SCOOP: BigBadBoss fires everyone and wins Event #34-Low (PLO)

May 16, 2010

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There’s been a lot said regarding the ever-increasing popularity of pot-limit Omaha, as well as players’ love for short-handed action. No need for me to repeat that here. But we will say that this tournament is a testament to those facts.

It was a Saturday afternoon in spring, and the low version of Event 34 required a $55 buy-in. Sure, there were satellites and qualifiers, but for those wanting to buy in directly, that $55 is a sizable chunk for many bankrolls. Still, registration showed 3,535 players ponied up the cash. For a Saturday afternoon in spring, that’s quite the impressive number! Put those buy-ins together and they added up to a prize pool of $176,750.00, which soared straight past the $100K guarantee and left it in the dust.

The tournament played down in a timely manner as 510 players hung in there and made it into the money. While there were many recognizable names in that group, there was only one member of Team PokerStars Pro – Dutch player Ruben “rubenrtv” Visser – who was included, and he went deep but finished in 94th place for a $238.61 payout.

As the final table approached and d3fault exited in eighth place, hand-for-hand play took more than a few minutes and ended when short-stacked Ceballos231 and Nutrof got involved on a board of 7♦7♠2♦K♠. Ceballos231 committed the remainder of his stack with 3♥3♦J♠Q♥, and Nutrof showed 5♥10♣K♦K♣. The Q♠ completed the hand, but Nutrof already won the hand with the full house. Ceballos231 left in seventh place with $1,944.25.

Gordo16 seeking second 2010 SCOOP title

In the tenth hour of the tournament and in Level 37 with blinds of 50,000/100,000, the final table was set with chip counts as follows:

Seat 1: icallseat3 (2,482,418 in chips)
Seat 2: BigBadBoss (2,043,390 in chips)
Seat 3: lynxx88 (3,963,478 in chips)
Seat 4: gordo16 (4,196,000 in chips)
Seat 5: asgawer (871,524 in chips)
Seat 6: Nutrof (4,118,190 in chips)

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The bigger stacks were moving early, pushing some big pots in the 1-2 million-chip range. But short-stacked asgawer was carefully waiting for the right opportunity to double-up and get into the mix. It was a battle of the blinds as asgawer from the small and Nutrof from the big went to see a 3♠6♣10♠ flop. Asgawer tried a raise, but when Nutrof raised, asgawer called all-in for the remainder of his chips with 9♦K♦10♦J♦. Nutrof showed A♥8♠4♠3♦ and made a flush when the 6♠ hit on the turn. The 9♥ on the river only gave asgawer two pair, which was cause for elimination in sixth place, which was worth $3,093.12.

A lot of action took place during five-handed play, including a double-up for Nutrof, two for BigBadBoss, and two for icallseat3. There was a lot of action, but some of it was at the expense of lynxx88, who fell from the top of the leaderboard through it all.

Finally, BigBadBoss, Nutrof, and lynxx88 got involved to see a 4♣K♠9♥ flop. BigBadBoss bet, lynxx88 raised all-in for 2,380,696, and Nutrof got out of the way. BigBadBoss called with 9♦K♦10♠Q♠, and lynxx88 showed J♥7♥9♣K♣. The 6♣ turn and Q♦ river finished off the board, and BigBadBoss walked away with the best two pair. Lynxx88 was eliminated in fifth place with $5,585.30.

Icallseat3 was able to double through BigBadBoss, and Nutrof doubled through gordo16. But the following hand crippled Nutrof:

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That left Nutrof with a short stack, which he pushed all-in shortly thereafter with 6♠2♣Q♣Q♥. BigBadBoss made the call with 10♦A♦Q♠6♥, and the board of 5♥8♥4♦A♠K♦ gave the better pair – aces – to BigBadBoss. Nutrof exited the tournament in fourth place with $9,367.75.

Only four hands later, icallseat3 made his move when confronted by BigBadBoss preflop. The all-in was done with A♠3♠7♥9♥, and BigBadBoss showed 6♠K♠K♥10♠. The board produced 2♣5♥8♦8♠9♦ to give BigBadBoss the kings and eights. Icallseat3 was gone in third place with $14,670.25 for the deep run.

BigBadBoss brings gordo16 into the boardroom

Seat 2: BigBadBoss (12457329 in chips)
Seat 4: gordo16 (5217671 in chips)

The two players began their battle with gordo16 looking for spots. He chipped up, then lost chips, and it was a roller coaster ride with a focus on winning a second SCOOP title. But BigBadBoss was not giving up chips easily. The battle raged on.

Gordo16 worked his way into the lead at one point, but BigBadBoss doubled up in a 13.5 million-chip pot to take that lead back. Then gordo16 doubled several times to retake the lead. From there, with blinds on the rise, the two players traded double-ups until the madness finally ended just into the twelfth hour of play.

The last hand happened with a series of preflop raises led BigBadBoss to push all-in. But he had gordo16 covered, and gordo16 did call for his tournament life with 6♦K♠K♥K♦. BigBadBoss showed A♣A♠2♣9♠, and the board brought 3♥9♣7♠9♦A♦ to give BigBadBoss the full house. Gordo16, winner of Event 7-M, fell just short of a second title, taking home $19,972.75 for second place as a consolation prize in this tournament.

BigBadBoss was certainly the boss of this event, taking the SCOOP title and $27,398.13 that went with it.

SCOOP Event 34-Low (PLO, 6-max) Results for 05/15/10:

1st place: BigBadBoss ($27,398.13)
2nd place: gordo16 ($19,972.75)
3rd place: icallseat3 ($14,670.25)
4th place: Nutrof ($9,367.75)
5th place: lynxx88 ($5,585.30)
6th place: asgawer ($3,093.12)

The Spring Championship of Online Poker wraps with its Main Event tomorrow, and there aer still corresponding qualifiers that offer seats at a fraction of the price. Check out the SCOOP website for details and PokerStars.TV for series highlights.


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