Queenstown Snowfest: Two down

July 28, 2012

It didn’t take long for us to lose our first player from the Queenstown Snowfest final table as the short-stacked David Evans has been dispatched in 9th place.

He was a little unlucky to go after three-betting the open raise from Matthew Wakeman. Chip leader Ken Demlakian cold-called the raise as Wakeman escaped the leave the two players to see a flop of 8♣2♥5♥.

Evans quickly moved all in for his last 57,000 but Demlakian instantly announced a call!

Evans tabled Q♣Q♥ and was looking good for a double up when Demlakian tabled A♦K♣ for just ace-high. After running incredibly well yesterday, it appears that the run-good for Demlakian hasn’t finished just yet as he managed to spike a pair. It wasn’t the 10♦ turn, but the river A♠ was the dreaded ace that Evans didn’t want to see.


Evans heads back to Perth with NZ$12,070 for a fine tournament here in Queenstown.
Meanwhile is appears that Demlakian’s unpredictable ways are causing some problems for his opponents. After raising three pots in a row, Dave Allan jokingly told him to “settle down”.

“I can’t let you young guys raise all the time,” chirped Demlakian in reply.

He’s definitely been the most aggressive and active player at the table in the early stages, winning several pots uncontested with preflop raises and three-bets. If the young guys think they are going to grab some easy chips from this amateur player, they will need to think again!

Evans was soon joined on the rail by the other short stack of the final table, Sydney’s Ivan Zalac.


Zalac moved all in for 61,000 following an open from Ricky Kroesen. Zalac held 5♠5♦ but he was in trouble as Kroesen made the call with 9♠9♦. The board ran out 7♦A♥7♣K♦10♥ to leave Zalac to pick up NZ$15,100 for 8th place. When you add that to his Pot Limit Omaha crown, it’s been a pretty good week.


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