PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Final Table, levels 21 and 22 (12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante)

March 25, 2010

3.40pm: Break time
Players are taking the first break of the day for 30 minutes. Time to go buy a slot machine at the expo. Play resumes at 4.10pm. Check out the official chip count page for the latest scores.

3.35pm: Huntly doubles house
Gordon Huntly has doubled up to around 1.4 million through overnight chip leader Choon Kwang Lim. Huntly raised to 100,000 and then moved all in when Lim re-raised to 320,000.

Lim made the call with 9♣9♠ and was in great shape against the Scotsman’s A♠6♦. The board was all about Huntly though as it came A♥Q♠8♥6♥A♦ to make him a full-house.

3.25pm: Battle of the blinds
Choon Kwang Lim wins a battle of the blinds with Charles Chua on a flop of 10♥7♠5♣. A bet from Lim in the small blind enough to take the pot.

3.15pm: Nguyen win
The biggest pot of the tournament so far sends two million chips to Binh Nguyen, part paid for by Gordon Huntly.

Huntly open raised to 200,000 and with the action folded to him on the big blind Nguyen announced all in, another 789,000 to Huntly. The Scotsman thought long and hard before calling, showing K♣J♣ to Nguyen’s 7♥7♦.

The board came 3♠A♦2♣9♠A♠ and Nguyen, has gone from 660k to just under 2,000,000.

3.05pm: Huntly raising
Victor Chang opened for 58,000 which Gordon Huntly raised to 200,000. Too much for Chang to carry on who passed when the action was folded back to him.

3pm: Not a card in sight
Binh Nguyen raised, Terrence Chan re-raised, Nguyen four bet, Chan five bet shoved. Nguyen passed conceding a pre-flop pot worth one million to Chan. That gives Chan the chip lead.

2.55pm: Position no problem
Chip leader Choon Kwang Lim opened with a raise to 76,000 and was called by Binh Nguyen in the small blind to see the 3♣10♣7♦ flop. Lim continued with a 108,000 bet but then folded when Nguyen added another 177,000 on top.

2.45pm: Kirby Te, eliminated in eighth place, earning $26,600
It wasn’t long before Kirby Te got the last of his chips in. Action folded around to him in the small blind and when he moved all-in Sunny Jung snap called.

Te: Q♥5♥
Jung: A♥10♠

The flop came A♣10♣9♥ to make it much harder for Te but the K♥ turn offered a real way out with flush and straight draws. It failed to come on the A♠ river though and Te leaves to the disappointment of most of the crowd.


Kirby Te eliminated in eighth

2.35pm: LEVEL UP
As we go into level 22 the blinds are now 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000 ante.

2.30pm: Jackal Lee, eliminated in ninth place, earning $19,800
Gordon Huntly opened for 100,000 and Jackal Lee moved all in for about 200,000 more. With the action back on Huntly the Scotsman announced call and showed 8♠8♦ to Lee’s A♣Q♣.

Lee’s hopes were effectively crushed on the 8♥7♥K♦ flop. The turn 2♠ sealed it. Down to eight.


Jackal Lee out in ninth place

2.25pm: Chan doubles
Terrence Chan decided to get involved in today’s proceedings with a raise that was called by Kirby Te to go to a K♣7♦9♦ flop. Chan c-bet for 65,000, Te raised to 150,000 then Chan moved all-in. Call. The first all-in show down:

Chan: Q♦J♦ for flush and straight draws.
Te: 7♥7♣ for bottom set.

Instant service for Chan on the 10♦ turn to make his flush. The river came 3♥ failing to pair the board enabling Chan to double to 1.4 million. Te down to 133,000.

2.18pm: First for Mr Macau
Charles Chua wins his first pot of the day, re-raising a bet from Choon Kwang Lim who then folded.

2.15pm: Sunny rise
Sunny Jung raised again from under-the-gun and it looked like he was going to get it through until Kirby Te three-bet to 185,000 from the big blind. Jung’s answer to that was to four-bet shove for an additional 478,000. It was too much for Te to call and he folded.

2.10pm: That’ll teach him to keep his half of the room tidy
Bin Nguyen is pushed off a pot by his roommate Victor Chang. Nguyen opened, Chang raised and that was it for Nguyen.

2.05pm: On the flop
Choon Kwang Lim takes a pot from Binh Nguyen, calling Nguyen pre-flop from the big blind before betting on a flop of 4♣10♣4♥, enough to make Nguyen pass.

1.55pm: Choon re-raising
Choon Kwang Lim takes a pot pre-flop, re-raising Gordon Huntly’s opening bet of 45,000 to 210,000. Huntly laid it down.

Not much to report since Nguyen’s four hand spree. A pre-flop raise has been good enough to take down most pots.

1.45pm: Four from four
Binh Nguyen has taken down the fourth of four pots played so far today and this one was a little more eventful than the first three.

Sunny Jung opened with a raise from first position before Nguyen three-bet from the next seat. All the other players folded back to Jung who four-bet to 340,000. Nguyen was having none of it though and moved all-in to take the pot down. It’s taken him up to 1.3 million already.

1.35pm: Binh Nguyens opening hand
The very first hand saw Binh Nguyen open with a 50,000 raise from the cut-off. Gordon Huntly called to see a 6♦9♦3♥ flop where he check-called a 80,000 bet. The turn Q♥ and river 8♥ were checked down and Nguyen took the pot after hitting the river with K♠8♠.

The very next hand Nguyen took the blinds and antes with a raise.

1.30pm: Shaky start
We’ve had loud music, introductions, a slight tremor and a take two but we’re now ready to play. Play is about to start with blinds at 10,000-20,000 with a 2,000 ante. Cards are about to go in the air.

1.20pm: Nearly there
The players have taken their seats, the galleries are packed with spectators holding country flags, and the camera men are taking their positions. It wont be long now before we’re under way.


PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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