PCA 2012: Forty must go

January 11, 2012


Within the next half an hour, 64 of the PCA main event chairs will have people in them. Sometime within, oh say, seven hours after that, only 24 of the seats will be full. It’s what happens between then and now that concerns us today.

In the world of poker tournament logistics, this is that day on which the protocol turns a little less friendly and humane. See, on any other day in this poker tournament, the players needed only to survive until the clock eliminated the proper number of minutes and seconds. It wasn’t so much a process of elimination as it was a process of survival. Today, the procedure dictates that the clock only run so long as it takes the tournament to get down to 24 players. That means today is all about the bust-outs. Whoever expects to win this tournament needs to see forty people walk out the doors of this conference room. After that, it will be time for a dinner and a good night’s rest.

Oh, it all sounds very humane, but it’s not. Between now and the time 40 people are gone we will see souls crushed, dreams shattered, and–if history can serve as any sort of reliable indicator–a grave life-altering injustice that will haunt a player for the rest of his career. All in good fun, of course.


Phil D’Auteuil, chip leader

That right there is Phil D’Auteuil, the man with the biggest stack to start the day. The recent EPT London final tablist from Canada is sitting 1,472,000, just ahead of Sam Greenwood, Faraz Jaka, Alex Fitzgerald, and Kyle Julius. Those top five round out the five chip-millionaires in the group.

Also included in the remaining 64 players are Team PokerStars Pros Luca Pagano (863,000), Jan Heitmann (395,000), Barry Greenstein (379,000) and Arnaud Mattern (155,000).

In a world that relied on goodwill, love, and peace, we’d just chop this tournament up right now and head to Senor Frogs for a four-day bender. Instead, the next three days are about determining a champion. If the world has taught us anything, it’s that there is rarely anything peaceful about winning. So, on with the bloodbath then.

We’ll be providing live updates all day long on right here on our 2012 PCA main event live coverage page. That’s also where you’ll find all our features and interviews throughout the day.

Stick with us, folks. Today is going to be a battle, and if there is anything we at the PokerStars Blog know, it’s that you never leve a man behind. So, grab your gurneys for the 40 we have to lose today, and we’ll all get to work together!


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