Right To Play (and go sky diving) at EPT Prague

November 27, 2015

Let me ask you two questions. Have you qualified for EPT Prague? And do you like Sky diving? Well then we have the tournament for you.

I never thought I’d have to ask a question like that, but our friends working behind the scenes at next month’s EPT Prague festival have found an ingenious way to combine the two, and promote the good work going with our sponsored charity Right to Play while doing it.

If you don’t already know about Right To Play, it’s a global organisation dedicated to using the educational power of sports, games, and play to help disadvantaged kids and young people in more than 20 countries, whether that’s with problems relating to learning, health or social skills, in countries heavily effected by poverty, disease and war.

Earlier this month PokerStars was delighted announced it would be entering a second consecutive year in partnership with RTP, news you can read about here.

So how does Sky Diving come into this? I’m glad you asked.

Prague_Skydive_27nov15.jpgIt looks a little bit like this
Next Thursday December 3, at 20:00 GMT, PokerStars will be hosting an online charity tournament for anyone who has qualified for EPT Prague. The prize pool will be donated to Right To Play, and the top 30 finishers will win a trip to an indoor Skydiving centre during the EPT Prague festival.

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If you’re wondering how possible it is to sky dive indoors, it’s actually fairly simple. Rather than jumping out of something, like a plane circling at 5,000 feet, you instead jump into something, in this case an enormous fan, so powerful it will float you in mid-air. No need for a parachute, the padded floors will take care of you.

If you like the sound of this you can register online for the tournament from today. The buy in is €10 and there’s no rake. All you need is the password: SKYDIVE.

For the lucky 30, the sky dive will take place on Monday December 7, where you’ll be joined by a member of PokerStars Team Pro.

Whether you qualified or not, everyone is invited to take part in the Right To Play charity tournament on December 10 (also known as Day 1A of the Main Event). Starting at 19.30, it has a buy in of €150 (and re-buys for €50) with all proceeds going to RTP.

Aside from making money for a great cause, we’ll be laying on a few incentives.

Prizes on offer include more than €1,800 of live tournament credits, as well as an iPhone 6, an iPad Air 2, an Apple watch and dinner for two.

All of which you can show off at the player’s party on December 9, from 10pm, at Cloud 9 in Prague. You’ll be welcomed by Santa’s helpers on arrival (I checked this, it’s true), serving mulled wine and cinnamon buns, with “glittery fun”. It’s all aimed at getting you in the Christmas spirit, regardless of whether you’ve been naughty, nice, or just lucky on the river.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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