Queenstown Snowfest: Wake up man!

July 29, 2012

Our favourite Queenstown dealer, and cult hero in the poker room, Spencer, was given the honour of introducing our players this morning. Danny McDonagh claimed that it was just to prevent him from cutting the cards incorrectly. But rather than use our player profiles or the player’s online nicknames for the introductions, Spencer came up with his own nicknames for the players which provided some entertaining moments this afternoon.

We particularly enjoyed the one given to Matthew Wakeman who was introduced as “Matthew Wakeman, aka Matthew wake up man!” That sort of comedy gold cannot be ignored.

Unfortunately Wakeman was unable to “wake up” on this final table, as he couldn’t get much going to challenge the chip leaders.


In the end, Wakeman’s tournament came to an end in 6th place. He moved all in from the cutoff with around 13 big blinds holding A♦5♥ – a perfectly standard play online. He received action from Jordan Westmorland who made the call with 6♣6♦.

Wakeman fell well behind on the 6♥2♦10♥ flop as Westmorland flopped a set, however the 3♠ turn gave Wakeman some hope with a straight draw.

“I can make wheels,” exclaimed Wakeman optimistically, but it wasn’t to be, as the 7♥ completed the board.

Wakeman takes home NZ$28,200 for his time here in Queenstown. He was hoping for a better result than 6th place but it is still the biggest live cash result of his career, and we’re sure to see more of Wakeman on the APPT and ANZPT in future.

Earlier PokerStars.tv hostess Nicki Pickering caught up with Wakeman for a quick chat:


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