kenny Shih move all in from the small blind. Kim called to go to show down:

Kim: A♥K♥
Shih: K♣J♠

The board ran 9♠10♥3♠9♣8♦. Shih’s out and the runner-up from APPT Macau is looking good for another deep finish here.

3.20pm: Delassandri departs
That’s all for John Delassandri. The Australian moved in with pocket sevens and was called by Ernie Batalla, after a pause for thought, with J♠Q♠.
The board came 8♦4♥5♠Q♦2♥. Delassandri was out on the turn in 31st place.

3.10pm: Segarra-tion from the rest
Amelito Segarra has been eliminated by Mike Kim. He moved his last 60,000 in with A♦K♦ and was looked up by Kim with 6♣6♥. The board ran 6♠5♥2♣3♠5♠. A set good for kim to take the pot.

Normal service of all-ins and bust-outs seems to have resumed.

3pm: Custodio released
Anatacio Custodio is the first player out after the break. He got it in good with ace-nine versus an opponent’s queen-jack. Three jacks on the flop saw his day come to a premature end.

2.55pm: Off again
Play restarts after a slightly longer break to colour up. Blinds are now 5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 ante.


PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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