PCA 2012: The Most Interesting Thing About Each Table Awards

January 11, 2012


Day 4 begins with eight tables and 64 players. Now that the field has been reduced to a manageable size, it’s easy to see the points of import and interest in the area past the stanchions.

We spent a bit of time this morning taking a look at the seat draw and decided to award some superlatives to each of the tables.

With that, we give you, the PokerStars Blog Most Interesting Thing About Each Table Awards!


Table 1
In Seat 4 of Table 1 is Danny Chevalier, the reigning Australia New Zealand
Player of the Year
. He came here as part of his first place win on the leaderboard which includes four APPT Season 6 entries and a seat in the PCA or Aussie Millions. He’s short-stacked with 275,000 to start the day, but is already guaranteed $30,000. Not a bad payday after a great season in Australasia. Chevalier and his compatriots at Table 1 will be under the TV lights on the main feature table today.


Danny Chevalier

Other players at Table 1:

1-Casey Kastle (453,000)
2-Faraz Jaka (1,222,000)
2-Lawrence Greenberg (640,000)
3-Sam Chartier (260,000)
5-Alex Fitzgerald (1,154,000)
6-James Seletzky (201,000_
7-Eddy Sabat (594,000)
8-Alexander Venovski (351,000)

Table 2
As my colleague Simon Young noted just the other day, Warren Strong had never played a live poker tournament in his life before winning a PCA entry in the PokerStars 10th Anniversay Class of 2004 freeroll. Now he is sitting at 725,000.


Warren Strong

Other players at Table 2:

1-Alex Casals (Did Not Report)
2-Robin Lindqvist (155,000)
3-John Dibella (719,000)
4-Roberto Rivera (231,000)
5-Luis Jaikel (372,000)
6-Will Reynolds (269,000)
8-Daniel Schmieding (365,000)

Table 3
This one is easy. Phil D’Auteuil is currently un-bagging 1,472,000 in chips. That’s good for the chip lead. The one-time EPT London final tablist is one of five chip millionaires in the field today. None of those other millionaires are on D’Auteuil’s table, but he does have some people who can hurt him.

Phil D’Auteuil

Other players at Table 3:

1-Peter Dräxl (951,000)
2-Thomas Gabriel (385,000)
4-Nicholas Grippo (265,000)
5-Maksim Semisoshenko (113,000)
6-David Bernstein (876,000)
7-Richard Washinksky (429,000)
8-Daniel Shiff (344,000)

Table 4
With lots of big names and resumes at Table 4, this one was a hard one to pick. However, in light of his PCA history, we’re going to award Table 4’s superlative to Tony Gregg. Though his overall resume is lighter than say, Chris Klodnicki, Gregg has come closer to any of the people below to winning a PCA main event. He took second in 2009 for $1.7 million. Today Gregg has 1,129,000 and is among the chip leaders.

tony_gregg_day4_ poker_pca.jpg

Tony Gregg

Other players at Table 4:

1-Spencer Hudson (287,000)
2-Sam Greenwood (1,401,000)
3-Anthony Gregg (1,129,000)
4-Ami Alibay (165,000)
5-Chris Klodnicki (157,000)
6-Ruben Visser (666,000)
7-Andrew Badecker (406,000)
8-Corey Burbick (278,000)

Table 5
Another easy one at Table 5. Look around the table and you’ll see many faces that are well-known for their poker play, but only one who was a PGA star. Somehow Sergio Garcia has found his poker game to be as good as his golf game and is coming in today with 235,000. That’s not a lot of chips, but we’re not ruling out a comeback.


Sergio Garcia

Other players at Table 5:

1-Mark Drover (392,000)
2-Alexandr Kuzmin (741,000)
3-William Luciano (447,000)
4-Bill Chen (668,000)
5-Byron Kaverman (536,000)
6-Rudy Blondeau (311,000)
8-Jan Heitmann (395,000)

Table 6
He’s a Jovial Gent, he’s a World Poker Tour champion. He’s a World Championship of Online Poker champion. He’s Yevgeniy Timoshenko. With only 122,000 in chips, Timoshenko is near the bottom of the chip count list, but if there is anybody in this field who can mount a comeback run, it’s Timoshenko.

Other players at Table 6:

1-David Peters (857,000)
2-Lee Goldman (703,000)
3-Charles Furey (574,000)
4-Viacheslav Igin (244,000)
5-Marc Tschirch (540,000)
7-Cristian Folescu (510,000)
8-David Granados (443,000)


Yevgeniy Timoshenko

Table 7
This award goes not to one player, but to the table dynamic itself. Of the four Team PokerStars Pros left in the field, three of them are at Table 7. Luca Pagano (863,000), Barry Greenstein (379,000), and Arnaud Mattern (155,000) sit right in a row in seats 3, 4, and 5.

Other players at Table 7:

1-Artem Kachnyy (589,000)
6-Kyle Julius (1,019,000)
7-Rodrigo Abellán Vivancos (110,000)
8-Jesus Sanchez (217,000)

Table 8
Though the table has the 2011 PCA champion, Galen Hall, on it, we can’t hand the award to him. He’s on a very short 168,000 stack and could well be gone before we hit publish on this post. (Edit: Yeah, that is exactly what happened. He was first out today). No, the most interesting thing about this table is Xuan Liu, the last woman with a seat in this event (what I prefer to call the Last Woman Sitting Award). She has a stack of 680,000.


Xuan Liu

Other players at Table 8:

1-Yuliyan Nikolaev Kolev (292,000)
3-Nikolaos Alafogiannis (611,000)
5-Max Leonhard (536,000)
6-Martin Jacobson (322,000)
7-Erik Cajelais (333,000)
8-Jannick Wrang (123,000)


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